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    Many creatures should have the Crouch/Lay movements like players. Especially predators (sabertooth, raptors...) Crouching give a stealth bonus but slow speed Laying give a bigger stealth bonus and some stamina/health recovery bonus too but makes you a lot slower. I know, new animations take time but Crouch/Lay movement needs to be standardized for as many creatures as possible, like roars and sleep, to give more life to creatures. Making a surprise attack with sabertooth or raptors sounds so cool and imagine the scary view of a rex that "wake up" right in front of you to run after you ! Would be so much better than seeing predators fiercely approaching their prey as stealth as a musical group like actually...
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    Honestly, I’d really like to see TLC for the first three bosses. They’re ugly and don’t look as powerful or intimidating as the lore makes them out to be and the fights themselves aren’t exactly dynamic, it’s just bring 18 rexes, a yuty, and a daeodon, whistle attack this target, and spam attack button until it dies. Why not get more dynamic fights wherein bosses have unique attacks depending on health (like the Rockwell fight) and each would require a unique battle strategy (though still allowing for customization on battle teams so players can still use their favorites most of the time) For example, why not make the megapithecus be weak to lots of small Dino’s attacking it (and thus having a space allotment of 50 dinos, but only allowing smaller species) and have it primarily attack via throwing rocks from a distance and commanding swarms of mesos and apes to attack you? Like, instead of rexes, why not overwhelm it with dimorphs or vultures, or even compies or troodons? Heck, any Dino you could theoretically swarm it with could work. Plus this gives a reason to breed said dinos, as they would be crucial for megapithecus (they also don’t require big dino barns that lag servers, as rexes do) And the broodmother should be ridiculously armored and tanky with a focus on debilitating attacks (acid sprays and webs) while the araneo swarms whittle you down slowly, and you should bring a team of smaller, armor-busting/bleeding creatures (apes, allos, sloths, and maybe a few arthros) to dodge her attacks, and kill her much more quickly than direct offensive creatures would. The dragon could be much more complicated, wherein it spends almost all of its time in the air, divebombing you with a massive AOE flame attack, and landing to hit hard with melee attacks. When it lands, you must destroy its wings (which would be like rockwell tentacles and have their own health, although the dragon itself could still be damaged when they are present) and render it unable to fly, so it switches to using primarily melee attacks (bite, claw swipe, knockback tail swing) and the fight from then on is a violent and bloody all-out battle for victory (kinda like what we have now, but more exciting and risky) I just think that boss battles would be more fun and rewarding if they actually required skill and strategy, and were much more rewarding as well, instead of the current bosses, where you do them all once and then grind the megapithecus for element. If I do a boss and say, “wow, that was hard! Let’s do it again!” or something similar, that’s a good boss. If I do a boss and I just say “meh” before spawning in the next one for engrams while in single player because I don’t want to move my rexes to the next obelisk is a sign of a bad boss. I want all the ark bosses to be “wow, that was fun! Let’s do it again! and not “meh” I’ll follow this comment with regular dinos I want to get a TLC pass.
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    Forgot to note the stats of a creature before leveling up? This tool helps to retreive the values that matter for breeding. Now you can also save your extracted stats in a library, see which creature has the best stats and view the pedigree of your pets. Sort your library to see which creatures are the best for breeding and compare which stats are inherited to the offspring. Feedback is welcome. Also I'm looking forward to see some awesome pedigrees, share yours if you got a nice breed. The latest version can be downloaded here: https://github.com/cadon/ARKStatsExtractor/releases/latest
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    Hey devs, we all would apreciate some communication after 3 months. I for one, bought a server to host ark and none of the tricks work. I understand fixing this is not as fun as designing new content but you would agree that the game which put wildcard on the map should work.
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    I have been thinking that all the creatures need a sitting animation, cuz I see all the animals in the stables and see how they are always awake, standing up waiting to be ridden to walk around. So having a sitting animation for all of them would just make sense as it would regenerate stamina, and to a degree health. It would automatically trigger in wild animals when they are at low (or no) stamina and in tamed creatures it triggers after 3 or 5 minutes after standing in an stable, based or any area in general. at night it would automatically trigger 2 minutes after being left alone. It would be a pain in the a%* but it would look good to see a whole bunch of creatures just sitting in a stable waiting for you (specially at night). also the Dodorex needs a whole truck load of TLC poor fella dodo + rex, what else could should child in need!!
