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  1. it's FAR WORSE than you may think, there is a breeding exploit that was reported and as usual ignored by wildcard devs. that exploit was even supported by wildcard dev CEDRIC (perhaps unknowingly). On top of that the exploiters not only have dinos with crazy stats but they also sell them on the black market making ark pay2win as a matter of fact. honest players don't stand a chance in this rigged game. there is only one simple fix to make pvp fair again, wipe all servers and permanently disable server transfer.
  2. are you serious? using social movement as excuse for yet another delay? I mean when did you release anything on schedule? did you seriously think someone would buy this stupid crap? aren't you adding insult to injury? guys, prepare your thumbs down on steam and wherever you can leave a review. this is the only thing they truly scared of.
  3. Thank you this is amazing and really useful. I have noticed that some checkbox options don't save properly, the glitch checkbox and map notification checkbox are checked whenever you restart the application.
  4. The quality info I got from the player tab appears to be accurate, I have not seen any problem, and it feels great to be able to sort items per quality. I hope you can find what you look for in the dev kit for item stats, I don't think I have ever used a mod that can show item stats remotely. The best I've seen is the awesome spyglass that can show item quality in some containers.
  5. I just realized you can see containers inventories globally from the player tab, but not from the structure tab and from the player tab you can see the quality, but not from the tamed creatures tab
  6. Is it me or you can no longer see the structure inventories? And I was also wondering if you were planning to more details about item quality/stats.
  7. ^that's definitely a huge improvement over the previous setting if I were you I wouldn't try to achieve perfect accuracy, I'm afraid the map they've drawn is itself inaccurate
  8. Sure. copied with your utility EAST : SetPlayerPos 252186.90 193778.80 -8576.86 NORTH : SetPlayerPos 38596.68 -211518.50 1906.55 WEST : SetPlayerPos -377780.00 42170.63 -13722.00 copied in-game with copycoordstoclipboard command EAST : 252271 193892 -8543 -116.79 -32.24 NORTH : 38564 -211570 1798 -80.31 0.00 WEST : -377829 42214 -13830 -12.76 -28.54
  9. Thank you Mirage, tested and works wonders, truly a major QOL upgrade I have checked again how off the map is and TBH I'm not sure it's a problem with your product, the map itself is very inaccurate in game I am posting a few visual examples regardless, I marked structures I have next to center obelisks and approximately how off they are, again I have noticed that the in game map is itself graphically inaccurate so I doubt you can do anything about it https://i.imgur.com/MKb6xI1.png
  10. ^ I can confirm the comma problem and notification problem are fixed on my end, thank you very much :)
  11. tested and I still get commas in the teleport code if that can help there's a commit for larkator that fixed the problem on my end https://github.com/coldino/Larkator/pull/40/commits/f61e89079abf010daf156b36df2b28a4a49bb488
  12. thank you for your answer sadly neither ASB nor larkator have any way to quickly find good dinos, ASB ignores wild dinos and in larkator you have to search every specie and every stat and just hope you find a good stat, it's very tedious sadly and the developer has abandoned the tool for over a year and regarding the preventhibernation option, sadly it has dramatic impact on performance in single player mode :( but it's okay just being able to check structures/inventories is godly enough, so I would be crazy to complain :)
  13. thank you for this godsent utility sadly it seems like I can't see wild dino in stasis for some reason, is this intended or a bug? it only detects wild dinos close enough to my player at the time I saved (single player mode) some features suggestions if I may : -breeding assistant : add scan to find all wild dinos which have a stat superior to X (that we can set) // exclude untamable -allow to scroll through zoomed map when holding left click -allow to re-calibrate maps (mines are slightly off by ~7 lon and ~1 lat) -option to use dots in teleport code rather than commas (might be a regional problem)
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