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    The dinos are gone, the player has been wiped. safe to assume he'll be ok though, because when I warned him I was sending in a ticket, he said this: Credit where credit is due, Thanks devs, your help is appreciated.
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    Wildcard is trash Dropped two time n 1hr both on 50k on 4 wave...wildcard and ARK are trash
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    Stay away from plains, swamp and redwood, and mountain get a Petra get a saddle, get metal tools and cithen or flak armor, tame an arg into is using a crossbow and traqs, Arby’s can be found at most mountins and icy areas, use behemoth Dino gates to trap the argy and tranq it till it’s out, feed it meat or something better like kibble, prime meat, mutton! Then argy is like pteranodon but stronger, stayes in the air longer, can craft metal(but not repair) with its saddle, Slower, and it can pick up almost all your tames, if you have wild Dino pickup or whatever on, you can just pick up a creature, drop it into a taming pen, and tranq it safely!
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    All my tames have been wiped out After being tired of extreme pillaring by a tribe I decided to have 4 brontos and 4 mammoth blocking their base . Last night I logged in to an empty base , all my tames were gone , over 100 top or near top Dino’s , full team of top boss rexes with top armor saddle , full team of top therizino top saddle . I had no warnings or any form of contact from wildcard. This seems like an unfair and extreme punishment considering is first time I was doing this . I understand I was in the wrong, but on the other hand wildcard is doing nothing to prevent pillaring which is the most annoying thing on official servers.
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    You haven't seen anything yet.
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    Funny thing is, there are admin commands to ascend players... I just don't understand how wildcard still cannot have proper character backup in place so a GM can restore it. @Dollie allow us to save our characters so that when we lose it(with ark it is WHEN and not IF) a GM can just restore that saved character. And before you say that this is not possible, I can show you multiple methods how it is possible based on character duping and the old server saves that can be downloaded.
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    It is possible. East colorado/west kansas is already kind of a wasteland.
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    Ok bro, gigantic wall of text forth coming, but will give you some ideas and pointers.... First off, Sadly most of the island will always be trying to tear your skin off.....rex, troodon, raptor.....the entire island will bite, and if not bite, then fight. Because of this, you either need to do something different to get away from all of it, or you need to out power it. If you want to get away, I strongly suggest a raft.....there is only one sea creature in the entire game that will mess with rafts and if you stick close to the beach's, it can't get to you. So this is a nice way of exploring, leaving regions where some creatures don't spawn to new regions, or just to have a safe haven from the rest of the island. Keep in mind tho, stay away from the deep water as a leed can destroy your raft, and if you decide to venture through the swamp, the gators can be a problem unless you have built a shell of stone around it. Another way is to hop around from place to place on an air creature. While I don't think you would be capable of acquiring a quetzal right off the bat, a pteradon is easily attainable and is the first air dino you can learn the saddle for. To tame one, I would urge you to use a bola to trap it in place, and then use a club and hitting it repeatedly in the head. No need for tranq arrows....Unless your aiming for a high lvl, then use tranqs. {anything above lvl 20 would require tranq's} Once tamed, I strongly recommend stamina and weight for any level ups.....they may be able to carry you, but not much else, and not for a long time either. Once you have lvled up to the point of being able to build a couple of saddles, you may want to start looking into which mid sized dino you wish to tame or use. Since things are tough for you right now, Id say a parasaur is right up your alley.....again, they are easy to tame, I believe you get their saddle first of all the saddles, and you don't "need" tranq arrows to knock em out. Ontop of that, they will not attack, instead they will run away. Simple use a bola to lock them into place, then hit them in the head with a club until the pass out. To tame an animal, put food into their inventory, and they must eat what is in their inventory voluntarily to grow their tameing lvl to 100%. If their inventory is empty, they will lose taming effectiveness and the bar will go down, so always put more into their inventory than necessary. Just in case. Also make sure to gather a few of the black berries {narco berries} just in case their torpidity drops low. If it does, force them to eat these berries and it will help keep them asleep. {Put the berries into the dino inventory, then use the right trigger to force feed.