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  1. You just need the dlc installed. I'm on Genesis and received a Karkinos and a couple Rollrats today.
  2. We are having the same issue on our unofficial server. The glitches appear normally but when approached there is no prompt to fix them since the last update.
  3. We cannot see the purple glitch beacons on our unofficial server. If we go within activation range the cyan glitch icon appears with the "Hold Triangle to Activate" but the glitch is invisible and there's no beacon to find them. They work fine in single player and once in a great while I can log in and see them at random but it never lasts long.
  4. My care timers change but all my dinos get 100% imprint after a single care and I can't seem to fix it. For our Aberration server we're running the hatching/maturation multipliers at 3x and I had the timer set to .8 (just a bit over 6 hours) and my first rock drake 100% imprinted on the first and only care at about 6 hours 20 minutes when it should have needed 4 cares at 25% each. I thought I had screwed up a setting and reset everything breeding related to default. Changed hatch and maturation to 3x and left the care timer alone. After 8 hours the next drake got 100% imprint in one care inste
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