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  1. It's essentially the same game with an updated engine, however arks code is heavily modified from UE4 so large parts of the code are likely 'copy and paste'. It just is viable to rewrite all the code so therefore we end up with same code = same bugs. I'm still going to give them the benefit of the doubt because i'm hopeful a lot will be fixed, it may be wishful thinking but i feel the game is close, just need a few thing fixed before any additional content.
  2. Also, more players mean more strain on an already stressed server.
  3. Although i cant answer officially, i've had an alt account in alliance with my main for years on ASE and i cant see why it would be a problem, as long as you all legally own the game and if you play on an unofficial server they allow alliances then you will be fine. An alt account is no different to just have 2 people playing together, since official servers allow alliances then go for it.
  4. I play both PVE and PVP but i like to play PVE so i can build fancy designs using all the materials, i also have large 'open plan' areas where i keep dinos around, basically im a complete solo roleplayer, my argument is that currently i have to reside in a large stone box and try to cram as many dinos as i can in it so i don't log in to them all being dead, also to add to this, i built in a area which usually always has a titan walking about. We have someone on server who witnessed (and submitted a ticket) to 'tribe of human' destroying a base using a titan. I'm not actually completely against no orp but i also dont want to have to make a PVP style base with a deathwall just to keep my tames while im offline, especially as its hard to retaliate, i can't scout the tribe that did it and go grab my kit to get even, instead i have to log on to survive the ark dot com and moan instead 😛
  5. I've never known this to happen and i must have transferred thousand of eggs and dinos in ASE.
  6. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform
  7. I completely understand your disappointment with not being able to play, but if its any compensation, the servers are a mess right now, granted they have improved a lot since launch, but the game does need some optimization and improvements, i think consoles would struggle in the current state which is ultimately the reason for the delay, once a few more performance passes happen (which i have full confidence will be soon based on current updates) you should see a console release. As for rates, 1x roughly equivalent to 0.25x on ASE (if you played ark 1). I think the next rate boost will likely be winter wonderland, after a few patches and console release, that way everyone gets to enjoy higher rates.
  8. Have you check your settings? There are several dedicated to lighting which may affect it?
  9. I really hope they dont try to run an extra life event, as much as i support the charity event, server cannot handle boosted rates! Besides, have a low rate actually makes the game a little more fun for me, everyone start primitive and has to work for it, no tek bases day one, with extra life i already know i will start seeing tek everywhere. I also realize this doesnt answer your question at all, so, as Luizza stated, console will have dedicated servers so it really isnt an issue, if you want to join a cross platform, then you have to go into it with full knowledge you will be starting behind.
  10. The environment doesn't seem to be the issue, its the 2 guys on PT's from the toxic tribe kiting anything with teeth to your base when your decay timer shows you are not online or at base thats the problem.
  11. Reloading weapons is absolutely driving me insane, try to knock out the one dino you found after hours of searching an empty map then having to unequip your weapons between shots because it wont reload is infuriating! 😡
  12. No, PVe doesn't have ORP, i found this out when i logged in dead with all my boxes destroyed and dinos dead.
  13. Legacy servers were originally due to dead servers and the fact that ark changed a lot early in its lifetime, the game now has a fixed direction, everyone knows how the entire story plays out and what content there will be. There would be no need to 'reset' or close servers at the games launch out of early access. That statement means the game will be 'released' ie. not in EA when all content has been updated, however, its not clear if that means publicly released or if that means internally after development has been completed.
  14. You can spawn event items as they are removed from the game after the event ends. Starting an event is mainly just the colors. Unless devs update the game to add event assets, you will no longer be able to play them.
  15. From the information we have, the roadmap is approx 2 years so its safe to expect at least that from it. It will likely live on past genesis for a while plus any other 'plans' or delays they have so in my opinion i think its fair to expect a 3-5 year life.
  16. If the past is anything to go by, your 500gb ssd will be too small for ark. However we don't have anything official so if you go the the average requirements these days you should be ok if you set your expectations right, don't expect ultra and 4k, you are likely looking a mix of settings around medium to get a decent framerate. Specs should be released before the game is out in early access so you will be able to check if you meet the min requirements anyway.
  17. With how P+ has been treated the last few years it's more than likely to not be included at all in ASA
  18. Do consoles usually get early access games? I thought that was a PC thing. Let just say, hypothetically of course, wildcard failed to mention this little gem and the reason for so much silence is that they know dropping that bomb would cause destruction in the community. Can you imagine the next community crunch that actually releases something about ASA also states "..and at the end of early access we will release asa on consoles". It's actually not that hard to imagine with the train wreck of a company.
  19. If you mean the launch of ASA then wildcard/snail have until the end of October, otherwise Nitrado pretty much pull there pants down on the profit of this franchise for a long time.
  20. Raptorclaus will fall under one the removed assets as far as im aware. You will only get the event colors for that event, none of the items, not sure on the gachas but i doubt they will be available either.
  21. It's because assets are removed after the event ends so you wont get them to work unless wildcard make the game assets available to download at the end of ase
  22. Im not sure i like the idea of more utility dinos, not much fun in taming when you dont even need to search for the sexy 150 with 40+ points hidden in the redwoods.
  23. To be fair though, in pvp you hardly need dinos, anywhere you go now you get your head spun so whats the point. 😛
  24. I think its an option of upgrade your pc, host on nitrado or devwipe any tribe you dont need on your save.
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