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  1. Wasn't antagonized at all, just explaining my issue with the core gameplay. Honestly I don't like the rates turned up like crazy either and I've never been on a single unofficial that has "instant" taming. Most of them make it so kibble tames take maybe an hour max and mutton is actually a viable alternative so you don't need a massive kibble farm. Breeding does get turned way up, but that doesn't mean it takes any less effort to hunt down top tier animals, nor do we have any less trouble with stubborn RNG. It does mean people who wouldn't otherwise be able to have a chance to participate in this very core aspect of the game without sacrificing other, more important things like sleep and family/social time. I once raised twin quetz on the original rates with my tribemate at the time--the only reason we managed it at all was because he lives in Germany and we each sacrificed half a night of sleep to work together and get them through that 18.5 hour baby stage. We immediately petitioned for (and got) higher rates on our unofficial because that was insane, and I ended up missing a big server event (it was the first Fear Evolved, we did a server wide Dodorex hunt) because of it. I'll never forget how grueling and thoroughly not fun that week was for us. That and the time I babysat an allied tribemate's baby quetz--he was supposed to come back after a few hours and he didn't, so I ended up staying up most of the night until his tribemate could get on and take over. I practically raised the thing myself, and it never even made it to adulthood. The server ended up wiping only a few months later due to an undocumented bug that took out half the server's tames when we tried a rate change. If I'm bitter about the time investment of official rates, it's not without cause. The unofficial I'm on now has way higher rates than I like but I didn't pick the server, my tribemates' cousin did. High rate servers suffer issues of their own--mostly with server population and community. High rate servers have low population because this part is indeed easy mode, it takes a week to build up and since Tekgrams are unlocked on level up, no real reason to do bosses so there's just hunting and breeding. And very little community because there's no reason to talk to anyone else if you can get everything you ever need without even trying. The official I've chosen is one of the new ones and honestly it reminds me a lot of the early days on my first unofficial, which kept near vanilla rates for most of its existence and was run/supported by a popular YTer so it had a consistently high population back then. Been a long time since I've seen a chat so busy, and I'm building up in the same territory I had back then too. It's actually rather nostalgic, even down to the grind lol. The unofficial started at x2 default rates, which were half what they are now and thus now the same. That's not always a good thing, though. I'm in that annoying middle tier of progression where you're not a noob but don't have any good animals yet. I started yesterday morning off with a taming spree. There was a level 90 stego in my yard when I logged in, I knew it was going to be a looooooong tame with berries even on x2 rates but felt it would be worth it so that's what I did. I made the most of my 2~ hours by also taming a trike and a pair of dodos. I also spent most of my time harvesting/collecting stones and making the stego saddle. By the time it stood up it was nearly encumbered with all the resources I had on it; the trike, too. It was a very low risk endeavor due to my location and well worth it. As soon as we got home I used the resources I had collected to ignore my base and build a taming pen on my raft, which I had disassembled after moving to my territory. Loaded up the raptor and supplies and sailed out to carno point. I was dismayed to find someone had built foundations all over the place, but the spawn was still active. After some close calls with my raptor and a lot of kiting, I found what I was looking for--a low level doed. Got it into the pen and tamed it up and sailed home. Slapped a saddle on it and got to work. Built part of my base entrance, including the gate, but I dislike the inefficiency of having to harvest wood by hand. Need a mammoth. I also need a bigger carnivore, something that can consistently gather prime meat to bridge the gap before kibble. A carno would be decent, but I don't want to tame it on raw meat, so we sailed back to carno point for a saber. Found one, got her in a pen, she killed me and due to the foundation spam I couldn't respawn on my raft. So I did a naked run to carno point. Who's a Bob now, eh? Got my stuff back, got the cat tamed, got her home and put a saddle on her. She died less than an hour later when we got caught in a mega swarm and she had no stamina and low hp after taking down a trike. Low level animals are trash, but even a low level cat is stronger than my midlevel raptor, just didn't have high enough HP. Oh well, back to the drawing board. I decided to go look for a mammoth instead, so out we went again. Found two perfect low level mammoths and got the raft over. This part is dicey because I don't have fur and even with my high fortitude I can't stay in the snow for too long, especially at night. Turned out to be a non issue as a yuty and a carno came in and ate both mammoths. The yuty got itself stuck in ice and was low enough level that I could have tamed it, but the issue of no consistent prime meat turned me away from attempting the tame. We sailed a little further on and found another mammoth...145. No thanks, not without kibble. Sailed home, did some clean up and logged for the day. Today's plan is another attempt at getting a mammoth. Depending on how successful I am I might also try for a carno and/or an argent. I usually skip pteras, I dislike how fragile they are and you need a high level one to be even slightly decent, which means kibble I don't have. Maybe an anky too but I'm not at the stage where I need a lot of metal and I need fur armor to do metal runs since I don't have a quetz to conveniently carry the anky around.
