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  1. Fixed multiple level design issues related to holes, volumes, floating foliage, https://imgur.com/a/yTJFLGl I present you the forest of flying trees and beach of flying rocks. They sure did the job. This is ARK in a nutshell, still a pre-alpha 5 years after release.
  2. I have filed many reports about major game breaking glitches (overspawn problems, mesh problems, texture problems, etc...) and they never got fixed. I don't trust the ticket system of wildcard anymore, any report we make is going directly to the trash. They don't seem to care about the community feedback apart from a few friends they have in mega tribes.
  3. I don't recall starting this thread to talk about the price of this map a "volunteer moderator" should try to post on topic and not derail a thread this thread is about this map being the worst, laziest, ugliest official map yet, and how better community maps have been overlooked for this fugly mess of a map "it's free" is a terrible defense when the community consensus is WILDCARD needs to stop adding more unfinished content and fix core problems instead, that is hundreds of major game breaking bugs
  4. worst map ever the textures are fugly, ark 2015 fugly the colors are cringey, barbieworld cringey the one and only new dino, while useful, feels like a lazy reskin of tapejara, and is reminiscent of all these low end palette swap mods meanwhile there are maps like AMISSA and OLYMPUS which are a thousand times better and they picked this garbage map instead *SHAKE MY HEAD* whoever at WILDCARD picked this map really doesn't know anything about ARK mods and really just did a lazy and shallow look around, screw that
  5. I don't use any of those mods and have this bug so not mod related, it's just there in single player. I don't know how they fixed it on official but they have forgotten SP mode exists as usual. anyway like many before me I give up on them caring, so just put a thumb down on steam, so other people know before they buy that the game is full of game breaking bugs that will never get fixed
  6. are you serious? using social movement as excuse for yet another delay? I mean when did you release anything on schedule? did you seriously think someone would buy this stupid crap? aren't you adding insult to injury? guys, prepare your thumbs down on steam and wherever you can leave a review. this is the only thing they truly scared of.
  7. it shouldn't be a suggestion because it's a bug, cryosickness is disabled in pve but not SP, makes absolutely no sense I doubt they will fix it though as they haven't fixed any SP problem for years and they just let SP rot I suggest you give bad ratings to the game to make sure other players know it has a broken SP mode before they consider the purchase
  8. This problem has been here for years on all platforms along many other major SP problems. It seems like WILDCARD doesn't care about fixing SP mode. Only thing to do is give the game a bad review so other people don't buy a broken game.
  9. I have forgotten to point out that these OP dinos for sale have been unfairly obtained through a breeding exploit that is detailed here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3LHIjYUQZI this is the reason why mega tribes are on beginner servers to tame a massive amount of low level females and Cedric of Wildcard has even contributed to this exploit (whether he knew it or not) by implementing wipes on beginner servers to clear all alphas from these servers and make sure mega tribes would not waste any time
  10. Nice try. For you to look into my post history... you must be really worried about your wallet... just saying. Right now I only play solo but before that I used to play PVP and I know everything about pvp problems. Evidence? Just google it up, it's not that hard. If I were Wildcard AND if I wanted to put an end to it, I 'd just go to those blackmarket sites and buy something to catch the culprits and wipe them all. Even if you use a proxy tribe they should be able to use the logs to backtrack the original dino owners. Regardless the best and easiest way to end it all is to disable all server transfer permanently, and do a global wipe. Only way for ARK to get new players that will stick to the game rather than stop after a week because they never had a chance to go anywhere.
  11. ARK has become a pay-to-win game because of the ARK blackmarket there is a ARK blackmarket out there where you can buy OP dinos and without those you have no chance to win, therefore ARK has become a pay-to-win game time to open your eyes WILDCARD, and end all server transfer + global wipe on official I know the black market guys are going to attack me like savages because they're going to fear for their wallet, all I have to say is bring it on, you don't scare me
  12. this is absolutely accurate, all the dino blackmarket around ARK made it a pay to win game it's time the developers acknowledge this and wipe all servers to start over without transfer because if you don't want to give money to the blackmarket then you have no chance to last on official servers, that's a much bigger problem than meshing I know the black market are going to attack me like savages because they're going to fear for their wallet, all I have to say is bring it on, you don't scare me
  13. Does it affect single player? (I have not updated recently)
  14. the concept of "hyperinfliation" might be too difficult to grasp for a less educated person if a government decides to create 10X times more banknote that won't magically make everyone 10X times richer, that will just make the banknote 10X times less valuable
  15. I can only confirm this bug in SP mode, I don't play any other mode
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