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  1. Skiff stuck far up in the air, seeking suggestions crash #562356263236 on genesis has my skiff stuck way up on the air and i'm seeking suggestions on how to get it back down with no flyers. apparently spiders can't lock on to it.
  2. You'll need to head over to twitter then, as you can see from the post above the Seattle c.h.a.z. members of the company don't post on platforms that don't censor it's users.
  3. Can't believe how many times i got suspended from these forums for less than whats in this thread when the green haired weirdos still ran this game, I for one welcome our new Chinese over lords.
  4. Getting no exp trickle in sleeping pod Not sure what's gone wrong here but i'm on official server and log out in sleeping pod every night but exp is no longer moving at all.
  5. This is bloody insane , streaming video uses more data than any video game by orders of magnitude and We're being held back? What is netflix or youtube being asked to sacrifice for the cause? How dumb ...
  6. 468 ragnarok is still down also
  7. Or don't have the ability. It's just plain silly to think anyone who's stuck around since the beginning wants to start ANOTHER line of rexes for the umpteenth time just because a few commenters are not on our level. Since the scorched expansion was released it's been 2 months for transfers but i'd really like some official information about it. It's scarily quiet on that front.
  8. Genesis Transfers When? When?
  9. Thanks for the response and i understand the cap is 124. The saddles were 124 armor and were ninja nerfed to 24 is the problem we're having =(
  10. No one else has had this problem or heard anything of it?
  11. Asc Theri saddles nerfed to 24 armor? We have 50 some theri that until just now all had 124 armor asc saddles that have magically changed to less than a primitive saddle ...what vile sorcery is going on on official servers.
  12. disregard, after 2nd imprint it was at 9
  13. magmasaur imprint bonus i'm getting 4% imprint every hour but at 8 hours it's at 4.3% mature ..what am i doing wrong? losing .3% per cycle.
  14. You're right, that was a misquote. sorry
  15. Says the guy who lead off with this the next comment after i mention what platform i'm on in what had at least been civil debate. Certainly you dislike insults. i had 4k hours on EQ in the pop era too
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