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  1. Ascension For All Maps

    They're gonna put some sort of Ascension/end-game thing on every "Story Ark". I think the rest of what you've suggested is a little out of the scope of Ark's development. Plus, wouldn't giving creature abilities to the player just render the creature almost useless?
  2. Xbox One X

    Thanks. I'll try that.
  3. Xbox One X

    For some reason, whenever I go to launch my game (Ark), it says that my "trial has expired", even though I have the game in full (transferred from my Xbox One). All my other games transferred properly. Does anyone know what's going on? Am I supposed to buy it again? This is really frustrating me.
  4. 765.2 Xbox One Won't Load

    I have the full game on Xbox One, but it's now saying I've got the trial and need to buy the full version. This is one Xbox One X. All my other games transferred over, but Ark is being weird.
  5. Xbox One to Xbox One X

    If I was to upload my character on my Xbox One SP save, could I then re-upload the character on my Xbox One X? I'll have my new Xbox within a few days, and having my old character would be pretty cool.
  6. Wildcard it's time you work on your core game

    I stand corrected!
  7. Predators - Flee or Fight

    And they conspire against their common prey and don't fight over the carcass.
  8. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Could you tell us a bit about what you have planned for the creature TLC? Could the Brontosaurus get a stomp attack? Behemoth walls, could they come to be?
  9. Wildcard it's time you work on your core game

    Wildcard doesn't provide servers; send your complaints to Nitrado.
  10. Ark: Aberration

    I'm sure glad they did! I wanted Ark so bad but didn't have the cash to blow on a PC that could run it. When I heard it was coming to Xbox, I was thrilled! I'm now getting the newest Xbox to see how Ark runs on that.
  11. Ark: Aberration

    I'm excited about dat hot gliding drake thingy.
  12. what does everyone like on a server

  13. Cool Titanoboa Rework

    This would be a neat change. Feasible? Maybe, but cool nonetheless.
  14. What would be your ideal dream Ark?

    I was going to say an Ark with naturally flowing biomes, but I remembered that the "Jungle-to-Snow" biomes in Ark right now make sense in the lore of the game. So far, I really like the official mod maps, but the story maps take the cake. I would like to see more "Biome specific" maps like SE (maybe an ice map?). As for creatures, I enjoy the fantasy ones, but extinct fauna is what attracted me to Ark in the first place. If I were to change the current spawns on The Island, I'd make certain herbivores more numerous, some carnivores less numerous, and give them an AI that can determine if a rock is in the way. I'd also want wild animals to pose a threat no matter what point in the game I reach (and I'm not talking only about the op wild Giganotosaurus that I rarely see). I'd probably make tamed creatures far easier to obtain, but a lot weaker, so run-ins with wild animals wouldn't just mean an "all you can eat buffet" has arrived.
  15. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Could more structure types be implemented? (Behemoth walls, draw-bridges, docks, furniture). Could there be an option to have chest hair? Do you think it would be unbalanced to have Argentavis being able to drop rocks like a Chalicotherium (but you'd have catapult ammo in its inventory, so it wouldn't be infinite)? Some TLC ideas: Parasaurolophus has a morale-boosting call that gives herbivores resistance to carnivores. Model change. Stegosaurus can flush blood into its plates, creating an intimidating display to enemy carnivores (debuff). Modle change (slight). Tyrannosaurus roars give small-to-medium sized herbivores a debuff in resistance from carnivores. Model change. Utahraptor can latch on to larger enemies, dealing damage until stamina runs low. Super model change! Terror Birbs get an increase in size, decrease in speed, increase in health and weight, and a new "ax-beak" attack that causes slight bleeding and torpor. Pachycephalosaurus gets an increase in size, health, weight, melee, and a slight increase in movement speed. They become very efficient at KOing players. Pteranodon model change. Dire wolves are made weaker than Smilodon as individuals in almost every stat (except weight), incentivising a tamed pack even more. Model change (and maybe a saddle?). Brontosaurus gets a stomp attack(s) like the Titanosaurus.