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  1. My gen server was down for 5 days before it came back up yesterday, other than reporting it, you can do nothing but wait. https://t.co/SwSqc0jcDN
  2. GenOne 650 has been down since 24th April... so roughly 5 days at time of post.
  3. Ark wouldn't be ark without losing days, weeks or months of work for absolutely no fault of your own. In your situation, nothing can really be done, just get re breeding and crafting new saddles and hope for the best next time.
  4. Other than submitting a ticket, nobody here can really help you. The only option you have on PVE is kite as many teeth to it as possible if support wont help.
  5. It sounds like the ark has claimed another dino soul. Don't worry, you will get used to losing stuff all the time for no reason.
  6. Bad news is, you more than likely can't unless you manually backed up your save.
  7. Can you post a screenie of it, might make it easier to suggest a fix, though i will say with the way ark building works, it could require a complete rebuild of the area.
  8. Is your local profile, for SP and non-dedicated games that contains your account wide progress as well as uploads stored in the obelisk/transmiter etc, also contains explorer notes unlocks and more.
  9. But what would you suggest, because obviously i dont run a game of this size but i can see the limitations from a coding and business perspective. They employ more staff to deal with tickets, then the problem remains and employee costs increase. They 'fix' the problem which would cost a fair amount in coding, and probably only last x amount of time before something new comes along. If you limit gameplay to much, you annoy the player base. If you implement a third party anti-cheat, you also annoy some of the player base and incur license fees. I'm in no way defending wildcard as i agree, a LOT needs to be done, but they have already announced a sequel which will limit how much support or resources this game will now get. I think it's likely that it will end as a lot of games do, official servers will become dead zones where the antisocial cheater lurk in the shadows, destroying any chance of fun or competitive play.
  10. Popcorning annoys me, there are a LOT of things i dont like but for some reason it really annoys me. But if we list all the things that need fixing we will all get banned for spamming the forums 😛
  11. In pve the problem is, if someone is in your base, you cant do anything to get rid of them, you might be able to box them in if you are lucky but if they dont want to leave, you cant do much, a long time ago on a pve server i had a disagreement with someone, they just dropped a ton of dinos on my base and nothing much i could do about it.
  12. I suppose, not if you have tek gen though, and just boxing in your gen should be enough. I think you can also turn forges on/off?
  13. INI is completely a wildcard mistake, that shouldn't be so easy and open to edit. I think because its common knowledge that even if you cheat, it can take weeks to get banned if you even do then why care about bragging. Some of the cheats available are insane. I think most big tribes even have 'cheat' accounts now to counter cheaters that they can log on too. Honestly if you want any kind of protection now, you cant play official, some server admins and pretty active and jump on cheaters quickly.
  14. In pve what can he do? Nothing. When you are offline people probably come to your base every now and then. I wouldn't worry, unless you have unlocked stuff and eggs out in the open then its just part of the game. If you dont like it, then have a big closed base with everything inside.
  15. It's a ongoing battle. You can get one cheater and he/she will be back on a new account, that's why some companies use the 'ban hammer' and collect info on many users then mass ban all at once. An account on ark is cheap so the risk is pretty low, get caught and its a mild inconvenience. There is always new ways to cheat, so wildcard may patch one thing but a new way will pop up. I honestly think cheaters will always be there, the only defence would be if wildcard responded quicker, but again that cost for a company to do this would probably not be beneficial from a business perspective.
  16. Does that actually work for anyone, every time i've destroyed a hive it just disappears with no bee or hive, no matter the map.
  17. Just wait until you find out your dino go in 8 days too, bee hives decay in 4 days, a tek trough in 80 days... Ark decay is all over the place, just make sure you have timers at a max of 4 to 7 days depending on what you have.
  18. You will be given a 150 perfect tame if the dino is higher than 224. The dino will have random stats and no mutations. They do not recover 'lost' dinos but simply replace with a wild tame which depending on your situation can be useless.
  19. Ark uses RNG for loot so you dont have a fixed locations though the best loot would be; Red/purple OSD's Deep sea red drops Red desert crates on SE Lava golem/cave Alpha gen2 missions Getting good bp's are generally just luck, though crate spawns are mostly fixed locations so you can farm them but you may just get junk
  20. how could using a legit game mechanic be abuse? Thats like saying using a yuty in a boss fight will get you banned.
  21. The wyverns dont lay eggs in the nests, the nests spawn with and egg in them. It's pretty much the same for anything you want to tame (or collect eggs). You need to collect all the eggs you find and kill all the wyverns, eat the eggs you dont want, dont drop them! Now leave render, make sure you are a good distance away, then return and look again. If nothing is there, leave render again and give it a few mins. This is how the game works, so lets say you was looking to tame a rex, you do the same thing, kill all, leave render, return. With wyvern, i find that if you find a high level flying about, its egg of the same level will be nearby if not collected, this may not be a proven science but seems to be the case for me. Don't build in a nest location, foundations block spawns so nothing will ever spawn there.
  22. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  23. If you breed two tames together, it doesn't matter if they are levelled, imprinted or cloned, you only get the base stats (as they are when tamed or bred) all of these are ignored. So the baby will not inherit any levels or imprint bonus from the parents. Its level is based entirely on how many points it has when born. An example may be, you have 2 identical rex's, they are born level 100, you level them up to 150 and breed both 150 rex's together. The baby will be born level 100. If you have 2 identical tames the baby will get the same stats as the parent (ignoring mutations) If you have 2 tames that have different stats, lets say one has 10 points in melee and the other has 20 points. The baby will have a 50% chance to get either of those stats and the level of the baby will change depending on which stat it took from the parent, in some cases you could have a mother at level 100, father at 150 and the baby might be 120 because its total level = total stat points.
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