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  1. Any News on the Third Creature for Lost Island? We All Need to Know What's the Third Creature for the New Free DLC Map!
  2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dinosaur Suggestion #5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Animal Name: Gojirasaurus Clade: Dinosaurs Diet: Carnivorous Temperament: Aggressive Attack 1: Bite (This Attack has a 5% Chance to Inflict the Target with a Minor Burn (or Poison Instead of Torpor). Activated by Left Click) Attack 2: Fiery Slash (This Attack has a 5% Chance to Inf
  3. Am I The Only One That's Worried About The Tail Wiggle Emote?
  4. This Event is Awesome, but I feel like several missed ideas like a Zombie Brontosaurus and Parasaur Skins when killing a Wild Zombie Brontosaurus and Parasaur (based on/Parody of the Primal Plague of Madness Episode), a Sword Skin to look more Ghastly and Mysterious, a Zomdodo Chibi and a Ghost Skin for the Genesis Creatures. Other that that, these new Ghost Creature Skins will look interesting when released.
  5. Sorry to ask this Question, but what are the current updates regarding the announcement of TLC #3? I ask because of the pandemic crisis and other things that have been happening in 2020 so far.
  6. I know this is an unpopular question, but any upcoming updates to Ark on Nintendo Switch?
  7. I guess the Ark Additions will come slowly to mainstream Ark
  8. I Know what it is, and it's not that hard to think about it: It's the Deinonychus from ARK Additions
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