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  1. You know we’ve had 2 delays for Aberration in the past right? They announced it to be originally in October but changed it to November and finally set on December.
  2. Hopefully more creatures than what’s been revealed so far. Hope it isn’t just 8
  3. Extinction did. They showed off all the creatures including titans from trailers,Mysterious Mysteries, and the teaser images
  4. Will they show more creatures? We’ve only seen 8 new creatures this far from August to December. 1.Ferox 2.Magmasaur 3.Giant Tortise (placeholder) 4.Blade Wasp (placeholder) 5.Bloodstalker 6.Moeder 7.Moeder Minions(placeholder) 8.Astrocetus It’s starting to get nearer to January and I’m worrying as to if this is all they’re gonna show. Most likely not but I want to know y’alls opinion?
  5. The boss name is Moeder. It’s Dutch for ‘mother’
  6. Why can’t yall reveal more creatures instead of showing stuff we’ve already seen. Kinda takes away from the mystery feel when we’ve already seen these in the livestream. At least show new creatures that we haven’t seen
  7. Will all of my progress from each map be saved or deleted?
  8. I’m having a problem with ARK rn. It won’t let me load into single player or an official server because of the turkey trial. Every time I try to load a new map it just crashes no matter how many times I’ve tried. Can u please send out an update so that it can work properly? thx
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