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  1. Where Will You Be On Launch Day?

    I'll be in my SP world, living in the awesome world that is Ark!
  2. I would be absolutely thrilled with this! I'm all for it.
  3. Enough is enough

    Well a relationship between two individuals, and someone playing a game, are completely different. It's not like Ark was forcing anyone to play for 3000h, they just chose to. It's evidently fun enough to play for 3000h, unlike many games.
  4. I would actually like to see all mammalian creatures give their own unique kinds of milk, which can then be used in different recipes, kibble, etc as you've suggested.
  5. Model Rework

    I was thinking the feathers wouldn't cover the whole creature, it would be 25% feathered.
  6. Model Rework

  7. Model Rework

    Yes, the Argentavis is far from innocent...
  8. Model Rework

    Same here!
  9. Enough is enough

  10. Model Rework

    I can't remember if a similar topic was made; if so, this one can be combined/forgotten. After the Devs had redone the Smilodon model, it made me want to see more of the older, and maybe some of the new(ish) creatures get a model update. The Smilodon went from looking like a plastic toy, to actually looking pretty badass (IMO). Firstly, the Tyrannosaurus looks pretty dopey. Its head is too big, its run animation is pretty silly, and the model could look more pleasing than it currently does (it could have some feathers, yay or nay?). Secondly, the Carnotaurs would look a lot better with some scutes/osteoderms on its back/neck. Other than that, it's pretty good (maybe more colour?). Thirdly, the Triceratops could do with a size scale, non-crooked tail, more pronounced horns, and just a general model update. The animations need tweaking, particularly, the running animation. Fourthly, the Brontosaurus needs better animations (especially for sprinting). Finally, the Quetzalcoatlus' neck should be upright when no platform saddle is attached. Its animations could use some changes (hovering, more pronounced flapping, more neck movement when walking/attacking, attacking gives a stabbing motion instead of a bite). These are just some of the creatures. Give more if you want, and tell me if you agree/disagree with anything I've said. Edit: I would also suggest more customization options for our characters (beginning with hair, different voices, etc).
  11. Wow this flyer nerf is beyond overkill.

    Absolutely not! Sabertoothed cats lived Millions of years after dinosaurs. Some species, like Smilodon Fatalis, lived with people! I think your time scale is a little off. Ark was never supposed to be a strict dinosaur game, the Devs have always said that mythical creatures would be added. I thought you would guess from the sight of GIANT ALIEN OBELISKS that this isn't a primeval world. Plus, all the dinosaurs/creatures that actually existed are made up species. There was never a Tyrannosaurus Dominium in real life! All the Arks animals are specially adapted/genetically engineered to their crazy environment, an environment, unlike anything that has actually existed. Reading the "Explorer Notes" would help you build your understanding of the weird wildlife.
  12. Wow this flyer nerf is beyond overkill.

    There would be a lot less complaining about this nerf if the land-based mounts weren't garbage at traversing terrain/clearing obstacles...
  13. All existing creatures in Ark are different species that have adapted to the life on an Ark (the species name for each creature can be seen on their dossiers). All the genre are real, they are just non-existant species.
  14. Giga rework?

    I mean gangster
  15. Giga rework?

    Damn it feels good to be a ganster!