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  1. Favorite map? I've been playing on the island for a couple months now and starting to get bored of the grind on this map. Looking for suggestions of different maps to play as a solo player.
  2. What would be some good dinos to bring over if I'm transferring from another server?
  3. They also go through meat quick
  4. If I can get at least 1 imprint that still saves me a day. Just cryo it up after you imprint so it doesn't keep maturing at 3x. They'll post on the main menu when 3x breeding is over.
  5. A lot of the newer players that join the pve server I'm on end up leaving because most of the land is already claimed.
  6. Trying to get there myself. I did notice there was a limit on how many posts you can make in a day on a new account. I think it was 5.
  7. Pve player Just stopping in to say hi. Mostly play on xbox Island server 24. I've been playing for a couple months but starting to get the hang of it. I'm always learning something new about the game every time I play and would like to check out the dlcs soon.
  8. Sounds like this would make having a separate crafting character obsolete?
  9. It will definitely make it easier on newer players riding smaller dinos. Haven't been pounced on in a while, but I won't miss it.
  10. Twitter says that their is an evolution event https://mobile.twitter.com/survivetheark/status/1235997117971226625
  11. It's a bug from the last patch. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
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