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  1. Well, if you refused to invest sufficient points into stamina it did make the trip more dangerous as you actually had to land occasionally. Any time you have to land a flyer (especially one that you've needed to invest levels in non-combat related things like stamina and weight), you run the risk of being attacked or dismounted. You may not lose your Quetzal or your own life every time, but it does tend to spice things up. Likewise if you chose to use another method post nerf other than your Quetz those methods have their own dangers. I do sympathize with console players not currently being able to play with mods, but I also have to say that of all of the mods available that console users could really get some use out of classic flyers wouldn't be at (or even near) the top of the list. Yes, I realize that is purely subjective... but I think you'd be surprised at how many players (given the choice) would prioritize other mods.
  2. Those were factors to consider yes... but they were far from the only factors.
  3. That's kind of the point my friend. Prior to the nerf distance wasn't a consideration for much of anything, even on very large maps (which most folks prefer) where logically increased travel time SHOULD have been an important factor all along. This was a problem. Distance, terrain, travel time.... all of these factors should be a critical part of most decisions you make in PVE... after all, you against the environment is one of it's primary focuses. However, near instantaneous and incredibly safe aerial travel rendered all of those things a non-issue. The nerf did more than a bit to alter that (you would very likely choose your base locations more wisely now). Again, when you remove those factors completely with super speedy aerial mounts that never need to worry about landing you undermine a large portion of the logistical challenges you should be facing in PVE. Perhaps not for you, but especially on gorgeous maps like Ragnarok a lot of folks now weigh the (safe but somewhat tedious) travel time by air against the more dangerous but vastly more entertaining option of traveling with a land or sea mount. Obviously you can still shave off a lot of time traveling by air, but it's fairly boring... and there might be some justification to the argument that aerial travel is now the first choice of people that seem to have forgotten how to enjoy the game... especially in a PVE setting. Obviously to each his own, but to be honest your point that previous decisions would not have been made the way they were if they had been made post nerf reinforces just how effective the nerf was in accomplishing it's goal in PVE. It made players start to seriously consider aspects that should have always been vitally important considerations in a player vs environment game mode.
  4. Heya Galahad, well, we've already gone over in detail the issues flyers caused on PVE. Yes, they were more subtle things in PVE (like disrupting/invalidating certain aspects of the games design), as opposed to very hard to miss things in PVP (breaking some of the game mechanics directly... but those issues were definitely there and they were an unacceptable problem in PVE game play. Those issues have been pointed out countless times on this forum, including in this very thread, and yet somehow the false myth persists that the flyer nerf was needed by PVP but was imposed on PVE as well for no good reason. That's simply not the case. I agree with your assessment that Quetz travel time can become more of an issue on maps other than the island, however with the caveat that if that is the case it is due to the player apparently having NO idea how to choose a base location. Resources are richly distributed all over both of those maps, so there should be little to no need for excessively long flights.
  5. I think it likely depends a lot on the type of population you have on your server, and the map. To be honest on the Island I haven't seen as much of a shift, I think in large part it's because the island isn't as detailed as some of the other maps available now. Not as much thought went into what areas are difficult to travel through and which areas provide easier natural access routes. My personal feeling it that the Island relies too much on thick, nearly impenetrable jungle... which also severely limits your visibility on the ground. Where as a map like Ragnarok is designed to lead you from one interesting area to the next, constantly stumbling across unexpected and unique vistas (many of which aren't really noticeable from the air). Heh, I hope that doesn't irritate the folks that put all that effort into the island map... but that's my honest opinion. Edit: If I think about it, I really do hate those darned palm trees that seem to cover the majority of the island. Almost everything gets hung up on them, and it only really succeeds in making ground travel far more of a pain than it needs to be.
  6. Actually the Ptera and the Quetzal were the two "go to" creatures for most players, followed closely by a Rex. There was very little you couldn't do with those two mounts at your disposal. Even now they are still very near the top of the list. And just to keep it real, with proper training an airborne mount can still make it across the map in one go (albeit slower now). Even so, the slowest flyer in game (Quetzal) makes the trip from the volcano on the island to any point on the coast in 5 1/2 minutes. I know, I know, it seems longer... but in reality it's not.
  7. This is especially true in Ragnarok. You can fly over it as much as you like (likely being impressed with it's detail and design) but once you travel on the ground you realize you can only see a fraction of it from the air.
