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  1. Its just full of people who need to cheat and dupe its pretty sad as most are grown ups
  2. They want people to quit so they can start shutting servers down they are no longer making money so why would they support the game?
  3. Already have dealt with the fact wildcard censor freedom of speech.Hardly suprising since freedom of speech doesnt exist anywhere you dont need to comment back unless you have proof of me having 2 accounts.Otherwise keep your brown nose out
  4. No it doesn't it means that we use same modem because we are in the same room and we are both called dave and both like to rave.
  5. No one is my friends account so they banned me with no investigation.It was nothing to do with 2 accounts it was purely censorship
  6. No one is my account and one is my friends.So they banned me with no investigation,it had nothing to do with 2 accounts it was purely censorship.
  7. But how would they know both accounts are mine with 2 different emails?it could be someone else.
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