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  1. Kylir10

    Is Ark dying ?

    Here is a good point, The fact the game is very one sided now also. I see guys with a PT and beer take down big bases with movment speed so often now. Its a bad set up most dont even need dino to raid a base. Yes you can put up heavys and fill them but if there person has the right speed and a good PT he can spin through them and blow it up, and most of the time it happens when there is no one on or around. The dinos seem to be less involved atm to me anyway, Stegos with vegi cakes are so OPed its crazy. i guy a traided with did a raid him and his friend hit a mega base with 2 PTs and a stego this base has a poop load of heavys and all that and still just the 2 of them got in. I feel there needs to be a better balance to the game, i like what they done with some of the dinos but still needs a lot more done. Gigas are still a dam long raise and with the saddle nurf they are just dead in seconds seem pointless to raise now as you can take a giga down with a good Rex or thezy with cakes. The way the devs thought people would play to the way we play is way off i feel, The alliance is the big thing they need to look at also. Megas have killed the game off really if your a 5,10 man tribe you dont stand a chance anymore, it eather join with a mega or get wiped. Lets not get into unofficials right now im talking about officials the servers wildcard put up for us to play on.
  2. Kylir10

    Is Ark dying ?

    Yes I have been playing from early Alpha, i have the game on PC, PS4 and X-box one. So in all I think i have been playing long enough. And yes Alpha had problems like most games in alpha and beta have. But the game is not in alpha or beta anymore and a lot of the issues that I sent them in them stages are still around today. The list of what has been fixed over what is still here is not much really to be fair. And yes Unofficial has same problems as Official it is still open to the same exploits as official. Not all of the Unofficial are toxic but a lot are ran by people that do have power trips. plus why would you buy a game to not to play it the way the devs intended it (official). I remember being on daily and seeing there server max pop and not just my server so many was max. Now you look at official and its not so. on days i can be only person on for hours. So then maybe Official is dying then. i had near on 100 people I platyed with at the start now Im lucky if we can get 10 for a boss fight. And i know this of other tribes also. I believe that game is having a lot of issues, and yes it could be saved IF they devs can fix the big issues without the fear of losing people. So i can rename the post to is Ark Official servers dying out?
  3. Kylir10

    Is Ark dying ?

    So is ark dying or dead? In my eyes its dying, Due to the toxic players and the long long long list of issues in the game. You have people that cant fight fair needing to DDOS or undermap just to name a few. And there not the only Issues that game itself is broken at the core really. the lag is amazing the fact we have dinos starving why they have max food in them losing dinos through the ground or in the ark itself. Losing your level 113 character with so many imprinted dinos (sure they will give you the 100 levels back but all that work you just lose to ther bug in the game). Can Wild Card fix some of the issues? we will have to wait and see as most was here from alpha and are still here. What about toxic players? the cheaters the dupers the undermapers? Well wild card has started to work on them on PC but I fear its to little to late, even more so for us that its already happend to more than once. The game is just not fun we cant even go for a little raid no without someone crying to a megas tribe thats will just DDOS the crap out of the server and offline you no fair fights anymore. Sure there will be a lot of people that still love the game and good for you Im happy some are still enjoying it, I have just lost another 6 members who just cant put up with the bugs glitches and cheaters in the game anymore. One dude lost 3 characters in the same day no word of a lie 3!!! Due to a server he went to do the tek cave on getting roledback by a group claming to be SC. He farmed up a lot of mats to get into that fight and lost everything. I would love to hear other players point of views, good or bad.
  4. Kylir10