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  2. We’re very excited to announce that the world of ARK: Survival Evolved is coming to mobile! Thanks to the efforts of veteran mobile developer War Drum Studios (the team behind the mobile versions of Bully, Grand Theft Auto, and Auralux), gamers will be able to join the massively multiplayer survival experience that is ARK right from their mobile devices! All gameplay footage for this trailer was recorded live using an iPhone 8. Designed and developed by War Drum Studios, ARK: Survival Evolved mobile is free-to-play and puts the dino-taming adventure in the palm of your hand, letting you join forces with tens of thousands of other mobile survivors. This on-the-go version of ARK features the online survival experience contained in the PC and console versions of ARK, including a gigantic island to explore, 80+ dinosaurs and primeval creatures to tame and train, multiplayer tribe mechanics, and of course, crafting and building! Mobile features include: Taming: Use cunning strategy and tactics to befriend, ride and breed the many dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the dynamic, persistent ecosystems across land, sea, air, and even underground. Discover: Unearth rare blueprints and Explorer Notes written by previous human denizens of the ARK from across the millennia, detailing the mysterious Island’s creatures and backstory. Craft and build: Using any means necessary - survive, craft weapons, clothes, and items, and build shelters, villages, or even large cities. Plant, harvest, build, level-up, and customize everything visually and functionally, including procedurally-generated RPG statistics for creatures, characters, resources, clothing, gear, and weapons, both primitive and modern. Play alone or team up to survive: Team up with, or prey on, up to 50 other players in a large-scale multiplayer online first-person environment, or choose single player mode to test your mettle against the world solo. Join a tribe: The 'Tribe' system encourages cooperation, by supporting dynamic parties to share resources, experience points, and re-spawn points. While maintaining the true ARK experience players have come to know and love, this mobilized version of the game has been completely adapted for handheld touch devices allowing for the ultimate survival experience on a mobile device. This includes faster paced gameplay, a unique user interface and a specialised control setup developed specifically for the mobile game. The mobile version also offers optional upgrades survivors can acquire using special in-game resources that will allow players to progress faster, obtain certain buffs for periods of time, build special crafting structures, and even bring your beloved tames back from the dead! You can pre-register now to stay in-the-know with the mobile version of ARK: Survival Evolved. Keep informed about the beta, release date, special offers and more! There may even be some day 1 in-game bonuses thrown in to the mix for those Survivors that Pre-Register! Just head over to http://playark.com/mobile/ In extra special news, War Drum will also be launching a limited closed beta on iOS, with a full worldwide launch anticipated later this Spring on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Interested ARK survivors can visit the link below to sign up for news on the game’s development and for a chance to participate in the ARK closed beta! For additional information on the closed beta you can read the Frequently Asked Questions page here: The ARK mobile community will exist here on survivetheark.com with its own dedicated News and Forum section that will be moderated by War Drum. Chat with the mobile developers, other mobile survivors, report issues, and offer feedback in the forum section below: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/20904-ark-mobile/ For the latest updates on ARK mobile, you can follow @PlayARKmobile at the links below: https://twitter.com/PlayARKmobile https://www.facebook.com/PlayARKmobile https://www.instagram.com/PlayARKMobile https://www.youtube.com/PlayARKmobile And make sure to sign up for the beta today!
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  3. yea! i logged on and i took one look at are little town and saw 2 out of the 5 still standing, and in front of me was a sign that said "sorry" and a box with all the saddles in it
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