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  1. Try it with a new single player survivor and collect them all with the same one. Make sure the notes are ticking off in the notes collection when you pick them up.
  2. Team Fortress 2, its free, and it has hats.
  3. I watch Syntac & Nooblets for the ASMR.
  4. By the time I reached tek saddles I had ascendant bps for all those Dinos, so I too was very underwhelmed by them. At least tek Armor other bonuses like breathing under water or flying. It would be interesting if Tek saddles gave a speed boost or something similar to offset the low armor value.
  5. WC doesn’t do a good job enforcing the rules, the only answer is to make the situation worse by promoting more crappy behavior.
  6. That’s called an exploit, and exploits should not dictate in game balancing.
  7. I miss when rexes had a Jurassic park Rex / Elephant roar mixed in their roar cycles. The current Rex roar isn’t horrible, it just doesn’t sound very powerful. I also remember how the Spino had the same roars as the Rex , just pitched up so it sounded like crap.
  8. Yeah, I found all of the notes a few days ago and made a video if anyone is curious.
  9. I would say almost all Dinos barring Jerboas are an absolute waste to tame unless you are going for a max level. Unless I’m taming for colors I always have the highest stats & mutation breeding in mind. I mean, once you tame a reliable berry creature there isn’t much that’s off the table to you. Anything that can’t breed too basically needs to be near max level for me to consider it worth my time.
  10. I had some uploaded in the obelisk, I wonder if they’re gone now.
  11. I know the feeling, that jerk took 17 of my rexes that I used to solo the alpha monkey and beta spider,
  12. Would a mek really be a good idea for this fight other than the no dismount and maybe the no electro ball. Everything and it's mother aggro onto meks and they dont really have the greatest stats. I would assume you would still need a crap ton of support for actually damaging rockwell since the meks damage is rather meh.
  13. I don’t think they can enter Boss arenas, can they? They have a drag weight of 1200.
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