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  1. I have 8GB RAM, i5-7600 3.50GHz CPU, GTX 1060 6GB, and run ARK on a 1TB harddrive. With these specs I can have ARK graphics & settings on high with good fps. ..but the loading time into the game itself (especially aberration) is quite ridiculous so I suggest getting a SSD just for ARK alone if you want it to be perfectly smooth. My custom built PC cost me about $1500 AUD / $1100 USD (around $2000 AUD / $1500 USD total including everything else like screen, keyboard, etc) and I consider it a mid-range gaming PC.
  2. Lots of great news in these patch notes, thank you
  3. PrirodaWw

    RIP Velo's

    The last change to the Velonasaur was definitely something not desired by anyone. Devs please reverse/fix this, with how they currently are they no longer have a use.
  4. This exact thing was added into the recent console patch, seeing as it is in there it's likely intended and will not be fixed.
  5. Can you post your computer specs? There's a lot of velo there and as they're all doing a huge AOE attack, it could be putting a strain on your pc as a lot is happening for your pc to process. When you whistle passive they all stop so fps drop stops. As for the running thing, maybe it's the same as with player models sometimes they get stuck on collision (maybe other velo) which slows down movement speed until crouch. I'm not a expert tho lol could very well be a bug happening to anyone regardless of pc.
  6. PrirodaWw

    Worth starting?

    SE, out of all the DLCs, has the least amount of progressive content. There are three extremely short caves (with lots of bugs such as most loot crates in unreachable places) and no final boss/ascension.
  7. Since this hasn't been fixed along with the MEKs we can probably assume at this stage that it's likely not to get a fix anytime soon. Probably just a sad way of giving the Velo an unnecessary nerf by disguising it as a bug.
  8. I agree that a lot of dino's may become pointless regarding their popularity but every single dino is unique in what they do (scorpion tranqs stuff, dilo's block vision, etc) so they generally all have a purpose, even if it's not exactly worth keeping as a long term dino. About new players now being able to easily tame end game dino's (rex, quetz, mosa, etc) I think it'll still be quite challenging as the new kibble quality depends on both the size of the egg AND the rarity. Hopefully dino's like the rex require a bigger/rarer harder to get kibble quality. However, yeah, if they keep it so Rex still like scorpion-like kibble then they will be easily tamable early game because they will only need small kibble..
  9. Structures update: Awesome feature, good work. Kibble update: Also sounds great but not anything that should be taking priority over bug fixes. Players were promised in yesterdays community crunch some details of what dev's are currently working on.. Is this really it? There's no info here regarding any extinction bug fixes? Are there none on the to-do list at all?
  10. I don't want to sound rude, I think ARK is great, but reading what the lead dev wrote was kind of frustrating because it just seems like a big "don't blame us for not testing our game". Looking forward to the upcoming event & tomorrows patch details.
  11. I was considering making a thread for this. Yes after the patch it seems their attack speed is lower & accuracy is now terrible
  12. Argy probably #1 but Velonasaur is starting to crawl up my list since it's so easy to get with such high dmg (but low hp).
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