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  1. well this is getting ratio'd pretty badly so i'd say ..no they don't
  2. Tell me how you think a fresh server is going to change you getting wiped while sleeping, if it wasn't a giga munching you it will just be grenades and pikes. the real answer is offline damage prevention needed to be added to pvp a lot more than it needed to be in pve.
  3. these forums badly need a thumbs down button just for posts like this
  4. i can show you the screen shots of how it was planned to be included in the game ...kinda hard to argue it when it was actually in the atlas coding.
  5. never mind you're quite a bit like the old mods
  6. Hey meanwhile logging in on all of x-box is broken right now. Anyone over there on that?
  7. I'm going to assume you're not like the old mods since i'm not already suspended, but you do see the irony in jumping into what i said then posting that? lol You literally didn't have to explain anything.
  8. then you explain it to the guy who's acting like i made it up ...
  9. The first season pass was supposed to include a map of an ocean filled with islands. So atlas comes out and people find the start menu to Ark in the programming with the list of servers one is called "ocean". So instead of actually including all the content people payed for they just turned it into another game. This was pretty big news in the community. Not sure how people missed it. The only thing that makes this any different is they actually advertised 2 maps this time. instead of saying give us 50$ and "we'll see".
  10. After what you did with the last season pass only total morons will ever buy another one. Buying this season pass is like saying "hey guys take this money and make another game".
  11. So we can count on servers being open 1 more year then you're crapping out part 2?
  12. we agree totally about the trolls on pve as i'm currently the target of a 3 tribe harassment campaign that WC has ignored multiple support tickets about i'm more aware than most about the pve trolling problems.the other day they tamed low level dinos renamed them with insults and left them in one of our members base. This guy happens to be in a wheel chair since he was a child and they left a pteran. in his base named "the wheels on the bus". i've stopped even bothering to submit any more tickets as i already know they won't be taken seriously. i also agree the fertilizer issue stinks but it would take DAYS of dropping dinos to empty a large crop plot. All i was saying is many people including myself have played pvp only for that one feature alone. Being able to find a cool dino and carry it back to my base to safely tame it is very nice.My suggestion was only to bring out that there are reasons why pvp servers often look like controlled pve servers with guns.
  13. The single only thing i've ever seen an alliance achieve is allowing a backstabber to empty your x plant fertilizer before they attack you on pvp. The only thing i've seen an alliance achieve in pve is allowing backstabber A. to engage a war in the middle of the night with backstabber B. so they can wipe ally C. Or at the very best use the alliance to build into the allies land. In my experience there are ZERO incentives to having alliances in ark.
  14. I utterly refuse to play on a pvp server after a couple months of being wiped out weekly while i was offline. Only once in my whole pvp experience in ark was i actually attacked while i was online. Myself and many others are still interested in the ability to carry wild dinos. Using taming pens is almost enough of an advantage to make many people try to create pve situations on pvp servers. Considering there is almost no other kind of trolling that they actually do anything about it's strange to me that pve servers can't carry wild dinos. what wildcard could really do to take people who want a pve situation off their pvp conflict simulators would be to allow us to carry wild dinos on pve servers, It would matter more to us than it even matters to pvp players as they never have to worry about guarding a tame in a sea of another tribes pillars. Not to mention that the recent problems since they implemented the " structure spawn distance change" are already causing allosaurs to spawn inside my buildings what would someone dropping a carno inside my walls even effect? I notice that my base is build directly in one of the huge red spots on their spawn map on page 1. We've lost a lot of good stuff because of this bug and i really hope it's high on the priority list atm.
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