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  1. Equilateral triangles fit perfectly with all of the other building components. Right-angle triangles would create certain issues, mostly the need to create special pieces to fit the longer side that all right angle triangles have. Some mods have done this (like castles, keeps and forts) but Structures + never felt the need. Catch some videos that feature S+ builds and you'll likely discover that the included triangles add great deal of flexibility to what you can build.
  2. A valid opinion, but there is a reason why we tend to remove posts that focus on claims of "Admin Abuse" here on the forums. Very rarely is there any truth to them. Nobody needs to read a tirade attacking someone when the truth of the matter is the poster is angry because they got caught breaking the server rules. Don't get me wrong, Admin abuse does happen of course, but those servers tend not to last very long. It seems that most folks won't make the effort to keep a server up and running if nobody wants to play on it. And since rates tend to be accelerated on Unofficial servers (to cater to folks with full time work schedules) people are much less bothered at the thought of starting over elsewhere if necessary. In fact, many Unofficial server communities vote to wipe the server on a fairly regular (or at least not too infrequent) basis, so as to introduce a different set of mods to explore or to try a different map. Again, this is because starting over is much quicker and simpler, allowing more time to be devoted to simply having fun.
  3. I hate to generalize Salty, but that's actually a pretty good way to break things down. A large number of die hard "Official Only" players have that mindset because their main motivation to play is either to measure their Epeen, or because they think Unofficial is "cheating" somehow. Well, some have more nefarious reasons but they are a small enough portion that they aren't worth mentioning. Unofficial players, on the other hand, are primarily motivated by a desire to be creative, form communities, and to simply have fun. Unofficial lacks that twitch inducing hypercompetitiveness that defines Official PVE and PVP servers. In the end, to each their own... neither way of playing is "right" or "wrong", it's just a different set of priorities that are in play. Sphere I think hit the nail on the head in regards to promoting Unofficial servers. Namely advertising is everything (as long as your product is good, or in this case as long as your server is fun and fair). There are sections here on the forums that can be helpful, but to be honest the biggest draw I can think of is to have a YouTuber or Twitch Streamer play on your server. Whether that happens to be you or one of your regular players is irrelevant as long has the server is promoted and encouragement to play on that server is regularly mentioned in the video's/streams. Look at any of the YouTubers/Streamers that host servers that require a minimal monthly stipend via Patreon to join. Despite a minimal fee being involved (often $5 per month) their servers are very well populated. Mostly because folks like the idea that their builds and such might end up in a video, but also because they can see exactly how the server is run before they decide if they want to join it. Of course, if the YouTuber/Streamer has charisma that's helpful as well. I just bring this up as these servers are some of the most successful servers I can think of, and it might be something that is doable by some of you. Perhaps if you have considered making videos or know someone who does that might be tempted to play on your server and promote it then this might prove to be a way forward. Truthfully even a YouTuber that is a little on the shy side can generate a surprising number of people stopping by to take a look. Just something to consider that might help populate your servers and enrich the ARK community as a whole at the same time.
  4. Not to yank your chain on purpose but I always thought they called it the weekend because Saturday and Sunday are the end... of the week. ? Personally I'm just going to be relaxed about it as they will open up that branch when they think everything is stable enough to do so, and since this is a rather new method of doing things it wouldn't surprise me if there is an unexpected delay or two. It won't affect my normal game play anyway as it will be a completely separate branch and likely for testing purposes only, so there's really no rush. I get it though, everyone wants to see all the little details of what has and has not been included. I'm curious as well.
  5. I have no problem if WC decides to make Cryo items more available. However I find your stance fairly amusing. If an "advanced" tribe can't figure out how to make selling the HIGHLY desired Cryo items in a way beneficial to their tribes (whether that be in acquiring variety of raw materials so that they no longer need to bother with it, or even simply making their gameplay experience better by the resultant reduction in server lag and alleviating tame cap as a problem) then simply put they're doing it wrong. ? But you do you.
