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  1. I love the bat, the design is absolutely amazing and very close to what I had in mind when I drew my dossier for it. A bit sad for no latching ability mid-flight but I am very happy that at least we have the screech now fingers crossed for it to be rideable
  2. Here is my submission, I made a tiny sculpture of my favorite shoulder pet Nightlock and his trusty top hat (it's a Christmas even skin after all, right? ) #ARKXmasLoot
  3. This is actually one of the abilities we have suggested for Desmodus draculae, which is one of the creatures in the voting for Fjordur. If you like it don't forget to vote
  4. Forgot to post it before, but here's a compacted version of my dossier (all pages in one image) to be easier to share if you'd like. Voting is closing soon, would be nice to get to 3rd place
  5. 1) Big yes on no fall damage, even if just when latched onto fliers. The bat would fall on them, so it makes sense 2) I added the idea of it only inflicting bleeding when latched on my post, but it was suggested from someone else in another platform to me. I agree with you, it makes sense to always inflict bleeding. But I added it anyway as an idea to balance it if needed 3) Agreed 4) I prefer the disorientation and deafening/not listening to whistles, I think stuns and desmounting are already plenty in the game and people tend to really hate that... but if it were to be added with your suggestion, I personally wouldn't mind. Everything else I also agree thanks for contributing!
  6. I'm happy to hear you liked them, thank you so much!
  7. Yeah that's exactly what I had in mind! If it does get in the game it should have different flying mechanics from what we already have when it comes to flyers, not only it makes sense when it comes to the creature but it would make it more unique. Faster turning, good at dodging...
  8. Well, the bat we have isn't rideable or even able to be used as a shoulder pet... This one is pretty different. We also have many theropods, many birds... Of different species, like the two bats are. But other than that, I like your way of thinking I hope we can keep the placement we are in right now! I'm going to be brief since the size question has been discussed here a couple of times, but I think there is a difference between a mere size change and and completely making up a creature but giving them a real animal species name. The size for the bat isn't a big stretch when the design is pretty similar to the real counterpart and abilities make sense for the animal it is inspired on, in my opinion. They already gave you the Gasbags example that yeah, seems more fantasy than real although it shares the same genus of real life tardigrades, but if you want a better example of a real life creature that has a huge size difference in ark, look at the lymantria.
  9. You can vote for both at least on this round! This looks absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for contributing to the submission
  10. Someone gave me idea to only allow Desmodus to inflict bleeding if he latched onto the target (and not just with a normal bite attack), to make it more balanced. I really like it Additionally, no need to have a separate ability to pin flyers down, when we latch onto a flying target and use the screech ability it should be enough to make the flyer fall down from the scare/being disoriented Already added those details to my original post but wanted to update it here too
  11. That would make sense. Owls are only available in Extinction, so anyone without that DLC can't use owl pellets, in the meanwhile if Desmodus were added with guano as fertilizer we could give that to Onycs as well and make it a more accessible fertilizer alternative
  12. Thank you so much! About the ability to hang upside down - I think it should be possible while riding them, could be the way to increase stealth at night (to wait before ambushing a player or dino). When not riding, it should also be the "go to sleep" animation that Megalosaurus and Shadowmanes have, they would fly up until they can reach a place to hang from (on open areas it wouldn't be possible to sleep). Maybe they'd have to sleep enough during the day to have the stamina regen bonus during the day or something?
  13. I told myself I wouldn't draw anything this time, but I couldn't resist... I've edited my original post with the "dossier" I drew, illustrating the abilities I described there. I'm not great at drawing scary creatures, so don't see it as how I'd like the creature to look (I would like it to be like in the original dossier) but simply as an info sheet about its abilities
  14. Zorafoxx


    From the album: Desmodus

  15. Zorafoxx


    From the album: Desmodus

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    From the album: Desmodus

  17. Zorafoxx


    From the album: Desmodus

  18. Yes! And it's something we don't have yet too, I can imagine it being useful both in pvp and pve, imagine being able to bring a quetzal down with this bat - could be helpful when taming them solo. I will add this to my original post later so it stays on the first page I think the screech idea definitely has to be in, it's very iconic of a bat. I know if the bat is chosen, Wildcard can't really guarantee to put all our ideas in (if any) but the screech is very appropriate for this animal and could also be useful in pve and pvp, I think it would make total sense that it would prevent dinos from other tribes to answer to whistles for a little bit of time as their hearing would be affected by it
  19. I agree with everything you said! Also, the idea of D. draculae being an aerial fighter plus the ability suggestion we talked about before with it being able to latch onto targets, I was wondering if it could be an idea that when trying to latch onto other flyers it would make them drop to the ground. I don't play PVP to know if this would be too OP though, I was thinking more as a way to bring a flyer down if you wanted to tame it
  20. Yeah! Let's hope we keep it it's weird that this time they didn't state in the rules when the voting ends. Also didn't say anything this time about a second vote for top 10, but I hope it happens since last time the results were different during the second vote. I created the dossier for a top 10 creature from the last vote actually (the Yi Qi), and I got an higher position on the second vote than the first. I didn't submit it again this time because I read that the devs made a prototype for all creatures on the top 10 to be ready to make the dossier of the winning one, that together with a tweet saying that there was a possibility for all creatures from the top 10 being added sooner or later, I am hoping that they don't forget the Yi Qi and add it on Ark 2 or something. This time I am rooting for this bat, didn't draw a dossier for it since there's already a pretty good one but I hope to still contribute to the submission with my ability ideas. All this to say that if we maintain top 10, there might be a possibility of the bat being added sooner or later, even if it doesn't win
  21. Forgot to answer this before but I don't see why it wouldn't be breedable, even Onycs are breedable by now. Maybe we'd have to feed the babies with blood packs or something though
  22. Hey! Thanks for clarifying that. I'd avise you to edit your first post with that information, just in case the creator sees the first post only and not your explanation just now. Either that or use the original dossier and post your ability ideas in text. Couldn't have said better, I gave many examples to the guy arguing about this of Ark creatures that don't "obey" to the animal's real size. It really doesn't matter and big yes to wanting to fly a giant bat into battle
  23. I like the idea of the base being always midnight black with only the highlights of the fur changing, I feel like a group of them with only a different highlight color each would look very aestethically pleasing flying through the sky although people love vibrant colors, so if it makes it to the game I believe the fur would be a color region. Maybe something like this - Region 0: Fur Region 1: Fur highlights (the red part in the drawing) Region 2: Wing membrane Region 3: Wing membrane highlights Region 4: Face and feet Region 5: Eyes (not gonna happen, but I'd love for the eye glow to be a region) Realistically eyes would be out and face and feet would be 2 separate regions I'd guess. Other option would be face and feet in one and leave the last region for the ears
  24. Yeah, I agree, that's more or less what I would imagine about the weight. Enough to travel without worrying too much about being heavy like you said, but not too much for Desmodus to be considered a tame to carry materials like the argy for example, if they go with the abilities we suggested so far it would already have enough utility to not need that on top of it
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