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  1. It's been awhile, but Ranger 1 has returned to YouTube and ARK Survival Evolved. I'm playing catch up, and I'm starting with taking a closer look at what Eco has been up to on the mod scene. So today let's stop by a new location on the Ragnarok map and explore a giant build incorporating all 5 of the Eco's Empires mods for ARK Survival Evolved. Eco's Empires can be found here: Eco's Empires
  2. Latest Virtual Realms Video I'm back... so I'm starting a thread again to list my videos as they come out in one convenient spot. I'll keep the most recent one updated in this first post, so that you don't have to scroll through the entire list to find the newest video. It's good to be back, I've missed you guys. Ranger 1 Are you the type of player that likes a huge base with a massive floor plan? Or are you the type of player that frequently games with large groups of people in a community atmosphere? If so you might be interested in this massive Crystal Isles base location in ARK Survival Evolved.
  3. Equilateral triangles fit perfectly with all of the other building components. Right-angle triangles would create certain issues, mostly the need to create special pieces to fit the longer side that all right angle triangles have. Some mods have done this (like castles, keeps and forts) but Structures + never felt the need. Catch some videos that feature S+ builds and you'll likely discover that the included triangles add great deal of flexibility to what you can build.
  4. Not to yank your chain on purpose but I always thought they called it the weekend because Saturday and Sunday are the end... of the week. ? Personally I'm just going to be relaxed about it as they will open up that branch when they think everything is stable enough to do so, and since this is a rather new method of doing things it wouldn't surprise me if there is an unexpected delay or two. It won't affect my normal game play anyway as it will be a completely separate branch and likely for testing purposes only, so there's really no rush. I get it though, everyone wants to see all the little details of what has and has not been included. I'm curious as well.
  5. I have no problem if WC decides to make Cryo items more available. However I find your stance fairly amusing. If an "advanced" tribe can't figure out how to make selling the HIGHLY desired Cryo items in a way beneficial to their tribes (whether that be in acquiring variety of raw materials so that they no longer need to bother with it, or even simply making their gameplay experience better by the resultant reduction in server lag and alleviating tame cap as a problem) then simply put they're doing it wrong. ? But you do you.
  6. Sounds like Cryo items will be quite a profitable trade item soon.
  7. They said there was a strong possibility that some parts of it would be adapted and brought into game. That is not a promise, that is a declaration of their intention to investigate if it can feasibly be done. For what it's worth I noticed that Orionsun (the Structures Plus mod author) was hired by Wildcard a few months ago, so that would seem to be a pretty firm indicator of their level of commitment in seeing what (if anything) can be done along those lines. My point was that phrases like "we are investigating", "we intend to try", and "we would really like to" are often misquoted later as "we promise". You know what I'm saying. All they have said is that if time and manpower allow... and if it won't cause other issues in game play... some elements of S+ MAY make it into the core game someday. But by the same token many of the features you might be thinking of could never make it into official gameplay. For example no clip was a long time feature of S+, but it was removed when WC incorporated it as a user configuration option into the game. Obviously this is only for unofficial and single player gameplay and will never be an option on official servers. So hopefully we'll see S+ and other sponsored mods make it at least partially into the main game, and there is certainly nothing wrong with letting them know it would be appreciated.
  8. You mean other than the outstanding Ragnarok map. ? Look I understand you'd like modded content on console, however you also know your platform of choice is very limited in that regard. No promises have ever been made that more sponsored mods will make it into the main game, however the chances of that eventually happening are much higher with the sponsored mod program that it would be without it.
  9. Additionally the Tek Rex is superior to a normal Rex, and considering the text specifically mentions that "more powerful" Tek-themed dinos will be released each month, I'd say these are likely going to be more than just cosmetic.
  10. I've never seen anyone successfully knock out an alpha raptor, and I'm pretty sure it's simply not possible. Alpha raptors will continue to attack a downed person until the body decomposes, which just takes a few minutes. This gives a player a small window of opportunity to get prepared and go back and kill it, assuming they were simply caught unprepared during the initial attack. Now if memory serves there is a setting (and certain mods) that can extend the length of time before your body decays. If that has been adjusted that may explain things if it's taking a long period of time before the Alpha raptor moves on. The more I think about it though that may just affect a person's loot bag, so take that with a grain of salt (I've never adjusted that setting myself).
  11. There is always room for fine tuning, no complaints on that score. Just as long as any fine tuning done allows raptors to remain one of those creatures you make a point to keep a weather eye out for, and that they do not return to the ranks of "cannon fodder" creatures that nobody thinks twice about again. We have far too many of those as it is.
  12. Now come on Forza, I know you are well aware this game has never been strictly about dinosaurs. The dragon was a thing ever since its earliest concept art and trailers. ? As far as strictly acid damage goes I agree. I think for building (or for armor) that "metal" equates to steel... just not "stainless steel". Thus the spotty corrosion on an otherwise somewhat shiny surface.
  13. Well, with the exception of knights in full rigid jousting armor, tying yourself to your saddle under any circumstances has been pretty universally considered a very bad idea. Hanging upside down from my lashings after being knocked partially out of my saddle... merrily alternating from being kicked in the head by my runaway mount and being ripped to shreds by the raptor still tearing away at my helpless body... well, I think I'd rather take my chances on being able to get back to my feet and fight back a few seconds later.
  14. Correct! While your observations were pretty humorous, none of them change the point I made which was that primarily this game is modeled on the vision of the prehistoric world that Hollywood has presented us with. No real attempt is made at realism in either the creatures or the combat system, and neither the developers nor the player base has any urgent desire for that to change. If you're looking for a "realistic" dino simulator, this isn't it... nor was it ever intended to be. Although you do have the option of joining a modded server where the rules better reflect your preferences. The fact that you have this option available to you is also by design.
  15. We all know what movie franchise most strongly influenced the design of ARK, and in that franchise the raptor is easily the most dangerous threat around. Intelligent, fast, fearless... raptors are portrayed to easily be smart enough to go after a mounted human, even if that human were to be mounted on a beast significantly larger than the raptor. If anything, ARK raptors are toned down hello kitty versions of those famous cinematic raptors. So, bugs (as in the OP's case) aside, we should probably count our blessings.
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