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  1. Yes I agree it's like they want us to get to where we were on ASE as quickly as possible but there's no denying the mega tribes are also a big problem it's one of the reasons ASE lost player count too a tribe member cap is needed
  2. This is not the problem with ark,it should take a long time to raise babies,the reason why ark is dying is because mega tribes are killing it with cheating,duping and just have too many members they take over a server and there's no competition tribes should be capped at 20 members and no alliances allowed like when ark was good and there was various tribes on a server
  3. Reduce tribemember limit to 25 and start again ,mega tribes are cheating duping and killing the game there's no need for a tribe to have 100 members what made ark so good in the beginning is no longer there.theres no even battles now the should be numerous tribes on a server fighting it out
  4. Adding micro transactions shouldn't even be thought about let alone implemented,what are yous thinking nobody will buy them for this broken mess of a game
  5. Mega tribes are killing your game you need to bring new servers with 15-20 players in tribe max and no alliances
  6. Well done wildcard you manage to split your playerbase and pretty much kill both arks at the same time,how are your decisions so bad? Heads need to roll and you need to get developers working on the game with common sense
  7. I'm predicting gay Dino's in 2024 don't fix the game just give us gay Dino so they can adopt baby Dino's
  8. Because they want us to rush through this game and get to where we were on ASE as quickly as possible without enjoying the early game PvP which is the best bit about ark
  9. Everything you mentioned is irrelevant in pve so it shouldn't matter if it's nerfed
  10. Imagine been banned from discord because you said the reason behind the delay was because they can't get it working on the series s
  11. Update at the end of the week they don't even know it's the end of the week now
  12. Wildcard abandon ASA please it's a disaster,give us new official ASE servers manage them properly and charge us a small fee id gladly pay
  13. I don't want it to be easy to raise babies I want old school ark
  14. Makes you wonder how they managed to make such a good game then mess everything else up
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