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  1. it could be because there is no update?? they posted on twitter for some reason not their official forums that there are known connection issues for xbox and ps4 right now.
  2. all xbox servers are down all xbox servers are down
  3. Rag 468 is down giving log in lock message 0/70 for the last 30 minutes
  4. well this is getting ratio'd pretty badly so i'd say ..no they don't
  5. Tell me how you think a fresh server is going to change you getting wiped while sleeping, if it wasn't a giga munching you it will just be grenades and pikes. the real answer is offline damage prevention needed to be added to pvp a lot more than it needed to be in pve.
  6. these forums badly need a thumbs down button just for posts like this
  7. After 400 days played stuff like this keeps it fresh. I'm more critical of WC than most people ever hoped to be and i want to take this chance to thank them for their continued service to my favorite game. It really broke my heart when they decided not to release more maps for a while there. as that seemed like the end of the line. In all this time i've complained about a lot of mistakes and issues but through it all this is still the best game concept on console bar none. Want to wish WC peeps and my fellow survivors Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday of your choosing.
  8. Good thing about playing on officials is you can ask people questions. such as "how can i get artifacts easily" move to the center. "How can i take an 8 day break w/o losing my dinos" get a cryofridge or maybe a tribe mate. and just sayin, if making some air conditioners is on your "hard to do" list. you're doing it wrong.
  9. The "fix" broke ragnarok server just crashing back to back to back now
  10. no need to respond, mods here only exist to defend WC, you'll catch on after a while.
  11. Can't log into Rag tried 20 times now, my base is half loading and kicks me back out.
  12. 468 ragnarok has been messed up for days, now it's just went down and isn't coming back up.
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