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  1. Any of them work, if you just do chomping.
  2. That sounds like a pretty interesting method and I would really like to see that. My method is just about solo fighting the titan and for your method you would need a quetz rider and a Giga rider. If i tried that one solo I'd lose the giga for sure with him sliding off the back. I am always excited to see new methods of using the giga though. That was my favorite part of extinction, that it gave the giga some actual uses like the extinction caves and orbital beacons.
  3. You can maybe do Alpha Ape, but I would not attempt any dragon or Alpha Broodmother. Dragon does percentage based damage with its flame attacks so saddles dont help much. You are better off getting a decent lightning wyvern and killing the titans on extinction if you are trying to get tech engrams. When you take on the bosses solo half of the battle is luck so there is a pretty good chance the alpha broodmother will tank most of the rexes hits and kill them even with 70ish armor. I would go tops beta broodmother. If you wanna take out the dragon Therizinosaurs are the best method filled with cakes.
  4. If you are going to go for a bite, I would ensure its always on a fire Wyvern since they have an immunity to Alpha Wyverns fire breath attack. Poison Wyverns are really only good for PVP popping riders off the backs of mounts since their gas hits riders. Lightning will always be king for me though, just my preference.
  5. While I agree that when you pin something Wyverns bites are very effective, nothing compares to learning to properly circle with a lightning wyvern and blast other wyverns coming up behind you. A single lightning Wyvern with well pumped stamina can kill an entire stack of wild Poison and Fire wyverns with as little as three lightning blast durations and not take a single hit if you circle and fire over your shoulder.
  6. I would get some better saddles, the bosses get exponentially harder with every difficulty boost. I ran the beta broodmother with rexes ranging from 20k to 30k HP and any of them that had primitive saddles died or were very close to dying when they took down the beta broodmother. My rex saddles are 70ish armor and the beta broodmother still hits like a truck.
  7. The best method for getting Wyvern milk is kill Alpha wyverns, but since you dont have any rexes or gigas or other wyverns to do that you could try getting a daedon or snow owl and using it to keep the baby from starving to death by continually healing it. Once you raise the garbage wyvern you could use it to kill a alpha. Another method would be leading an alpha wyvern into a rex pack or a giga that you have tamed. You can throw the tons of milk you get from killing it into the obelisk to reset the timer everytime it gets low.
  8. Yeah, I tamed the ice titan in single player using a combo of Mek and the Railgun. Railgun was much more reliable but it took forever, my mek got iced by the titan when it caught me off guard and smashed me. I would get a fast flyer and a railgun if you are going for a perfect tame.
  9. Thanks, I really appreciate the vote of confidence on my videos. I just make these things to try to help out other solo or single player people, but unfortunately I get a lotta crap since I usually perform them in single player. I always try to make the difficulty as close as possible to the actual server difficulty with the difficulty sliders and settings, but extinction auto balances everything without checking single player setting. I still think they Wyvern method holds up regardless of where you perform it.
  10. They do unlock tek tier, but more specifically the replicator, railgun, boots, and generator. i play single player most the time so I just used wyverns to shred it, which you can also do on unnoficial. heres the wiki page on the desert Titan. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Desert_Titan
  11. Remember when Wyvern and Giga Tek saddles were on the plate for the near future?
  12. The amount of resources you have to put into high quality attachments is much higher than most saddles, that why almost any other tame is a better option for most things short of PVP raiding. I had a really embarrassing moment while I was trying to tame the snow titan, I had to turn for half a second to deal with the lowly wolves and daedons that for some reason think they can kill a 50 foot giant robot, and in those few seconds the Ice Titan decided to perform a flying frog splash onto my Mek and bash it to pieces. Now had I been on most other large tames the stupid wolves would have ignored me. On top of that when I got killed later the bag fell through the ground, so I lost the shield unit my Mek had on it as well. Here, laugh at my sadness.
  13. It is weird though, because it only shows up as 1 damage.
  14. So I just tamed my first Ice Titan and I think I've figured out what the issue is. When my titan tamed out he was a Beta Ice titan, and he would get food from stuff in his inventory when fed, however upon restarting the game and reloading into the map he went from being a "Beta Ice Titan" to simply being "Ice Titan" and lost around 20,000 HP from his HP stat. There also seems to be another glitch where the standard "Ice Titan" can gain XP and levels, bringing up a level up message on the screen, but none of his stats can be pumped. This really needs to be looked at and fixed.
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