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  1. I love the bat, the design is absolutely amazing and very close to what I had in mind when I drew my dossier for it. A bit sad for no latching ability mid-flight but I am very happy that at least we have the screech now fingers crossed for it to be rideable 🤞
  2. Here is my submission, I made a tiny sculpture of my favorite shoulder pet Nightlock and his trusty top hat (it's a Christmas even skin after all, right? 🎩) #ARKXmasLoot
  3. This is actually one of the abilities we have suggested for Desmodus draculae, which is one of the creatures in the voting for Fjordur. If you like it don't forget to vote ☺️
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    From the album: Desmodus

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    From the album: Desmodus

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    From the album: Desmodus

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    From the album: Desmodus

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