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  1. Yes, it'll be rideable (ridable? -- it can be ridden).
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  2. I love the bat, the design is absolutely amazing and very close to what I had in mind when I drew my dossier for it. A bit sad for no latching ability mid-flight but I am very happy that at least we have the screech now fingers crossed for it to be rideable 🤞
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  3. just curious, why do you feel this way? there were 9 rounds of voting.
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  4. Dear Wildcard, as crazy as it sounds can we please get a beginner server for scorched / abberation? It seems odd, but some of us like difficulty of a capped server. PS give us gas masks on island, I’m trying to beat the bosses, but need swamp cave!
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  5. Your requests for EVO events are still being seen. 💪🏿 And people should be able to voice their opinions in a constructive way. If that's not the case then let's talk about it. It's a misconception that because things that you ask for arent immediately done or acted on, that no one is listening. I'm listening 👂🏿
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  6. To Clarify, I Didn't Know I Had to Actually Move my Creature Selection is a Particular Order as I Wanted since I was Familiar to the Lost Island Voting System.
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