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  1. I'm very excited for this one! I'm loving the direction Ark has taken.
  2. The "Rivalry Buff" for the Trike sounds eerily similar to something I've suggested for it many times... I cannot wait to see the new Trike ingame!
  3. Those models really show how much the team has improved! I can't wait to see them in-game, and for the other remodellings!
  4. I'm ready for this map! I want it really bad!
  5. I perfect-tamed a level 150 Thylacoleo named Goddess. I also tamed a 140 Rex off of Carnivore Island. I killed over 500 Raptors in 10 minutes, there were HOARDS of them!
  6. Cool-beans! Thanks for the reply I know you're busy and I'm grateful for the hard work you and the others put in to Ark.
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