    Under the map raided

    Wild Card wont do much about it atm, there only just now dealing with the people thats been doing it on PC for the past few years. There very slow to fix the BIG issues in the game like DDOS and undermap. They didnt want to deal as it was a big group and fear that if they delt with them they would lose a lot of players. Problem is they lose more that quit because of the DDOS and undermap along with the role backs, losing character's, losing dinos, really bad lag costing you tames, the toxic players in the game and so on its a long list tbh. So im sorry to hear about your base we also had our cave undermapped and got DDOS for a few days so i feel your pain. I suggest playing a new game tbh. i use to love this game but its so SO broken.
  5. So me and my gf play with a few close friends and my sons (There mum wont let them on much but they do play). A tribe of younger players who we had been talking to for a few days got wiped. We offered them a spot with use with the option to stay or farm and build there own base with a 50/50 split of the farming mats. After a day 3 of them left because they wanted to "piss about" on doing so they insulted me (I couldnt care much about that been called lots of names in games) Then tehy insulted my gf and worst of all started talking poop about my 3 year old son. Not to sure why they felt the need to over a game. Anyway 2 of then stayed and I thought it was going ok, then I started to see things was going missing. Players items and mats. They both asked to leave 2 days ago. i was fine but felt somthing was up. Being a nice guy i unclamed some tames for them and they went off. One of this kids called tyebucko decided to try and greffe us. We ofc killed him with turrets. We then found a hided stash in our own boxs out in the wild with so much of our missing thingsturrets poly fur and so on. We decided to take our items back. thias ofc mad him angry and he went and got a guy called Russell_Hewson to come over and meat run our base and tames. From what we got told by russell he paid him with real money to do so. Russell said he is part of SC, its nice to see that people will just jump right in and wipe a small tribe that was just trying to help some out without even talking to hear there side. I have screen shots of the loot that the insiders stole from us and of me giving them tames. My kids and gf are a little upset, i mean we got hit before and all that but this was a low blow, by people that we was trying to help. I'm trying to rebuild now but lost so much our friend lost her baby giga on her birthday and quetz. yes its Pvp but killing babys of a little tribe by mega tribes to mne this is a act of cowards. i cant offer anything at all but if you see tye on your server please make sure you dont allie with him or his tribe.
  6. Kylir10

    Mega Tribes

    So I play SE on PS4 with my wife and son's, i also have a few friends playing. Now we have tride PvE but always have the same issues on the servers with people building around our base and some servers we cant even find a dodo to tame. So we moved to PvP to breed dinos and build a nice base. Most of the time we are left alone but of late my server is getting hit almost every night by people claming to be MEGA tribes, Now i would like to know if any mega tribes can reply to this but why would someone come on a server with most still in stone buildings and raid them?? I get its PvP but half the time its happens when none are online so thats PvE right? Im sure not all are mega tribes and just say it to make others worry, but a player I got talking to on my server nice guy solo player little base and all that. Never did any wrong was just starting to get into breeding and made a trade for some tames got hit by a mega tribe going by KC. Now I dont know many mega tribes other than what my kids see on youtube but they came over with so much to raid him. And he didnt even have anything good, Is there a point to it. They said sorry its just part of the game? 9 players with brontys and Rexs wyvs and all that V 1 player with a low level rex a wyv that was a gift and some other little tames is that rerally part of the game ? I really would like a reply but please no toxic replys I just really would like to hear from a mega tribe or 2 to find out why or if its even them.
  7. Kylir10

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Nice thank you to everyone that helped report bugs and issues, very bad support in the first place now your removing it all together lol
  8. Kylir10

    legacy servers

    I know what they said but lets face it sooner or later they will get ride of all legacy servers, i cant see them paying to keep them open as they really want all to move to new servers. Just talking to a GM makes me feel like that.
  9. Kylir10

    legacy servers

    OK so Iv been on my server since i got the game way back when it was out on PS4. Now me and my friends and family have been playing the game what we feel is the right way, we have NEVER duped or glitched or anything like that. We dont troll we do PvP but on people the same level never hit lower tribes just because we can. NO I get why there will be new servers for new players to start fresh on and I get why they close most legscy servers due mainly to all the duping. Ho9wever I feel a little hard done by, we all know in the end they will remove all legacy. Now for the duoers mega tribes there not fussed because they glitched or duped almost all there things so they dont feel like there losing much, but for US it is bad we never cheated or anything but we have a high chance of getting all our tames and all that taken away by wildcard. So it feels like the honest player will be hurt the most and the dupers and all that get away with what they did and couldnt care less. Am I the only person that feels this way?
  10. Kylir10

    Fix things?

