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  1. Yeah those arrows also look like they may indicate up and down movement? I agree it looks like a vehicle, not sure what kind. perhaps like a hoverbike, or a boat?! Absolutely shoots laser beams lol
  2. Some sort of weapon! Perhaps a multifunctional device? And Halloween event has me too excited!
  3. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-04 [LOG_RECEIVE] Survivors gravitate toward any technology they're offered. [LOG_RECEIVE] Doubly so when that tech helps keep them alive. [LOG_RECEIVE] And triply so when that tech lets them dominate those without it. Classic arms-race thinking.
  4. I think it'll have spider characteristics (web) but it doesn't have the right number of legs to actually be a spider. Definitely looks more insect like. Six little legs, and six big legs with hooks on.
  5. I think sometimes it says refused even with the right code. For one of the other mysteries I had to enter the code into the uplink a few times before it accepted it.
  6. Looks to me like the big arms/legs hook into prey, and I guess then it starts sucking your blood? Maybe it drops down from above and wraps you in webs like Shelob
  7. They do I think, it's just that this has little leg looking things dangling as well as the big legs so it looks a bit like a cross between the two.
  8. I agree it looks like a spider, but also kinda like a mosquito so perhaps a sort of hybrid?
  9. It's some sort of spider...maybe crossed with a mosquito? [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-05 [LOG_RECEIVE] We find the lucky ones trapped in giant webs. [LOG_RECEIVE] But we find the unlucky ones as corpses, drained of blood. [LOG_RECEIVE] Unluckiest of all are the ones we never find.
  10. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-05 [LOG_RECEIVE] We find the lucky ones trapped in giant webs. [LOG_RECEIVE] But we find the unlucky ones as corpses, drained of blood. [LOG_RECEIVE] Unluckiest of all are the ones we never find.
  11. The code I got was 2fe31704-d40c-4528-afa4-09d9af68bb6c. Not sure if Helena will reply anymore but it's worth a try! Will be good to know if multiple people can activate a response from her.
  12. I decoded the text and emailed it to Helena. It did take a couple of tries to decode it accurately. She replied with the validation code which I then put into the terminal uplink.
  13. It could either be a fishing net that is thrown like a bola, or left attached to a buoy. Or a trap that can be set where the net falls on top of the creature when tripped. Or maybe it can be fired from the harpoon gun or ballista turret. It mentions that it's relaxing so I'm leaning towards some kind of passive trap, similar to the ones you get on primitive+ (but hopefully they gather more resources) If it immobilises creatures for taming also then even better.
  14. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/472542-supply-manifest-record-4c3328cc/ So it is a fishing net, and apparently used to gather food. I wonder how big it will be? Big enough to catch a decent amount of meat I'd hope and therefore possibly useful for taming? If it works like a bola and is large, maybe it can be fired from the ballista turret. Or maybe it will be most useful thrown from the back of the Turtle while hanging out underwater. Edit: Might not be a fishing net at all, could be a passive trap used on land to immobilise creatures.
  15. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-03 [LOG_RECEIVE] As anticipated, survivors spend much of their time meeting basic needs: food, water, shelter. [LOG_RECEIVE] That doesn't leave much time for relaxation. [LOG_RECEIVE] But the clever ones have figured out how to gather food in a relaxing way.
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