  8. I presume the original comment was regarding the flyer nerf. I'll do my best to give you a straightforward answer. Pic1 flyers suffered the most from balancing decisions made early in ARKs development that didn't allow for proper scaling as more and more creatures were introduced to the game. Eventually it became apparent that they had uses far beyond their intended role (primarily pure scout to light airborne hauler), and the end result was that they invalidated the need/role of a majority of the creatures in game... as well as rendered a great deal of the terrain features (that were supposed to provide challenges and force tactical decisions) moot. In PVE the focus of the game was supposed to be pitting the player against nature, and your primary tools in that struggle were supposed to be the large variety of creatures at your disposal. Instead, from a relatively early point in character development, flyers solved all of those issues. Once you became airborne travel was no longer dangerous (as it was super quick and you didn't need to land often, thus exposing yourself to ambushes and unexpected dangers). Rugged terrain was no longer any sort of obstacle, meaning you could easily obtain any resource from any point on the map... base location decisions were irrelevant. Creatures with carefully designed special abilities were only occasionally tamed out of idle curiosity or for collections, not because they were critical to your survival and/or progressing through the various levels of the game. In fact, in most cases the act of taming itself became a fairly trivial matter. By capping speed and reducing stamina flyers became less of a dominant element in the game, other options became more viable in comparison. And while flyers remained an important element in your progression they no longer allowed near instantaneous travel, and the need to land more frequently reintroduced an element of danger to the game that had been largely lacking. Note the frequent threads describing successful Thyla attacks because of a necessary stop in the Redwoods, or forced dismounts (and sometimes mount/player deaths due to other creatures). Previously those encounters would be few and far between. Likewise carrying creatures back to a taming pen required you to take your airborne mounts stamina into serious consideration before attempting it. Otherwise things could get very messy. Now we see more and more people exploring and traveling on horseback or on a Thyla (among others), discovering interesting terrain features they never noticed before, rethinking how they gather and transport their resources, and choosing their base locations with much more care than before. All of this at the cost of it taking a couple more minutes to cross the map by air, and making stamina a much more important stat to develop in your airborne mount to make it truly useful. Obviously not everyone appreciates it taking 11 minutes to cross the entire Island on a Quetzal now, but that's not out of line for most game worlds (especially when hauling large amounts of materials)... personally I don't find that too high a price to pay for making players decisions matter more. Please don't take this as being dismissive of your point of view, it's just an honest answer to an honest question.
  9. The Early Bird

    Don't worry folks, it doesn't take very long at all to get out of early bird status. This post, if you haven't read it already, explains a bit more about it. Just interact with the rest of the community normally, and avoid making pointless posts just to try and speed up the process. You'll have full access in a very short period of time. Welcome to the forums!
  10. I understand what you're trying to say about the physical abilities of early man, however the ability to run a little faster than we can now (although highly trained athletes would probably have some serious arguments against that theory) was not what ensured survival. In the primordial world where the then commonly oversized creatures had little or no fear of man, the least effective survival strategy would have been to simply try to "outrun" aggressive creatures. Our brains kept us alive, not our rather limited ability to run, because just about everything that wanted to do us harm could either outrun us or out last us. So (zero offense intended here) if you want to justify your point on this one it's probably best to stay as far away from real world analogies as possible. Just sayin'
  11. Heya Ep1c! Well, the points I was referring to specifically that he was talking about were if you couldn't make super fast characters you'd wouldn't be able to get across the map as quickly, and wouldn't be able to outrun your opponents tames. While there may be decent arguments about boosts to unmounted players that I could support, those two points in particular I just can't get behind. Being on foot should never be the fastest way to travel, and most creatures should be able to out run you. If advantages are to be given to unmounted characters I'd be much more comfortable with bonuses that made it easier to conceal yourself from detection, or an effective "dodge" ability that could get them out of an attacking creatures line of attack and give the opportunity to counter. Either (or both) of these would be far preferable to the ability to outrun any danger, and likely a lot more fun for everyone involved.
  12. Server Cap Exploitation PVE

    Why on earth would you think private servers are a ridiculous notion? The game was designed from the ground up for private servers to be a huge part of the game, and have always housed the lions share of the player base. Official servers are primarily designed to be the most competitive and restrictive environment to play ARK in. Many new people end up landing there briefly, until they get the basics under their belt (and figure out what aspects of the game appeal to them the most) and then tend to move on to the servers that are best suited to their preferred play style... and the majority of the time they don't end up on official servers. Official servers have their place, either for hyper competitive cross server PVP action or equally competitive cross server marketing (and supposedly community building). For your average gamer though, there are far more sensible choices to make.
  13. No, WOW isn't really... my cup of tea. I'd elaborate but I'd just end up sounding like a huge jerk... and I have many friends that consider WOW to be challenging. I'd rather not offend them. We're on sort of the same line of thought though. I added this edit to my last post, but I don't think you saw it. Edit: Just to be clear, I don't think it would be very practical with ARKs current game design. The way levels and stats are laid out would make a system of diminishing returns an awkward fit without redesigning a lot of very basic things. In other words, it's probably not worth the effort to do that much of a redesign.
  14. As I pointed out before, no, quite the opposite. A generalized character build gives you zero advantages over other characters. To excel most players end up specializing fairly early on (after acquiring what they consider the bare necessities early on when they get a lot of bang for their buck). Afterwards if they want to excel at something they have to specialize hard in that area, but because of that those few % they gain in that area matter a disproportional amount. It's how these things work. Edit: Just to be clear, I don't think it would be practical with ARKs current game design. The way levels and stats are laid out would make a system of diminishing returns and awkward fit without redesigning a lot of very basic things.
  15. I'm a big fan of small scale guerrilla actions, they make for a fun and fast paced change of pace that has none of the pressures of large scale combat. It provides a much needed distraction from time to time. I apologize for being so offhand in how I phrased things before. I'm used to large scale battles involving a couple of thousand players... I didn't give you a very good frame of reference on that. Sorry about that.