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  1. Because the devs are lazy and there is some bug where it doesn't work on servers sometimes.
  2. If you are interested in stats I usually run the swamp cave with a 500-700 melee 5-10k imprinted Baryonyx with a 70ish armor saddle and my Baryonyx usually handles very well. Make sure you bring bug repellant for any caves you dive, it keeps centipedes from aggroing on you and melting your armor, which they can do even while you are mounted.
  3. Baryonyx are the best cave divers in my opinion, but you might want to watch because you may get overwhelmed with stats that low in most the island caves.
  4. Gigas do full damage to both rubble & rock elementals so they are a solid choice. Rock Drakes do really well running this cave too since they can just glide and skip most of the enemies.
  5. Scorched earth death worms are an easy way to solo quickly level rexes individually, OSDs on extinction are the hands down fastest way to level Rex XP, but it’s also the easiest way to get you and your Rex killed because you can easily get swarmed and pinned. There is also an exploit you can use if you are comfortable with broken mechanics, cryopoding a Dino on a map that you have played the least time on and the uncryopoding the Dino on the map you played the most on. The Dino will instantly receive the experience from the time difference between the two maps and gain a crap ton of levels. It’s kind of shady though.
  6. I can't stand unbreedable creatures, if it doesn't just have insane utility like wyverns or Karkinos, and it cant breed it is basically trash.
  7. Giga's imprinted combined with AOE can be devastating, not to mention you only have to try to breed for attack stats on them. Any giga imprinted will have a HP around 30k, so finding one with decent melee is a lot easier than finding a Theri with all around good stats. You can have great Giga stats in a single generation, Theris you have to find attack, stam, and HP before you start getting a solid tame.
  8. Either that or nobody is getting the present because half the time the presents will just float into the ground if they are landing on a static object instead of actual solid ground. Its really great that this is still an issue.
  9. Are you in single player or on a server? Server side there seems to be an issue with registering the notes. Try grabbing the note in single player. If you are on console instead of PC make sure no other profiles are signed in on your xbox or playstation.
  10. try using a flying to get closer to the actual pulsing object.
  11. I’ve had the best lick using the same survivor, but sometimes it works with separate ones.
  12. You have to collect the notes in single player with a single survivor to unlock the skins when this issue arises. Make sure the notes show up in your notes section each time you unlock one. If you collect them all in single player the skins will be unlocked for servers.
  13. Its a common issue that seems to happen when servers restart. Its funny that every event this year has had the same problem with items resetting or vanishing after the initial release of an event. Halloween had Pumpkins, Scarecrows & Tombstones vanishing on server restart, Turkey Trials had wishbones doing the same, then a week into each event they stealth patch the problem. How is this not a priority to check server restarts and how they affect new items you add into the game, you think they would learn by now. The only way around this issue is to abuse the obelisk by uploading your Chibis before a restart happens, just like you could do with the event items for halloween and thanksgiving.
  14. Rexes are busted with the last update, they are doing no damage. At least on my end they aren’t. I have floating numbers on and my rexes do no damage for whatever reason.
  15. You are missing a negative on that first number of the last note
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