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    Remove the mesh destroy option on Official PVE Title says it all. The system does more harm than good, it makes it easier for people to get inside other peoples bases, dino's get instakilled randomly when farming/doing anything. It is not ready to be live on PVE where meshers aren't as big of an issue. Instead of killing dino's/people/structures add it to the tribelog so we can report the false mesh error. The teleport function can too easily be abused by other players to glitch into someones base. I've heard about multiple people losing ankies/doeds when mining, especially on ab, but also on the other maps. A giga that needs to walk into the wall to turn should not be autodestroyed. A bird picking someone up by pushing them under the mesh for a second shouldn't result in all kind of glitchy poop. For official PVP I can understand the need to deal with meshing, but for PVE it is just a pain in the ... and totally not worth it. Feels like you are shooting at a thatch hut with a tek rifle.
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    Oil pump house allowed or not? I've been playing valguero map since its release and i often see houses built around oil pumps. As far as i know the oil pump can be destroyed after one day by any other player but people build metal houses around them to prevent this. The code of conduct says that it is not allowed "Blocking access to important resources (ie. charge nodes, gas nodes, Extinction City Terminals, etc)"
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    Remove meshing protection system from PvE servers Title speaks for itself, according to False positive feedback the suffering party is clearly PvE players, as vast amount of the feedback comes from these players. Meshing gives no advantage in PvE content, culls ability to build creative and puts hours of hard work to get collection dinos to waste.
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    After submitting a ticket to the wildcard support team i get the following message "Blocking oil veins is allowed as long as your tribe owns the pump and the buildings enclosing it." I submitted a ticket 2 days later for a blocked gas vein and they solved it. I am a little confused. So what are the important resources that shouldn't be blocked?
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    Every map, including Scorched Earth the desert map
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    I play PVP too where I do think it is a very valuable system and the pros definitely outweigh the cons. It is just that meshing is such a small problem(if we can even call it a problem) in pve that this new (broken)system only creates more problems instead of less. And it is literally as easy as adding one of those parameters: -noundermeshchecking // Will turn it off the anti meshing system entirely -noundermeshkilling // Will turn it off the anti meshing player kills (but still allow teleporting)
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    News flash , people have been able to access tek storage from the wheel menu on un-pin coded boxes since the moment they were released.
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    Minor update - http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/apps/ARKViewer_Preview5.zip Improved accuracy of map markers on all maps. Replaced Valguero map with the one provided by @Elgar
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    The next antimesh-fun ist refertilizer.
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    They have different people working on new content from the people working on bug fixes. coding isn't like lifting things, more people does not equal better outcome. There is a sweet spot where you reach maximum efficiency and adding more people makes things worse or has diminishing returns. This topic shows up regularly. Thing is, they could fix everything if they went back down and reinvented the game but people would lose progress and they already said it was easier to just release new content. You guys have already told them you would refuse to buy a brand new game, why would they put the work in for a brand new game?
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    anti meshing nightmare Anti meshing leaves the game in an unplayable situation in pve. There is not a day that does not lose a dino in aberration. You write a ticket and they tell you to write a post in "anti meshing false positives", nobody says anything about returning the dinos and objects. After losing irreplaceable event dinos and losing tekdsaddles and equipment you start using standard and low level dinos, which you lose in the same way. Won't the dinos teleport? I've been in ark for many years and I must say that the beginning was difficult, many rollbacks and many bugs. Now the game is in a very bad state again. I was very excited about genesis, but all the veterans here know that with the new dlc everything will get worse, more bugs, more lost of dinos, in short, loss of our time, which by the way is the only thing with real value. I am very tired of the game wasting my time because of its bad state. You want the pvp community not to leave (they are already leaving a long time ago) and your policy is that collateral damage is suffered by the pve community, I don't know guys, someone is not very lucid. It is very sad that the best game I have ever played, the brightest game idea is so poorly executed and with such a bad support policy. But hey everyone does what they can in their work, I am convinced that wildcard workers have a hard time seeing the general situation of the game and not being able to do anything really effective to fix it. anti meshing is turning every day of this week of game for me in ark in a poop, play should be fun, well it has stopped being. maybe it's time to go back to other games Sorry for my English, it's not my native language
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    Preview 4 now uploaded: http://www.miragesoftware.co.uk/ARK/apps/ARKViewer_Preview4.zip Bug Fixes: "Selected" marker remained from previous tab when changing to a new tab. Structure list was missing storage based structures: Storage Cupboards, Vaults, Smithy, Chemistry Bench etc. Structure exclusion list was missing storage based structures: Storage Cupboards, Vaults, Smithy, Chemistry Bench etc. Performance issue making multiple un-needed calls to re-populate the Tribe/Player/Dino and Structure lists and re-drawing the map. Changes: Seperated Wild and Tamed creatures into their own tabs. Allowing the tamed tab to provide tribe/player selection. Added "Counts" to each tab list and moved the TOTAL wild label and made the size consistent with other count/total labels. Added new "Player Options" tab in Settings page. Allowing you to hide any tribes/players from selection with no: Placed Structure(s), Tamed Creature(s), Body Location (Dead/Uploaded) Added 3 new copy commands to the Player tab allowing for: SetPlayerPos, TribeStructureAudit and TribeDinoAudit Added map markers for the cave entrances on Ragnarok. Work in progress: Improving the accuracy of markers on the drawn map to better match the lat/lon - they're a little off atm but was good enough for what I needed. Removing the player dino view as it is now easy to do in the Tamed Creature tab by filtering to player. Completing the Dino Ancestory views. Completing some settings features that are currently disabled. Completing the server ftp export/import so users can be given a copy that only allows their own tribe/player views. Working on the underlying toolkit to see if I can get cryo pod tame data. Seperate out the "items" from the "structures" in the item map and allow users to add/edit both. Continue adding as many item/structure map names as I can.