} Side note: you can force feed a dino, but it will not increase taming. They must eat it voluntarily. Also some dinos require special foods. For instance, snails require sweet veggie cake. Barynox requires fish...Depending on what your tameing depends on what they need, want, and love. Now you can do a parasaur as its easy, however even if you don't have a saddle to ride on, doesn't mean you can't tame other critters.....You could tame a trike to stand body guard. A raptor if you want a hunting partner. Heck even an otter, dodo, or if your gutsy, a titanboa. However the snakes can be a bit tricky, as they require "fertilized eggs" to be tamed, if you so wish. But you may find it best to build a trap for most of those creatures as if they get the chance, they can probably just one shot you. In those instances, it might be best to just leave what you had behind and start from scratch. {and that sucks once you unlock metal} One last bit of advice, do not attempt to tame alpha creatures. These creatures will have a red glowing effect surrounding their bodies and appear larger and faster than their normal counterparts. They are for XP only. With that said, if you need more information about the creatures you want to tame, you can check the wiki for their roles or utility in your game , how to tame them, and what their strengths or weaknesses are. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While all that is good for short term, the long term solution is best solved with pre planning....right now Im guessing you have a small base, maybe pestal and mortor, maybe "maybe" a forge, well you might want three of them soon, as you will be working your way towards metal soon. Ontop of that, you might want to also consider getting an anky….they are the best dino at gathering metal and if you work on their melee enough, they can defiantly take on the smaller nasties. Snakes, no prob. Troodons, easy. Raptors, piece of cake. Heck even alpha raptors vs your nicely leveled up anky is good to go. Ontop of that, if you so happen to come across 2 or 3 sling shots from the supply drops, knocking an anky out is as easy as walking backwards. They are super easy to out run and because of that, you can just use a sling shot and rocks to the noggin in order to knock one out. Just makes sure nothing is around to take advantage of doing it the long way, if you want to do it short term, tranq arrows. But the saddle for it will take some time to learn, so you might have to make do with just pick ax and some river rocks.....the river rocks are low risk, but low profit....Big smooth round rocks near the waters edge, you will get maybe 2 metal out of 3 of em. Keep your eyes peeled for piranha tho. But it should be enough to get going on, maybe even a crossbow to improve your aim/damage/tranq arrow effectiveness. Once your anky has a huge stockpile of points into melee {500% is a fair start} put some into health and maybe a pinch into stamina, and you might be able to venture off onto a easy pile of metal.....well, its easy if you plan a strategy and go at late night/early morning with a small team of dinos….work your way along the beach at 85,43, then head straight north to 75,45. There should be some new rocks you never seen before, these are metal nodes, and depending on your anky's melee lvl, you could harvest 50 metal or more per node.....Lots and lots of metal, but some dangerous dino's as well.....Iv delt with carno's, MULTIPLE raptors, alpha raptor, sarco on the beach, spino on the beach, and an unbelievable amount of troodons. Also bugs, piranha, and other normal problematic dinos……..Id advise getting all dinos for the trip over lvl 50 and making sure the "body guard" dinos have high health....high health allways trumps higher melee.....High melee is nice to have when harvesting specific resources, and is sort of necessary when dealing with higher level dino's and bosses, but surviving the fight always comes first. With that said tho, good luck and keep at it man, it gets easier as you go, and then much more difficult....cave runs, boss fights, new maps, ect. ect.
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    Agreed, such a waste of an opportunity.
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    Try servers with good hardware.
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    If your playing on single player on the island map, there is a small island at 85/85 that has nothing but herbivores on it. On official servers this is usually grabbed up pretty quick, but its a good place to start out on single player. you can tame Anky's, trikes, stego, piggies, parasaurs, and even bronto on the island. its quite the swim though from the main land, a raft really helps to get to / from it till you get a flyer.
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    *points at the support link -> help at the top of the page*
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    Hi looking for tribes on ,,small tribes"server(PVP) to have fun with. There are 2 of us already.Any kind of map excluding genesis.
