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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the patch fudged something up, they mess random stuff up all the time and its hard to tell what is a stealth nerf and what is a mistake. On the stats note you are right, its not even worth discussing because most people don't actually know or work with the bare minimums for stats to take the different levels of the bosses. My suggestion, host a test server and manually test before you decide to throw out hours of work you can't get back, thats the best way to know if stats should be good enough.
  2. Ever since the last patch I haven't seen a single Mutagel Ambergris cycle for the asteroids in the space area of genesis 2. Before the patch I was seeing them all the time. Its literally been like 30 or so cycles and I haven't seen any mutagel since. It really sucks if they decided they needed to nerf Mutagel with as grindy as it is and yet not bother to fix the fact that glass doesn't spawn on ateroids or respawn in a lot of areas on Genesis 2.
  3. Other than using massively mutated stats with nothing but HP and Melee invested in to get under the official level cap, i'd be super curious as to what these things are taking to actually work on the bosses. The difference being is I can beat this boss with very subpar rexes and no mutations and very little work required, I assume this allo line took tons of work and time to breed and mutate. Not everybody on unnoficials, small servers, or single player are going to dedicate pointless time to mutating a Dino with literally half the health of the rex to get similar results as supbar rexes. N
  4. First off the Megapithecus is by far the easiest boss and second the Allo can use gnash against the Giga so its not that impressive. I've beaten the Alpha Megapithecus with subpar rex stats and even Spinos before. Its not about whether you can do it or not, its about whether it makes any sense to use Allosaurus instead of Rexes, and other than gnash effect, which doesn't work on bosses there isn't much purpose. And just a tip, open your tames inventory in your videos and show the stats you are working with so that people can see what they are dealing with.
  5. I like how people always explain away the Carcharodontosaurus by saying we have other big theropods, but realistially, the Rex is the only one that is viable for boss fights at the moment as an actual main component. Yutyrannus is a utility dino, Gigas can't enter boss arenas for whatever reason, Spinos have way to thin of a health pool to ever possible enter the arena without being ridden, and Allosaurus are don't do bleed to bosses on top of being frail like the Spino. A Rex alternative like the Carcharodontosaurus would have been a great add if they made it a bulkier version of the Rex wi
  6. On the back of a Karkinos or Golem, the only thing that aggros on them in the caves are piranha and sea scorpions.
  7. I think the game tries to justify the 75 percent of redundant tames by using the excuse of "Early game tames", but thats funny because other than maybe your first time roleplaying nobody sits at low levels and even if you don't powergrind right away you can just buy the saddles you need from other tribes. Its not like there is a level mechanic blocking you from buying high level saddles, hell, the game even promotes it since primitive saddles are absolute trash compared to blueprint saddles. I just consider the redundant Dinos as RP flavor.
  8. You can cheese it’s ai by kiting it towards one of the cliffs with a flyer and just standing there, the forest Titan just goes brain dead half the time and you can just lay into it.
  9. They do drop from osds, but they are ungodly expensive and extremely unpractical since the mek modules take durability damage every time you cryopod meks or take the saddle off. Anything other than primitive is a waste of resources.
  10. Either in the snow dome or on the east side of the city, but they are rare spawns. Here is the spawn map for reference. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Spawn_Map_(Extinction)
  11. All the saddle platform creatures need a buff, the saddle platform structure limit is pathetic on vanilla settings. All you can pull off are some pretty unappealing looking boxes on their back with maybe a work bench and a fridge. These platform creatures should actually be able to be small mobile bases for the time and kibble it takes to tame them, especially since there is no mutton equivalent for herbivores.
  12. Farm up a bunch of narcotics, catch a ovis, and use the narcotics and the mutton to tame a Giga as quickly as you can. Gigas are the best tames on this map, they can traverse all the caves, fight Titans, and farm OSDs solo up to red. Putting your energy into getting a Giga will let you speed farm OSD loot, and if you get a grinder you can get massive amounts of materials from said loot.
  13. I think Extinction is the best, its the easiest map to progress to tek tier and farm high level equipment and resources on solo. Bosses are fought in the overworld so you don't have to worry about this games horrible coding killing an entire army of rexes with a bad teleport and Gigas can be used in all the caves for easy access. Extinction also has perma day outside of the domes, which is great. I use Extinction as my single player hub.
  14. The old trick is to use a Daedon or Snow Owl to heal your Wyvern every time it near death from starvation.
  15. Rex for most island bosses, though the dragon will shred them on any difficulty. 30K Hp 500-600 Melee with 70ish armor saddles is doable for most the gamma bosses. Like I said before though, expect to take losses on the Dragon. Bring a Yutyrannus for you to ride and buff the rexes with the courage roar.
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