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  1. Thank you Just a Thank you to the team at WC after time and time again of being scolded by a for the most part ruthless community, and still continuing to deliver. Many game devs give up and tuck their tail between their legs at the first batch of negativity, and the game gets abandoned. Whoever is left and whoever has joined i want to thank you all for your continuing efforts. I put alot of money into this game, and More than a huge whack of hours, so yes even i criticise when frustrated. But that aside, thank you for not giving up. Liam On XboxOne
  2. Are you sure? The clue being at the end of the text saying 'if they recieve any ounce of lag they DC'. Sounds like current issue does it not? I think so.
  3. The game is broken right now. We are all in the same boat.
  4. CREATE TESTSERVERS! See instead of smashing out an update worldwide for us all to find out our games are broken , lose Tons of progress in rollbacks and missing dinos. Get some testservers up and running, to stop putting the players through so much anxiety over updates being released. STOP with the admittedly awesome content for now, (we all love making money thnx) and devise a futureproof fix that you KNOW when gets released to the public, wont break all our games. This should NOT be happening 5 YEARS after a release. Ofcourse the game will break. Fix it before it reaches us. Im glad you g
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