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    They focus on something else (quality of life and gameplay things) and maybe on the new dlc after that. Don't worry, they'll come back with TLC the same way they made with sabers, then pause, then rex, wolf... They don't leave TLC, they only have to manage their work to avoid a delay for Extinction DLC. And they probably won't forget dinos in extinction, they already put prehistorics on the bench for aberration, not gonna happen again as dinos are the heart of ARK. They will probably keep updating with new TLCs and Updates after it, to keep ARK fresh and unforgotten as they are perfectly doing since years. They should be an exemple to other (even bigger) studios as they turn this game into a long-term and followed game instead of a forgotten ark 1, ark 2, ark 3... that would force players to forget older variants by making new (not really better) game like EA or Ubisoft are used to do. TLC and Updates makes the game better, DLC (and maybe paid skins/servers ?) keep the money flow. Trust WC, those guys are one of the best studio, listening to players. Like a democratic game development. TLC will be back for quetz, araneo, megalodon and many others, just keep suggesting to share your ideas and they will probably listen to it
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    Doeds and megaloceros need to be able to gather berries. @Jatheish I remember Jeremy saying at one point he was going to put this into the game. Also need to stop the x10 pooping of the doeds as well. Really bad if you are farming, getting attacked and it stops to poop or you are rolling along and boom, it stops to let it all out 3 times in a row
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    I'd say that's a wrap guys, no more tlc until after the third dlc... which in my mind means never. I was worried when the trike was kind of half-assed - and the parasaur confirms it - the art team has been assigned to new things. I hope I'm just being cynical but I can't imagine them continuing to do free work once the season pass is done. I just hope whatever tacky cheap halo-looking sci-fi schlock comes next is worth it for everybody who likes that stuff. My hopes of that goddamng ugly Quetzal having some majesty are lost here's hoping I'm wrong.
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    Guess I'll just double on some suggestions as every vote (hopefully^^) counts. Araneo: Grappling hook feature is totally the first thing that comes to mind; Zipline interactions would come in handy as well but as it's a vanilla creature (not originating from Aberration) it's fine if it would never have one. Megalodon: Totally needs a boost not affecting much underwater caves difficulty.
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    And with all this guessing Extinction is not making it in March 2018 then? Complete silence on the DLC front.
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    I think it is great to go back and bug fix the game, but I also believe that there is still tons of Dinos I’m requirement of TLC. I sincerely hope once in a while some creatures will get new models and animations and abilities. I’m fine with them taking a break from TLC as long as it’s not believed by the developers to be “complete”. I also believe it is quite lazy since the parasaurs animations and model to be so outdated and still not get an update.
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    Please Give the Parasaur a visual upgrade it seriously needs it along with other creatures and saber needs abilities
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    You have to rename and move the profile matching your steamid there I think: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\SavedArksLocal\LocalPlayer.arkprofile SavedArksLocal is for TheIsland, you need to go under ScorchedEarth_PSavedArksLocal for SE, Aberration_PSavedArksLocal for Aberration, etc.
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    Seconding this; some creatures don't even have a kibble to tame them. You'd think by the time I've got the stuff I need to tame a giga with 100% effectiveness, I deserve to be able to do the same with a parasaur, but no, apparently. Meanwhile, kapro egg kibble and yu kibble have no use at all.
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    Dear ARK creators! Pleace add more wall trophies! Many players will be very glad see new trophies! You have boss, you have alphas but we all will be happy to se more thinks to put on the walls
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    Kibble trees need fixed too. Why on eart are low lvl creatures wanting high lvl dino eggs? It breaks the cycle of progression. Bronto to sabercat,fail, spino(Lvl 71) to shark(in the 30s),EPIC FAIL. Allo to tapa, ok i can live with that, but tapa to kapro...How the fruit can you justify the kapro being essentially a better dino then the allo?
