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  1. I'm very excited for this one! I'm loving the direction Ark has taken.
  2. The "Rivalry Buff" for the Trike sounds eerily similar to something I've suggested for it many times... I cannot wait to see the new Trike ingame!
  3. Those models really show how much the team has improved! I can't wait to see them in-game, and for the other remodellings!
  4. Mammoth Hitboxes are completely messed up. I'm able to walk underneath them, causing them to float, and then fly away.
  5. This happens to me as well. It actually uses materials each time it repairs for me, so I end up spending far more materials than I should have.
  6. Did you happen to delete a Primitive+ save on the same map? If so, the same thing happened to me a while ago, and there appears to be no fix for it.
  7. I'm ready for this map! I want it really bad!
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