    So where to start? 21/05/2017:- multi rollbacks like so far 8 times today not big ones but enough to cost us 500 metal walls, 300 roof tiles and foundations. 5 dinos, firt eggs and other bits. This is to go with lag spikes of upto 45 mins and I wish i was exaggerate but im not. 2/05/2017-to-20/05/2017 This is the best part, i have been talking to a GM for a few days now (as they seem to only reply once every few days) So far I have been so disappointed with the so called support I have recived. But the best part was the GM was going to meet me in game on the 8th of may at 12:30 PDT (Im in the UK so thats 9;30pm GMT) I was on most of the day and was sure to be on at 7pm GMT just in case. Guess what a no show, he left me standing waiting with no reason why. When i sent another ticket in (as they closed the one i had) The SAME GM repliyed with "what seems to be the problem". Just amazing really I cant believe the lack of help or support. 9/05/2017:- So this day we got raided hard, im on a PvP server so i expected it to happen. However there is some problems with this raid I fell need addressed. One was the amount of element they had with them as they didnt do any boss fights. Now other things was there giga. Now I had a 100% imprinted giga with 35k hp and 500 melee now i know some out there have better im sure but there guy on his giga 2 hit killed it. 1st bite killed me 2nd killed my giga, it even took out about 15 rexa in 1 bite and they were around 300 in level (used for boss fights). The amount of issues in your game is amazing and the fact you dont seem to address any of them, I got my friends to buy this game at the start as we thought it could be very good yet 90% of them have quit already. Your support is so bad i never seem to get any replys at all. you people on twitter are of no help to the normal gamer. I am going to look into getting my money back for this game as i dont believe it should ever have been sold. I have so many blue screens a day on this game its amazing. My Error History is just wall to wall ark CE-34878-0 An error has occurred. i paided for a game to play and its of late unplayable. I have ark on PS4 and PC, I spend more time on PS4 as thats where all my friends and family are on. Now we get told all the people that cheater will get away with it as you cant or dont want to find all the duped items. So players that play fair and fullow rules and all that get *$%*~# over and cheaters get away with it. But sure why not lets just start ALL over again on new servers and keep our fingers crossed that they work right this time. I have message with faults and problems to help make the game better. for you to fix them. Yes many people out there will say stop complaining (with worse words) but the fact is we need to complain for them to fix the issues. And many have been here for so long the lag the duping and the lossing characters. 3 BIG problems that need to be fixed sooner rather than later. Will I get any responce from any of the devs, GMs or anyone at all from Ark/wildcard?
  11. Kylir10

    Tek Transmiter

    So of late a few of us have had issues with using the tek transmiter. When we use it to say go to a new base we are building or another server, on a good few occasions now we have spawnd in with no inventory. Now this is a small issue I know the bigger one is that 3 members of my tribe have lost there characters all together, now this is a big issue to me. The game is close to being finished and people lossing there characters is a big problem. 2 of them was level 100, they now lose all there imprinted dinos and cant imprint on there babys they where doing. i have opend about 5 tickets about this and not got 1 reply this is a game braking problem is it not? I get it the game is still being worked on alpha gets put out there a lot but sure its more beta now no??
  12. Kylir10

    New Tek Smithy

    So i know the replicator is already a smithy and fab in one but could you not do a new one that you could hook upto cables that you can put storage boxs on. Would be so cool to be able to make things without running all over base for items.
  13. Kylir10

    item controle

    Hi not a big idea but on PS4 and Xbox I would be really good if we could get a slider bar for taking items out. So say Im doing a boss fight and need 6 arms from a rex. I have to dubble click the arms 6 times to get the six, and as im sure it has happend to others sometimes you end up taking all the stack. it would be nice to be able to just take what you need from a stack for what ever reason. Thank you.
  14. Kylir10

    This is ridiculous

    I would love to know how the dupers have been able to get away with what they ghave done for so long now. i have been wiped by dupers for the 3rd time. I have PS4 messages talking with some of them saying duping is fine. 1 guy has around 800 gigers and thats no lie. They pay or use people that dDos the server to get role backs and myself and my tribe members that play the game the fair way get rapterd up the ass. We spent weeks breading gigas and had 16 in all and lost them all in under 1 hour to guys that just filled my server with gigas. I really think that this should have been a top prioraty as its just stupid. we lost 187 tames the fist time we was hit spent months building up then lost another 100+ and now again hit hard because they know they can do it snd get away with it. There is NO support for us i open a message get told sorry nothing we can do, We suggest building up again as if we could just put more time into it just like that. Make a post on here and get told to stop bitching get on with it blah blah blah, I did love the game I got myself a copy my gf my son and 2 friends, also through word of mouth I got another 30ish members of my gaming clan to get it and feel like I let them all down with my poor judgment. i can send some amazing screen shots of convoes in game and through PSN and have done to the devs and all it got me was wiped again. Now my server has been getting Ddos attacks almost every days we even lost the server for over a day lost babys, gear and tames due to it. And there is nothing NOTHING wildcard or anyone to do with the game will do to help. Where is the support??
  15. Kylir10

    "Unknown Error" Message When Trying to Log On

    Also had the same problem. Since today's hot fix (21/01/2017) I have been unable to log into ANY server. Been getting kicked for past week or so then not being able to rejoin due to unknown error. Now I play on a NA server with friends but live in the UK so in the morning the server is like 13 people so I can not see how some say its because the server is full. I agree with Dissonance that this NEEDS to be fixed asap. I have been only playing for a few weeks and i'm in love with the game.