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    Missing Servers!

    Missing server over 24 hours now, please fix NA 1126 xbox pve
  2. So we can count on servers being open 1 more year then you're crapping out part 2?
  3. Not sure why this was moved to bug reports, i'm convinced it's players using exploits to cause this.
  4. Xbox server 1126 extinction NA is rolling back 10-15 times per day for the last week. Conveniently right after a certain alliance loses dinos on osd drops or element veins they can't handle. So i come here to file a report ticket and find that the xbox and ps4 options have been removed from the report filters. Which actually makes sense atm considering how badly the game has been broken, i can just imagine the volume of tickets you're getting atm. Knowing the servers we have been playing on for the last 3 years have roughly the strength of a texas instruments calculator i searched around the forums for other servers experiencing this same roll back issue and amazingly find nothing about it from any other server. So feel pretty convinced this is being done by the same duping glitch that's never been solved since 2015. I'm not exagerating it's 10 to 15 times per day this thing is crashing and rolling back 5 to 30 minutes. Something has to be done about this garbage.
  5. You have got to be kidding me that you banned one of the most popular youtubers of your game for having built in a spot on the surface of abb. GTjack3d has played something like 10k hours of this game and never once been a cheater and this is his reward for being great for your community and giving you god knows how much free advertising? This is got to be one of the single dumbest things you've done. and that's saying a lot for someone who's been around from the beginning because that list is long. This is not an area that was intended for building? well who's fault is that? Was there a sign or something there saying that? Are your players mind readers? When rag added that puzzle cave it was also not intended for building yet you didn't code it that way which is 100% YOUR FAULT. Yet when you did the same thing on rag you gave people warning to move and didn't ban anyone..why is this any different? Seriously i can't believe that you guys think selective enforcement of the rules is a smart thing to do.
  6. I have no bloody clue what to expect will come out of this clown car next. But let me tell you what i better NOT see. -Another attempt to use me to fund and bug test their next 2.5 year alpha joke. While having mods on these forums literally call me names due to my being unhappy about anything at all. What ever they make next better be complete and polished before the customer even catches a whiff of it. There are only so many millions of dollars a company can bring in from one product and still pass them selves off as some little mom and pop corner store. -Incomplete maps. This is the biggest issue facing this game in my opinion. Abb and scorched look to have maybe 1/3 the population of any other server on xbox. They seem to be making an attempt to fix the reasons 2/3 of their customers don't want to live on scorched (crappy spoil timers have already been addressed, unreliable electrical system shutting off due to stupid storms looks to be on the agenda to fix next). But there's still Abb...The server i can't make a main base on because i'd have to give away most of my dinosaurs. What ever reason you care if someone takes their rexes or wyverns to an abb server is beyond common sense. You might not have done a poll on the issue but the VAST majority of players don't want to take care of bases on 3 or 4 different servers. Particularly when the transfer system is so sketchy with characters and items being lost daily. So what most of us do is spend a few weeks on abb, get the 5 new dinos and never go back. The only real way to fix this is make an actual complete map. One map that has everything ark has to offer. Every dino even if some are rare, oil wells, beaver dams, underwater and cave loot crates, polar bears, ice wyverns, the whole 9. If extinction is the last map make it one worth playing on for a long time. -Laughable customer service that they didn't even feel the need to offer with their BS automated responses to tickets for ...2.5... years where they completely shrug off any responsibility to fix issues their customers are having with their game because ...it's alpha phase... for a period of time that was the majority of my little sisters high school career. -Lousy communication at every single turn. As of now we've been told so many things that have yet to actually happen that i have no patience to list it all. But ask yourself how long ago it was that they said SoTF or S+ would come to console. Then ask yourself when was the last time they bothered to give an update on the progress of either. Which is quite strange on the SoTF front particularly at a time when fortnight is SO successful that even call of duty is busy working on a battle royal game. It seems like a really bad idea to drop the ball on a product that half the industry is rushing to market right now when they had one mostly finished 2 years ago. -More Lies. The level of testicular fortitude it took to force everyone on to new servers after making multiple statements that servers wouldn't be deleted was monumental. It seems really obvious that when they said they would no longer be supporting legacy servers it was nothing more than them self fulfilling their own