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  1. I'm very excited for this one! I'm loving the direction Ark has taken.
  2. The "Rivalry Buff" for the Trike sounds eerily similar to something I've suggested for it many times... I cannot wait to see the new Trike ingame!
  3. Trike: Updated animations, along with a new ability and model. I was thinking it could have a "herbivore's buff" when up against large predators, giving it slightly increased resistance and melee. Stegosaurus: Like the Trike (rhyme baby), the Stegosaurus is found to be obsolete even in the early game (thanks to other creatures that do its job faster). A new ability/enhanced stats could help the Stegosaurus be effective until the even late game. A model upgrade would be very nice, and I'm curious to see how the Devs would model a Stegosaurus after all their experience. I hope to see staple
  4. Those models really show how much the team has improved! I can't wait to see them in-game, and for the other remodellings!
  5. Mammoth Hitboxes are completely messed up. I'm able to walk underneath them, causing them to float, and then fly away.
  6. That would be something for sure... It's just a little fun to brainstorm ideas for what an Ark series would be like.
  7. A television series would be pretty awesome. With a good budget, production, etc, it could turn out great.
  8. This happens to me as well. It actually uses materials each time it repairs for me, so I end up spending far more materials than I should have.
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