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  1. My main base is on the beach just south of where the tundra begins on the NW map corner. There's enough resources within a short flight that the only reason I have to travel far is for riverland resources or specific tames. It's also a great spot to tame argies, rexes, sabretooths, Yutys, allos, mammoths and others.
  2. Just got done playing for three hours straight with no crashes. However, I'm on an unofficial server where the event was disabled.
  3. https://twitter.com/Jatheish/status/1276807781404872705?s=20
  4. From what I've noticed, the crashes seem to do with rendering dino textures. When i'm in my base with no dinos near, game is fine. As soon as I go outside, game lags, textures are slow to load on tames and eventually it dashboards. I think the best solution would be to see if disabling the event temporarily would resolve the problem then people could play and devs could go through the event data and see what's causing the issue. I'm hyped for the event, don't get me wrong, there was a 150 event colored bronto right down the beach from my base! That said, I would think that everyone would
  5. Well, that makes a bit more sense. Why did I get the impression that BLM and libtard protests were the cause? I guess it was the timing. I stand corrected but my opinions remain, agree or disagree with them. Like I said, no apologies.
  6. Maybe they are all out protesting. ?
  7. Well, I understand their frustration. hopefully this fix works
  8. I just restarted my Character on Official. Time to get grinding.
  9. Yeah, te constant crashing is awful but I love this game and the sooner I can get back to The Island, the better.
  10. Maybe try an unofficial server run by an admin who is skilled with the game and actually cares. It takes awhile, but you can find such a thing. Official servers tend to be rife with trolls and a$$holes but there are decent people on them, you just gotta spend some time looking. Never give up on anything.
  11. When exactly is this supposed to happen?
  12. I don't care about "the voices of others" The nonsense that's going on in the U.S. is unimportant garbage and politicizing the release of game expansions is the dumbest nonsense ever. The BLM movement are a bunch of anarchist communist rabble rousers in league with Antifa. Supporting those clowns in any way is foolishness. I worry about my own people, my friends and family, not faceless people who mean nothing to me. No pity. No regrets. No apologies.
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