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  1. They spawned inside the map mesh, admin command ghost and grab the glitched eggs and hopefully they will spawn at a better nest.
  2. You can transfer drake eggs or magmasaur eggs into the map, so technically they are tamable on crystal isles, but if you are on a no transfer server you are poop out of luck
  3. You guys do realize the nooblets method of starving them by getting them to low health is an exploit right? Don’t use that as an excuse for the normal method of taming being broken.
  4. Simple patchwork isn’t rocket science either. Failing a 150 kibble tame due to a glitch when you are 70 percent through wastes a fair amount of kibble and chain bolas. And Chain bolas aren’t cheap. There is no excuse for this not to have been fixed by now.
  5. You are preaching to the choir brother, they don't listen on here unfortunately.
  6. It sucks when they mess crap up with a patch and the response from both the devs and the community is “DEAL WITH IT”. I still got a fridge full of boss rexes with gray backs that used to have my first color mutation on them. I remember that sting.
  7. Always nice to see smart usage of the Baryonyx, he may be a utility player, but he is also the MVP in my opinion.
  8. The Wyvern nests are bugged and most of them spawn underneath the ground and are blocked. Only three spots seems to actually spawn good nests, and if you get bad luck and all of them spawn in bad spots they won’t spawn until somebody grabs the blocked eggs. use the ghost command and grab the stuck eggs.
  9. I’d say swap it so that rode or tamed Dino’s take the slowed debuff that ice wyverns give with their breath instead. Pulling the freeze all together will just make them useless when it comes to hitting fast moving targets.
  10. Nooblets for actual mechanics and taming info.
  11. I love when people pretend like there is progression in this game and complain about mutton, acting like most tribes restarting don’t just trade materials for OP mutated Dino’s anyways. Mutton taming is harmless, and it keeps lower groups on servers instead of having them rage quit. This game is about power grinding, don’t get bitter because you role played your first journey to max level and other people don’t.
  12. What about the random spam bot generated topics about “ Indian love potions Fix broken marriage “ that get spammed every night, those are fun right.
  13. Isn't the general consensus that manas hold the title of "THIS RUINED ARK" and have since they stole that crown from wyverns? There is no balancing or progression in this game, tons of creatures are rendered completely obsolete by end game dinos, the variety is just there for people like myself that enjoy a bit of role play now and then. The PVP meta is stale and boring and it always will be because of stuff like manas and wyverns. Don't wanna deal with it, go play on a server that doesn't allow transfers and doesn't spawn manas. Literally the only reason people use dinos like Rexes or
  14. I’ve gotten several in red drops in the snow zone on Valguero, but they have all been blue and averaged around 45ish armor. The only mastercraft one I’ve ever found I got from a red drop on scorched back in the day.
  15. I just had the tame percentage drop on a 145 Tropeo when it hit 70 prevent tamed, I think passive taming is just screwed in general right now. It seems if anything takes longer than an hour to tame the percentage gets nuked.
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