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  1. Australian PVE Server - Valguero Escape Friendly PvE Low Rates Valguero Escape Friendly PvE is an Australian based server located in Sydney. Valguero Escape Cluster Friendly PvE(S+/CastleKeeps/+)LowRates IP: Ark Escape is focused on a friendly fun atmosphere, focus is purely on the community and creating a space for everyone to enjoy their playtime, whether its full-time or part-time. Keeping standard rates low (although higher than default) so the challenge is still there. We aim to bring to you a server that everyone enjoys playing on. This is a PvPvE server, but, it is strictly PvE, it is set to PVP SOLELY so we can run events occasionally, not for griefing of any kind. We would love to have the server grow into a community of trade, breeding, fun, mischief, chit chat, event games, dungeon exploring and share all the little excitements that Ark brings. We also do not welcome trouble and offline raiding, which will result in being removed from our server. If high-end, full on PvP is what you seek, our server isn’t the place for you. Our discord is open for conversation, screenshot sharing, trades, voice, tribe only channels (if wanted), and a music bot! We have kept mods to a minimum and don’t have ‘game changing’ mods, nor will we in our future, but have thrown in a few that are aimed at building. Structures +,Platforms + and Castles, Keeps and Forts are some of the top building mods alongside are some fun mods like Reusable +. We hope that you and the community enjoy your Ark experience! If there are any issues, you can post on our Discord group for the quickest response. Our dedicated and active admin are approachable and keep the server running and updates daily or wherever needed with minimal delay where possible. Sometimes we may overlook a need to reset so please notify us if the server is outdated/unjoinable. Some helpful info! Mod List (best to subscribe to all of them first before trying to join) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=823012893 https://discord.gg/qcR5Xy8 (Preferred- steam group hardly used) Standard Base Rates are as follows:- Max Dinos: 150 Gathering :x2 XP Multiplier: x2 Taming: x5 Mating Interval: x10 Hatching: x10 Maturing: x10 We have tribe imprint enabled to make it easier on people. Spoiling rates are higher (so you have a better chance to get your body bag back!) Rules are fairly simple- No raiding, stealing, griefing, killing dinos or people and destroying bases. Anyone doing this will be banned No building on resource rich areas and Artifact Caves, everyone needs these things No excessive language, no racism, sexism, politics, etc. we are a mature group of players so a little bit is ok, but lets not go overboad please. I want to keep this a family friendly place No littering, lets keep the map spotless and the beaches campfire free. Please pick up after yourself after taming or moving base Be considerate with base building try not to have bases everywhere, lets try and keep space for new people joining Respect people's personal space. No need to build next to someone and prevent their further expansion. If it's in render distance, ASK before you build there. Please let Admin (Kraven) know if you are going to be away for an extended period of time, as we will delete random bases that look abandoned to make way for new people joining.
  2. Really great server, it has a friendly relaxed chill atmosphere. Great place to meet new people and make new friends! Always people happy to help out new people or anyone in a bind. Wonderful admins who are friendly helpful and not egomaniacs like some unofficials. Server events happen weekly, lots of fun and great prizes.
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