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  1. C'mon now, it's not WC's fault that half the population of the planet live on the wrong side of it.
  2. Introduction

    I've cleaned up this thread a bit, and feel the need to explain something. As an anti-spam procedure we require a new forum member to spend some time in meaningful interaction with the rest of the forum community before access is granted to all sections of the forums (and your daily limit of posts is removed). The key word being meaningful. "Me too" or "totally agree" posts designed to shortcut around the process will be removed and your post count reset. I know it can be a little awkward at first, but please understand that spam is a very real and very large issue on a game forum, and this step has proven highly effective in curtailing it. This post can explain things perhaps more effectively than I. Thank you all for your patience, and welcome to our community.
  3. That is exactly the correct course of action. Thank you. Duping is an ongoing war. Someone will always be coming up with new way to dup or exploit other game mechanics (especially after a patch or update that changes mechanics), and game developers constantly come up with ways to try and block it (or at the very least detect it so that the individuals doing it can be banned). Legacy servers get the same updates as official, but other than that they have not been supported since the new official servers were opened. Your concern is appreciated, however ARK doesn't appear to be in any danger of dying. They are currently breaking their previous records for "average number of players online" and have had their 2nd highest "peak number of players online" over the last 30 days. It appears the cats will have to continue fending for themselves for the foreseeable future.
  4. Death satchels

    Or at the very least a 1 use sleeping bag.
  5. Anyone can teach me how to play?

    Unless joining a group of friends (not the case in this thread) considerate players start in single player so as to learn the controls / basics without disrupting others game play. Since considerate players are exceptionally rare, you'll need to let us know what type of game play you prefer before this thread can actually become constructive. In the meantime I would suggest engaging with the community on the forums with constructive posts until you become a full forum member (instead of in early bird status). At that point you will be able to see the Tribes section of the forums and can pick which tribe sounds best for you to join as a new player.
  6. What? No they aren't. Checker pieces look nothing like Chess pieces.
  7. Same for me Unofficial and Official servers, its just the nature of the game. I would like to see some mechanics which would reduce the natural advantage of playing full time compared to a more casual style but I doubt there any real compromise and would put of the more time affluent and probably more vocal players. Maybe an unofficial that only online 6 hours a day. I bet that be heaving with players. There "are" ways to bring some parity between casual and dedicated gamers (real time based skill acquisition instead of game time or grinding exp. based skill acquisition... or allowing defenders to pick limited windows of availability when they can be attacked, ensuring they can usually be online to meet attackers). However those usually only work if the game was designed from the ground up around that concept. Even then, finding the right balance is a tricky beast.
  8. air conditioner help

    Just get the cable from the generator close to the AC unit, then put a connection box at the end. If your generator is running you should see a thin grey line appear that runs from the connection box to the AC unit (if the box is within a couple of foundations of the AC).
  9. Aberrant Otters won't take Aberrant Salmon

    "Looks at thread title" "Looks at OP's name" I'm sensing a vested interest.
  10. SassieKat, if you haven't already you should fill out a support ticket, and it would likely be a good idea to specify what server you are referring to when you fill it out.
  11. Well, they seem to feel speed is in a good place right now. I'm not entirely sure I agree with that, but I do recognize that movement speed is always a bit tricky in combat games with variable stats. You have to be able to make it a viable tactic to specialize in it, but at the same time it can't be allowed to be a game breaking "I WIN" button in combat. Not as easy as you would think, and it's certain that no matter where you finally set things a LOT of folks are going to disagree.
  12. scatophilians discrimination

    Tis true, as far as I'm aware you can still eat poop and die.
  13. On further review, I'm going to lock this thread. I was simply going to remove all of the profanity in the thread, as it doesn't matter if that profanity is in a screenshot or actually typed in a thread... it's not allowed. However, this thread goes a few steps beyond that point. Coordinating attacks against someone is perfectly fine, however requesting "hackers and exploiters" is not allowed. Blatant naming and shaming, attempts to humiliate other players/tribes, and the ever popular hint of potential Doxxing... NONE of this is okay. This shouldn't have to be spelled out.
  14. Official Rate Increase

    Yeah, apparently it bothered them that visually you would pick up one rock but receive 2 in your inventory. It was such a specific situation (usually early game beach gathering) that they felt it was fine to leave hand gathering stones at 1.