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  1. RipRavage

    Desert Titan Tips?

    They do unlock tek tier, but more specifically the replicator, railgun, boots, and generator. i play single player most the time so I just used wyverns to shred it, which you can also do on unnoficial. heres the wiki page on the desert Titan. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Desert_Titan
  2. RipRavage

    Rockdrake Tek Saddle

    Remember when Wyvern and Giga Tek saddles were on the plate for the near future?
  3. RipRavage

    Meks are pretty meh

    The amount of resources you have to put into high quality attachments is much higher than most saddles, that why almost any other tame is a better option for most things short of PVP raiding. I had a really embarrassing moment while I was trying to tame the snow titan, I had to turn for half a second to deal with the lowly wolves and daedons that for some reason think they can kill a 50 foot giant robot, and in those few seconds the Ice Titan decided to perform a flying frog splash onto my Mek and bash it to pieces. Now had I been on most other large tames the stupid wolves would have ignored me. On top of that when I got killed later the bag fell through the ground, so I lost the shield unit my Mek had on it as well. Here, laugh at my sadness.
  4. RipRavage

    Titan Corruption Mechanics

    It is weird though, because it only shows up as 1 damage.
  5. So I just tamed my first Ice Titan and I think I've figured out what the issue is. When my titan tamed out he was a Beta Ice titan, and he would get food from stuff in his inventory when fed, however upon restarting the game and reloading into the map he went from being a "Beta Ice Titan" to simply being "Ice Titan" and lost around 20,000 HP from his HP stat. There also seems to be another glitch where the standard "Ice Titan" can gain XP and levels, bringing up a level up message on the screen, but none of his stats can be pumped. This really needs to be looked at and fixed.
  6. RipRavage

    Titan Corruption Mechanics

    So I tamed my first titan solo today in single player and I tried a couple of different methods. When you actually damage the spots of corruption it will show up in the floating damage reader as 1 hp of damage. Trying to hit the corruption spots with melee attacks from any dino I used would not do damage to the corruption, but instead did tons of damage to the titans actual health. So I tried using my Mek and its tek pistol to try to hit the nodes, this would work occasionally, but the gun is so innacurate that I don't recommend that. Then I moved to using an array of weapons ranging from fabricated sniper rifles to railguns and the best weapon to hit at a distance seems to be the fabricated sniper rifle. So this is what I'm curious about, since the actual hits to the corruption nodes seem to do only 1 damage regardless of which weapon is used, do the actual weapons or damage they do affect how quickly the node busts? Because based on the ammo I used, I would imagine a blast from the shotgun on a node would bust it in 1 or 2 shots (note that I was never able to get close enough to get a well aimed shotgun blast off on a node). Anybody have any insight on the actual damage mechanics of the corruption nodes?
  7. RipRavage

    Orbital drops

    I think it is a bug that happens some times, it seems like sometimes the drops just stop if go into the underground area and the overworld goes into statis. I also think there is a hard limit to how many drops can be on the map at a time, so if you see an element vein I would try busting it or activating it so corrupted bust it to clear the way for new drops to fall.
  8. RipRavage

    Massive nerfs

    That is literally 90 percent of raiding in all survival games.
  9. RipRavage

    Massive nerfs

    Or convince a bunch of kids to farm and zerg rush for you.
  10. RipRavage

    Can i get tips for drops?!

    They didn't say, hey we want to do drops today, they said we want tips for drops, and the best tip is to start breeding gigas. If they have four people that means they can have four mate boosted imprinted gigas ready in one week to do as many drops as they need, even if the difficulty is harder. This map has decent giga spawns near the Snow zone and it isn't out of the question to start catching and breeding them to have them ready for drops down the line.
  11. RipRavage

    Desert Titan Nerf

    I like how everybody likes to ignore the fact that you can kill the pilots of any of the titans by sniping them or grab them out of the cockpit.
  12. RipRavage

    Please consider?

    Of course they aren't going to do anything about the issue, I'm just spouting out ideas that I think would work. And you could just have the carcasses vanish upon death in the city to deny people that talon and oh so rare corrupted heart the wyvern might not have on it. I mean they could also just make it like mosas and plesiosaurs in the water where they turn away instantly when they reach a certain depth, just do that with the city.
  13. You have to change the resource respawn timer and respawn player range settings for the artifacts, since the caves go dormant when you leave them the timer for the artifact to respawn does as well. The normal respawn time for artifacts is pretty long and if you are too close they wont respawn unless you change the respawn range too.
  14. RipRavage

    Extinction Ending/Lore

    Wait, I'm confused, didn't
  15. RipRavage

    Megatherium WAY too overpowered?

    So a Megatherium walks into your base and smacks your Pulmonscorpius on the ass, what do you do?