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  1. "Are you serious? You Say you are releasing it December then you go onto say that you delay THEN you dont say anything for a whole month and THEN DELAY IT ANOTHER MONTH. You said that It was delayed a month 2 MONTHS BEFORE THE ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE HOW IS THAT NOT ENOUGH TIME. I am Demanding a refund from this dlc. Absolutely Ridiculous."
  2. Yes indeed we need a release date. Dont want to be toxic or anything but if you think the mana needs a buff you are out of your damn mind. They are almost as OP as they were the first time they came out if you get good stats. They did something right when they nerfed it, it is actually playable to use something other then a mana.
  3. All they care about is the money, But yes that would be a good idea.
  4. Already delayed it for 1 month mine aswell make it 2 lul.
  5. So you Tell the community that you are releasing a new DLC 4 months before it comes out. Ok whatever maybe a bit too early to tell us but whatever. Then you Delay the DLC a month before it comes out, Alright thats a little ridiculous but at least they are making sure it is going to be good. Then you drag your community out even FURTHER to when you dont tell us the official release date and its been half way through the month. Doing an amazing job guys, maybe another valguero where you just release it when you feel like it without telling your community
  6. Uzo

    Wipe Smalltribes

    Wipe Smalltribes Ok yeah the new map valguero Released and no don't wipe that, but wipe All other Smalltribes servers. Wipe Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, Island, Center, Aberration, maybe Extinction All of the servers with those maps Are so hard for newer players like myself to start up on with 20 alphas on 1 server. if you want to make players come back to the game or even make the community happier Please just wipe smalltribes servers.
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