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  1. Ranger1


    Things may have changed, but I'm fairly certain that they originally said you could carry (and trade) the cryopods. However it should be interesting when people either start getting careless with pass codes or get insided and have their dino freezers emptied.
  2. Ranger1

    NEW Extinction Mini Teaser Predictions

    I'm not able to take a close look at that video right now, but I think it's quite likely that it shows the true reason why Titans will be tameable.
  3. I would happily grind my buddies to dust if we ended up as adversaries in a game, yet I'd do anything to assist them in real life. I would gleefully headshot my son repeatedly if we were adversaries in a game, yet I'd give my life for him if needed. I would cheerfully flatten your base if I judged you to be a potential threat in game... repeatedly if necessary, yet I would go out of my way to assist you if you were in danger in real life. Your theory doesn't hold water where the vast majority of players are concerned. You're making the mistake of attributing actual value to imaginary objects made of pixels, in a game with no real penalty for death besides (presumably enjoyable) time spent playing the game, and viewing legitimate and legal gameplay as cheating simply because someone got the better of you. You have exactly the same tools available to you as anyone else in game, use them. That sounds like sound advice in your case. Not because you are an inferior player in any way, but because you are taking PVP game play far too personally. PVE with friends will allow you to relax and enjoy what the game has to offer in a low stress environment, and there is nothing wrong with that. It's just not everyones cup of tea.
  4. Or those traits show up in a game with no consequences simply because its a game. Honorable people frequently enjoy playing the bad guy in a game because it is an amusing departure from who they are in real life. If you ruthlessly crush your sister in a game in no way does that indicate that you would happily do the same in real life if you thought you could get away with it. You cannot make an accurate assumption about someone's moral code based on how they choose to play a game, especially when the are PLAYING WITHIN THE RULES. Now if someone makes a habit of cheating in their favorite games you can sometimes be forgiven for making certain assumptions about their real life moral code, but even then that all depends on how seriously they are taking the game. You'll find people that often cheat when playing against family or best friends because it's a point of humor between them to avoid getting caught, but they would never do the same with a stranger in a serious match. The wisest thing would be to curb petty animosity for players that use ruthless (but still allowed) tactics against you. Save it for that stranger that blatantly breaks the rules of the game to gain advantage, and even then keep it in perspective. Just because he cheated to murder you in game doesn't mean they are a murderer in real life, it simply means they have a faulty moral compass when it comes to honest competition in a fairly meaningless video game. Best to keep that firmly in mind. Edit: I almost forgot. I have little doubt that WC could code the game so that it's nearly impossible for someone to inside other players... or make it so that C4 cannot be placed on friendly structures as the OP suggests. Obviously they feel it makes for a more entertaining game when such actions are possible and must be guarded against. Care must be taken when choosing tribe mates and allies, and even then it could happen... often tearing tribes (or mega tribes) apart when it does. In fact the larger the tribe (or mega tribe), the more likely it will eventually happen. Consider carefully before you decide whether or not that's a bad thing.
  5. Ranger1

    Aberration on Ragnarok?

    Donald, I'm going to try to put this as gently as I can. When you post a statement on a forum like this, it is going to be the subject of debate. That's rather the point of providing players a public forum and giving them the ability to post on it. Well, that and giving the developers a tool to conveniently make official announcements to the playerbase. So if you put it out there people are going to comment on it.
  6. Ranger1

    pve End game goals?

    Personally I rather enjoy creating working habitats or ecosystems beyond what the game provides. If I want to keep things simple and relatively self sustaining I use the Simple Spawners mod to dictate what creatures spawn in a given area (and how often). If I want to be a bit more "hands on" I build automated "baby boomers"... structures that house mated pairs of tames constructed in such a way as to allow the "unclaimed" offspring to exit the building on their own and (with a little luck) attain adulthood while roaming freely in the wild. Of course unclaimed creatures will defend each other regardless of species, so that can yield some interesting results. Basically I just enjoy making the game mechanics and creature AI function in new and interesting ways. It keeps me off the streets at night. 🤙
  7. Ranger1

    when is s+ comeing to ps4

    Why would they do that? S+ will be coming to the base game, although obviously they aren't going to bring in the elements that would remove necessary challenges from official gameplay. Keep in mind that the point isn't simply to "bring S+ to consoles". The point is to integrate as much as possible of S+ into official gameplay. The parts that fix problems or improve gameplay, but not the parts that serve as "cheats" to over simplify official gameplay. Because this move affects fundamental official gameplay in a potentially very profound and unavoidable way they have to be extremely careful in choosing what comes over and how it is incorporated. So while I wish our console brethren the best, this is something that is far more involved than simply finding a way to bring a cool mod to console.
  8. Ranger1

    Can a youtuber lie about ARK, 4 views?

    I'm quite familiar with thicks channel, thanks. There is a reason why clickbait thumbnails and titles aren't used by legitimate channels, and why most adults avoid channels that frequently use them. But hey, if he's managed to convince you that lying and purposefully misleading viewers is all just a big joke... one that isn't "really" intentionally deceiving the public simply for the sake of more clicks... then by all means enjoy his screaming and repeated insults your intelligence. The rest of us have better things to do.
  9. Ranger1

    Can a youtuber lie about ARK, 4 views?

    Creating a misleading thumbnail and/or title once in a while is a joke. Doing it on every video you put out is clickbait and that's NOT a joke, instead that's bluntly telling your viewers you consider them to be morons.
  10. Ranger1

    Somethings gone wrong again

    I've moved this to the PS4 bug reports section.
  11. Ranger1

    NA-PVE-PS4Official-TheIsland918 down

    There is a sticky thread at the top of this section of the forums detailing what to do when a server outage occurs. Here is the link for your convenience. That thread also contains a link to the correct form needed to report a server outage. Using that form is usually the only way to effectively make the right people aware of the situation so that it can be resolved.
  12. Ranger1

    Fix Asian server 558 center PS4

    You already have an identical post in a thread in the correct section, and a developer is responding there. General discussion is not the correct place to post bug reports or server issues. Locked.
  13. Ranger1

    Dino Cap.. and the silence from WC

    I personally have pretty much resigned myself to the concept that while it might be possible to create a situation where the tame cap on official PVE servers would realistically (and in the long term) no longer be an issue, to get to that point would involve extreme changes to how keeping tames in general works in a PVE environment. Changes that very few people would be happy with. Perhaps if from the start things like tames having a definite lifespan, or the general threat level for even base bound tames raised significantly, it wouldn't be a big deal. But that's not the case. Currently everyone feels that their PVE tames should be immortal and never at risk, and that those immortal creatures should be able to breed without restriction throughout infinity. Ask anyone who has ever raised guppies why unrestrained breeding is a horrible idea, and why it would be a nightmare beyond imagining if the damn things were immortal to boot. Obviously, that's not sustainable... but devising common sense ways to decrease the surplus PVE tames would now meet tremendous hostility. Which is somewhat amusing when you consider that in a game like Jurassic World Evolution dinosaur lifespan is an important game play consideration, but in this infinitely more imaginative game it seems to have no place. Likewise our tames never fight despite some being formerly predator and prey, nor do they ever attempt escape. These are things I would welcome, but most folks would rage quit if if they were implemented now.
  14. Please do not post bug reports in General Discussion. You may report a PC bug report here: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/pc-bug-reports/