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    Newest update is working great! Looking forward to checking out the next one! I have a couple things for your consideration see below: Possible useful commands on 'Players' tab: - 'SetPlayerPos' to so you can teleport to offline players bodies (if possible) - 'TribeStructureAudit' & 'TribeDinoAudit' Requests: - Can vaults or other containers be shown on the map in the 'structures' tab? - Could you add rock drakes to the creature tab? I don't see them on my end (we spawn them on ragnarok) Thanks again for everything @MirageUK
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    I wouldn't worry about it. They always keep the Windows and Linux servers working with the Windows client, there would be complaints otherwise. The server versions are also normally just server features, so being behind shouldn't have any affect besides not having the latest server side features. To answer your second question. Linux is free and normally more stable as a server host. That's the reason most hosting uses it. You can probably find a Windows based host if you absolutely need one, but the cost is normally more because of the Windows licencing.
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    Honestly there’s nothing you can do to completely prevent someone soaking your turrets. There are a few things you can do to help. Be online to pick the rider and refill bullets. Grind like crazy to maximize heavies, teks, and X. Eliminate all blindspots. We discouraged soakers with dimo towers. Several times they brought soakers. The dimos came out and ate their yuty and stegos. And they stopped bringing soakers and rexes and instead resorted to fast Petras and rockets just griefing.
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    Yeah I just want new maps at this point bugs are just part of the game and I want new content.
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    >> tldr : how do i tell which mod has been updated ? Take a look in GameUserSettings.ini. There might be a line which says "ActiveMods=…." For example... [ServerSettings] ActiveMods=731604991,1333671171,821530042,793605978 And Game.ini should have a line for each mod... [ModInstaller] ModIDS=731604991 ModIDS=1333671171 ModIDS=821530042 ModIDS=793605978 So you can look at the Workshop page for each mod to see if there's been an update. For example: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=731604991 The thing is: You shouldn't update a mod while the servers are running. You could cause corruption in some files. I'd also recommend that you don't manually update any mods. This is more prone to error than having the Ark server pull the mods for you. You should stop the servers before updating any mods. It might take some time, but it's the correct way to do the job.
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    I would suggest you watch the news announcements. The release date has already been mentioned and can be quickly found with a google search now.
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    My husband get Instant killed while walking in our base on extincion. He lost his tek suit with over 400 Amor, his reaper chibi nearly lvl 6 and asc max dmg stuff. ... i dont know if i should Login or not because i dont wanna loose my stuff too... Ps4 Server... btw Cant upload pictures so here is a video for u guys
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    I've spoken with the lead for the support staff. The policy is that no items or dinos will be replaced because the support staff doesn't have the ability to verify whether or not it was killed/removed legitimately (it was in the mesh) or by a bug.
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    I've looked at your profile just now, and it was removed because you didn't provide coordinates. Post again with a screenshot of your tribe logs. That thread specifically asks for coordinates, so they can look them up and everything else is not helpful to them and is just noise.
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    Build a wall and make the theri pay for it
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    I just run to the boss with a yuty to lure it to where i put my rexes in the corner near where i port in, since the yuty have a small turning radius, so it can run back easily Edit: More melee is nice but not really needed, since alpha broodmother is harder than alpha megapithecus
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    Weird that the simple google search lead me here...
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    The extremely messed up part. This happened to my tribemate. She was running along up in green zone. Got deleted due to the antimesh system. She tried to submit a ticket and the devs said that they would not replace the dinos And from what I get from this. They are basically saying that they are not replacing the dino cause there is no way to verify that she was not purposfully meshing...... On a PVE server....... At this random spot in green zone. I thought this was America. Where you are INNOCENT until proven guilty. Oh this all happened on NA-PVE-Official-Aberation381
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    No you cannot. Wildcard specifically set their season passes to "normal" steam rules. Which means if you bought the game over 2 weeks ago you cannot be refunded. This is a huge breach of trust for pre-orders. Even Amazon/PS/Xbox don't take your money until the game is released.
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    its jan 31st where is the new Genesis map or content or do we have to wait til the winter if thats the case i think i wasted $34.99 USD on this pass i was hoping the map would be released by now im bored with Aberration,Extinction,and Scorched earth...ive been so bored i havent touched my xbox and that is rare...
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    Wildcards biggest mistake is not wiping or at least giving us new server clusters.I suspect genesis sales are lower than excpected due to people quitting,a lot would return with new servers.
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