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  1. Yes i 100% agree with you. WC has their hardspots that they could get better at. But people that dont understand what goes into game development and how you can just "Flip a Switch" and everything will be ok. But yes they do some of their own problems when it comes to releasing big patches/DLC's.
  2. Ok. Then why did you just react to one of my post lmfao.
  3. Seems like you're new. Cedric has no involvement in the Development to genesis. He is just a really friendly guy who helps to community. WC has done this so many times and people still complain. If you're not kids then act like an adult and stop complaining over a dinosaur game. Its frustrating 100% but its a game, every company will make mistakes.
  4. That post has quotes around it. I was intimidating people who were really angry. But yes im alittle disappointed but they want it to be a really good release.
  5. Wouldnt make sense. People who bought it would also get it. Could be wrong.
  6. NEW SCREENSHOT!!!!!!!!
  7. i think maybe the therizino army is a good choice to go with. Bring deinonychus with you to get the bleed effect on the bosses (especially the manticore.)
  8. Uzo

    Genesis Looking forward.

    oh yeah those are always fun.
  9. Uzo

    Genesis Looking forward.

    Could be a semi repeat of Extinction. Just not manas and broken stuff like that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Uzo

    Genesis Looking forward.

    Been saying it since Rag. "They need to do more with the Ocean." Here it is!!!!
  11. Uzo

    Download Size for PC

    Seems like this is the only game you play huh? Every single game has some faultiness in it. Biggest games like Fortnite (CRINGE) has made some stupid decisions, but it ended up working well.
  12. Uzo

    Genesis Looking forward.

    ohhhh gotcha. Yeah doing boss fights will cool ass rexs will be fun.
  13. Uzo

    Genesis Looking forward.

    Almost like a Phoenix but a rock drake
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