prophecy that the only way a server would ever be deleted was if it became very low population. Well imagine my Shock when they became low population and started getting deleted after they announced they'd no longer be supported. -A game that still doesn't work right to it's very core after full release. So many bugs that have been proclaimed to be fixed are still plaguing ark that it's hard to even imagine what they actually do with their time. Spawn patterns are 100% wrecked. Anyone who's logged on when there hasn't been a server reboot in a week or 2 can sing about this one. Watching 10 million glow bugs roam around abb causing it to be nearly impossible to spawn nameless for venom, 10 million coel spawning in the ocean on the center causing basil blubber to be maddening to farm, 10 million dimorphs spawning in the swamp on the center while you can maybe find 7 sarco on the whole map (if you take a giga and munch down every square inch of the swamp). They even posted a map long ago showing the spawns over a 24 hour period and bragged that none of the red dots where inside buildings which made it even more strange that things still spawn inside our buildings to this day. The spawn distance from structures change that caused allos to spawn in every building in the game was never properly fixed. The Dead areas on the scorched earth map that cause every player that comes near them crash to desktop were fixed for a long time but are currently as bad as they ever were, just take a walk through the south eastern dunes if you don't believe it. So yeah. You asked about the future and all i talked about was the past. It seems they still have some stuff to make up for before i'd ever think of buying a sequel.
  7. The millions of copies of ark 1 they sold gave them the resources to compete with AAA studios, It's not our fault or problem to solve that they squandered the massive amount of good will and money they once had. Maybe take that up with stiglets. 3 years into this franchise currently and by the time a sequel would come out 5 or 6 years into it anyone who would tolerate another 3 ring circus like this one has been is the type of enabler who's helped create the pathetic corporate culture we all suffer through right now.
  8. The problem with this is they can't keep stuff from falling under the map by mistake, such as my 600 melee giga that's stuck half in the ground as we speak, after being pushed there by a titan. I'd rather my stuff not die before they have 3 weeks to answer the support ticket to fix their screw up #235262622342362634747. Most of the stuff that ends up under the map isn't put there by exploiters.
  9. Bump Transferring still broken on xbox!
  10. Can't upload items on xbox official right now
  11. we agree totally about the trolls on pve as i'm currently the target of a 3 tribe harassment campaign that WC has ignored multiple support tickets about i'm more aware than most about the pve trolling problems.the other day they tamed low level dinos renamed them with insults and left them in one of our members base. This guy happens to be in a wheel chair since he was a child and they left a pteran. in his base named "the wheels on the bus". i've stopped even bothering to submit any more tickets as i already know they won't be taken seriously. i also agree the fertilizer issue stinks but it would take DAYS of dropping dinos to empty a large crop plot. All i was saying is many people including myself have played pvp only for that one feature alone. Being able to find a cool dino and carry it back to my base to safely tame it is very nice.My suggestion was only to bring out that there are reasons why pvp servers often look like controlled pve servers with guns.
  12. The single only thing i've ever seen an alliance achieve is allowing a backstabber to empty your x plant fertilizer before they attack you on pvp. The only thing i've seen an alliance achieve in pve is allowing backstabber A. to engage a war in the middle of the night with backstabber B. so they can wipe ally C. Or at the very best use the alliance to build into the allies land. In my experience there are ZERO incentives to having alliances in ark.
  13. I utterly refuse to play on a pvp server after a couple months of being wiped out weekly while i was offline. Only once in my whole pvp experience in ark was i actually attacked while i was online. Myself and many others are still interested in the ability to carry wild dinos. Using taming pens is almost enough of an advantage to make many people try to create pve situations on pvp servers. Considering there is almost no other kind of trolling that they actually do anything about it's strange to me that pve servers can't carry wild dinos. what wildcard could really do to take people who want a pve situation off their pvp conflict simulators would be to allow us to carry wild dinos on pve servers, It would matter more to us than it even matters to pvp players as they never have to worry about guarding a tame in a sea of another tribes pillars. Not to mention that the recent problems since they implemented the " structure spawn distance change" are already causing allosaurs to spawn inside my buildings what would someone dropping a carno inside my walls even effect? I notice that my base is build directly in one of the huge red spots on their spawn map on page 1. We've lost a lot of good stuff because of this bug and i really hope it's high on the priority list atm.
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