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    Thanks guys. I'll give it a go
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    Used to grind ark all day everyday for a year on Xbox since the game first got released in Beta, put the game down because life got busy and haven't played in a long time. Just re-bought the game on steam for my computer when I got reminded the game existed since I saw the cool new Genesis DLC on youtube. Basically looking for a Friend(s)/group to play with casually or on a server grinding doesn't really matter to me. I would really like someone to show me all the new features and dinos that have been added to the game since I stopped playing and just someone to have a fun time with because playing solo is so boring and irritating, I need friends! Discord: Brady#2560 Steam Friend Code: 160636844
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    get a giant turtle and use bubble breath on the brontos
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    Interesting. I was just curious about it because I would log in sometimes and my character would be mindwiped. Always thought it was just random. I appreciate the info guys
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    Hey so , Iv been playing Ark for a couple of years now and I’m looking to join a tribe once again. Last tribe i was in was loaded and I always thought raiding and having allies was so fun. Honestly some of the best times iv ever had with games was playing in a tribe. So lmk i’m very active i’m in PST so if that works out cool. Xbox and Moble. Might be down for PC not sure
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    The only appropriate action on your part should have been to submit a ticket with evidence and let support handle it.
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    If you’re on foot bring bolas. They can immobilize small creatures like raptors so you can escape, or kill/tame them. If you’re getting tranquilized craft some stimulants, they can keep you awake. Once you’ve gotten the ptera saddle unlocked start riding one. A ptera can be tamed easily by bolaing it, aim for the head when knocking it out. When you’re flying the only threat is thylas (just avoid the redwoods). Just keep an eye on stamina
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    Learn to play this is a survival game eat or be eaten.
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    Learn from your mistakes. Adapt and overcome. There is always YouTube tutorials to teach you to play.
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    So you break the rules and then find the punishment unfair... well next time play by the rules like everyone else.
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    Looking for small tribes pve(pc) i have 400+ hours on pc and can stay online for 5+ hrs daily.Eastern timezone is preferred.could be any map except genesis.Discord:-Perseverus#8725
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    Which dragon? You can go with Rexes on Ragna or Valg with your eyes closed but Island dragon is a different thing. You may loose your rexes there. Depends how often dragon will land. Therizino/daeodon/yuti + tame from which you can shoot is the way to go on the Island
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    You understand you were in the wrong . Guess you won’t be trying that again. Enough said
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    I'd expect to see some change w/in a week. THe only thing I can think of using to push them away would be a forcefield.
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    Makes me laugh how toxic Pve is, full of bobs from pvp who couldn’t make it so grief chill people. Lure some leaches from the swamp maybe .
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    Why would it be a thing? 1) Disposing of unwanted eggs 2) Taking eggs from nests to allow others to respawn and eating the low level ones 3) Mistakenly pressing E in inventory instead of O.
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    Megalodon! i love the shark but…when i haveto go underwater i'm using my basilo instead because… you know…. is like god mode...
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    Mosa need it more than any other water dino. They were supposed to be the kings of the ocean and yet everything effects them and aggroes them.
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    it is hard to choose between the Megalodon or the carno
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    Allosaurus and Carnotaurus are Terrestrial Dinosaurus, the Megalodon is Aquatic, and is quite different from land dinos. I think the Aquatic part of ark needs a revamp, maybe more detail, more graphical details. Personally I think: Carnotaurus needs a visual overhaul with an additional attack or ability. Megalodon needs a visual overhaul, maybe an resize (bigger). I think most aquatic creatures should be able to surf easier atop the ocean surface. Even jump through the water surface.
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    If you read the allo dossier, you will see that the carno is supposed to be faster than the allosaurus. This would make it a much more useful travel mount. Megalodons are useless.
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    Quetzal ,.much harder and more rare than argy but weight isn’t much better and is sooooo slow it is unplayable wild quetz is wayyyy faster than tamed ones and don’t get weight reduced so it is pointless to have especially since once it runs out of steam when it is hovering it land
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    Hopefully @Jen doesn't see this!
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    bro pc players can play on xbox small tribes servers it's not a cross play server it's made for xbox but the devs made it where pc players could join it
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