  6. Sounds like Cryo items will be quite a profitable trade item soon.
  7. I haven't made kibble in a while, but doesn't that also need water? Normally I'd assume you had it irrigated, but since you're having issues I thought it worthwhile to make sure.
  8. It's not a secret that a lot of mechanics etc. for ATLAS were developed in a build of ARK, so spotting ARK developer access menus and file systems is not exactly a revelation. Sharing resources and development assets between the two games is rather obviously the point. Steams list of top games per current players is constantly changing as it's based on those online actively playing at any given time. I have checked at various times of day since shortly after ATLAS was released. Each time I have checked it has been at between 11th and 13th place, holding fairly steady at roughly 45K currently active players. At the moment it's just before 7pm central time and ATLAS is at #11 with just shy of 45k players online. Respectfully I haven't found anything on Steam Charts other than surprisingly steady numbers considering the short period of time that it's been out and the rough EA launch that it had.
  9. I'm pretty sure that ATLAS runs on an updated version of the engine. I also have a strong suspicion that, like ARK, the VAST majority of the ATLAS player base will be playing on private servers instead of official ones. As I said, that's just my personal prediction... we'll have to see what happens as it progresses through the various stages of Early Access to be sure though. At this point, really, anything could happen. I wouldn't worry too much though. Even in its current form ATLAS is still holding pretty steady as one of STEAMS more popular games (usually holding steady at around 12 or 13th place), which isn't bad considering how rough it's EA release was.
  10. Hmmm, no. It was supposed to be an event, one that is back by popular demand. A gift is something else entirely.
  11. I completely forgot that command had just been added. Cheers!
  12. It's a fair point, but I have a suspicion that flyers aren't allowed to pick up other flyers because it might complicate the game mechanics for aerial combat. Don't quote me on that though, it's just a guess. No idea why players can't pick them up, but I imagine it's just that only certain creatures are considered for the coding necessary for us to pick one up (small/tiny creatures). I'm sure it could be done, but it's probably not anywhere near a priority... although it couldn't hurt to suggest it. Also things could get a little weird when you go to put the young flyer down on the ground again. Currently one quirk of flyer AI is that if the flyer is forced into the air (for instance if you led it to a body of water and it was forced to take off) the youngster will refuse to land in most cases until it either becomes an adult or the server is rebooted. A rare event so it's no huge problem, but if picking up young flyers was possible it might make putting them down a bit of an issue... requiring even more code changes than would be apparent at first glance.
  13. Oh, you mean like how Battlefield V wasn't priced as or considered a separate game from Battlefield 1... even though it's just a reskin in a different time period with a few basic mechanics and game modes expanded upon and very little that is actually new in the more recent release. Oh wait...
  14. There were occasional rumors of an ocean DLC, mostly because it was frequently requested. That's a far cry from the insinuation that WC announced they were going to do an Ocean/Pirate DLC for ARK and then changed their minds. I'm well aware, I've spoken with some of them. I've also spoken with a lot of content creators that are having quite a bit of fun with ATLAS. I do find the amusing claim that ATLAS is no more than a DLC sold as a full game, when the scope of ATLAS is far beyond what any previous DLC for ARK has been... or for that matter is beyond the scale of ARK itself. Doesn't make much sense when you spend more than a few seconds thinking about it. Game launch? ATLAS hasn't launched, this is just the release of its Early Access phase. Game launch is likely quite a ways further along the development timeline. You are quite correct in that this team can't hit a deadline to save their lives. Yes my friend, that's what everyone has been discussing for the last several days. It's not a secret that ATLAS was developed in large part in a developers version of ARK and share many of ARKs underlying mechanics (as well as menu structure, art style, etc.). It was sloppy not to hide those menus and such a bit better in the early access release, but it's certainly not the big reveal that people seem to think it is. It appears to simply be the interface for the ARK development build they were using when working on ATLAS components. Why on earth would I stop criticizing WildCard now? I'll continue to happily point out (hopefully in a constructive way) when WC takes a wrong turn in my opinion, just as I point out when they do something clever or unexpected. I simply prefer not to let my feelings be my facts... and angry, ill informed mobs just really aren't my style.
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