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  1. Base Defense!

    Thanks, It seems Behemoth Walls are quite a popular suggestion.
  2. Backpacks, Backpacks!!! Where are the Backpacks?

    They're safe with me, Sentinel... Backpacks are unnecessary, as your items are stored within your implant's inventory. Maybe backpacks could add 10 bonus slots for food/ammunition, making them weightless.
  3. Kill all passive tames.

    Just because you seem to be utterly obsessed with complete domination, doesn't make Ark a PVP game in the slightest. There are sooooooo many other ways to play, that calling it a PVP game is inaccurate.
  4. Kill all passive tames.

    Precise reason I play SP.
  5. Ark's story

    They might be "shuffling" through the genomes of all sorts of prehistoric creatures to see which are "fit" enough to survive a harsh environment. The mythical/sci-fi creatures could have been created for the same purpose.
  6. Ark's story

    They could also be trying to repopulate the Earth with animals in the same say (the same disaster that killed the majority of Homo Deus probably killed most of the animals as well).
  7. ARK Digest Q&A: Aberration Questions!

    What creatures will be returning to Aberration? Will any new characters be introduced to the lore through Aberration?
  8. Maybe max. tribe member count could be reduced?
  9. Ark: Suggestions Evolved (Success stories)

    I once suggested a long list of melee weapons that was acknowledged in a Digest. The Tek sword was on the list (and the Lance), although they probably started working on that before I mentioned it. But who knows, maybe it did inspire it. Maybe they'll take inspiration from it and add the other weapons on the list. I may have also had a hand in the unreleased Tomahawk in the Dev-Kit, who knows.
  10. Barren Lands: Revitalizing Scorched Earth

    I previously suggested the same thing with the Titanomyrma Queen, and it would be a really neat tame. Great job on this btw! I hope this gets looked at more. This is my favourite part^.
  11. Raptor Bug?

    Raptor Bug, that sounds like the most terrifying creature ever!
  12. Scorched Earth Completion Suggestions

    This is awesome! For more additions to SE, I'd like Velociraptors, some species of Gorgonopsid, Scutosaurus, Desert Gargoyles, and Protoceratops to replace the Smilodon, and Dire Wolves. I'd also like Gastonia on SE. I know these have nothing to do with SE's endgame, but we were on the topic SE, so I couldn't help it! (Again. awesome ideas OP).
  13. That thing looks like Nargacuga after street drugs.
  14. Day/night cycle

    They should each be an hour, with more variation in brightness/darkness. That might be pretty cool.