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    I hadn’t thought of the overseer transformations, maybe I can figure out a decent solution. Oh, and the bosses would definitely have to have massive balance changes. I’m not sure how exactly, but the current fights are definitely way unbalanced. They should require work but not weeks/months of grinding on official servers. They’d all definitely be weaker, but still challenging. (Btw the “meh” boss in question was medium broodmother with rexes built for easy/medium dragon. And I did have single player settings disabled)
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    Ok, now for regular dinos: Carno: Being an early-game tame, not much should really change for the carno. It should be a lot faster, have quieter footsteps, and when sprinting it should gradually get faster, like the direbear. Give it better slope-climbing abilities, and a really tight turn circle, so it can become a small, powerful cheetahsaurus. Give it a secondary attack where it uses its horns to throw small opponents in front of it into the air, akin to the procoptodon kick, though this does more damage, flings the opponent higher and depending on the creature, farther (but it doesn’t work on anything bigger than itself) and of course, give it a roar (and better sounds) Megalodon: Megalodons need a MASSIVE rehaul. Make them skinnier, remove the stupid stripes (and replace them with more subtle tiger shark like ones) and change their colors so you can’t get a pink one with green stripes. Up their speed, and give them an aquatic version of the dire wolf sniffing ability (detecting creatures and players with 50 percent health or lower) EXCEPT when the shark gets near the creature it may go into a feeding frenzy (with a higher chance the lower the creatures health) similar to giga rage, during which the megalodon’s eyes go wide and solid black, and it is surrounded by a red blood cloud (similar to the alpha dino aura). It ignores all commands and instead swims around wildly focusing on only the creature that triggered the frenzy, until that creature is dead. Then it focuses on the next weakest creature, and so on until it just attacks everything around it. It will attack allies, and attract other sharks, tamed or wild, who also will go into a feeding frenzy. It kicks off its rider, and the frenzy does not wear off until the shark isn’t near any creature with health lower than 50 percent, and then it needs about 15 seconds to calm down (due to this it could theoretically continue its feeding frenzy indefinitely) This could easily be weaponised, giving the shark a new purpose, but making it a risky choice and encouraging the deep dive for a more powerful, more reliable sea mount. Parasaur: This creature is pretty stable as a early game tame, but needs a new model, and a new utility ability that could make it useful for the entire game: an alarm. When attacked, a parasaur will let out a warning call that will make any passive or skittish creatures flee (specifically, away from the parasaur who was attacked) and calling any dinos on neutral or aggressive to its aid. Optionally this warning will come up on the HUD, signifying a raid. This ability can be toggled so those without a reliable pen for flyers do not have them all flee to who-knows-where. This ability works similarly in the wild, but it doesn’t bring dinos to its aid (as that would make taming it unnecessarily difficult) it will just cause creatures within range to flee (making hunting difficult and possibly alerting other players to your location) Of course, it isn’t perfect. If the parasaur is killed before it’s alarm goes off, other creatures won’t flee or come to its aid, so raiders with powerful weapons could get past the defense without too much difficulty (especially with tek railguns) Stego: Stegos are just ugly, and their tank ability makes zero sense. It’s plates were not used as defense IRL so it shouldn’t be able to tank 50 autoturrets. Instead, maybe give it an insulation ability so early game players can get up north for pelts more easily, and possibly a very mild bleed with its tail attack. It should get a buff that when activated, makes its plates flush red (and aberrant stego’s plates to shimmer like a disco ball), intimidating potential predators. Not enough to make them flee mind you, but enough smaller predators will simply ignore the stego for the duration of the buff, unless they are attacked. This gives early game players a good traveling and gathering mount that can get them a little deeper into the island, and allows them to flee danger without a speedy mount. Ptera: Pteras are everyone’s first flyer. They should be adjusted accordingly, not crazy powerful but decent for short journeys from base to base. Fix the stupid wings, and remove the barrel roll completely (don’t worry, they get something else cool) Its already pretty slow as it should be, but it should use less stamina, effectively soaring. It gets a cool, new ability however: a dive-bomb. It works similar to that of the Griffin, except the dive cannot be translated into forward momentum, and once diving it’s hard to stop. It deals damage to a target on impact, increasing with speed. However, this dive bomb allows it to dive underwater, and grab a fish/small aquatic creature directly below it, carrying the carcass into the air. It continues carrying this carcass until told to drop it with the default attack button, allowing one to leave piles of fish in one spot (potentially for taming otters and hesperornis) It doesn’t do THAT much damage but a group of pteranodon can be effectively used to harass quetzals or wyverns. Quetzal: Quetzals are in a pretty stable spot atm, so I think they should get a new appearance (with an accurate stance, and the platform saddle can just flip upwards to accommodate this. To prevent its neck and head clipping into structures on the saddle, just make its neck bend down to varying degrees depending on how many structures there are) and maybe some balance changes (slight nerfs to what creatures it can carry, but small buffs to melee and speed, and a decent stamina buff, so it can fly for much longer, allowing it to remain in the air longer) It wouldn’t be a flying base, but a great transport and mobile smithy carrier. Also give it a big, long, noisy roarhonk that can be used almost constantly because why not. You could annoy your enemies to death! ”HONKHONKHONKHONKHONKHONK” I can already see the “NERF QUETZ HONK” threads.... Bronto: Make the bronto less ugly, harder to tame, but also more of a mobile minibase (paracer is a small-two man base carrier well suited for caravans, bronto is a 5-10 man, small travel base, and titan is massive megabase suited for war) Give it super high stamina, higher than it currently has, better climbing ability (like the rex got) and an attack that deals damage to targets directly in front of it, with a higher attack speed compared to tail whip (which would be weakened, but gets massive, and I mean massive, knockback. Galli: Firstly, COMPLETELY REDO SOUNDS. Secondly, give it an ability to trample enemy players and small creatures when sprinting, stunning then for quite a while (12 seconds to a player when trampled, dealing some torpor, and forcing them to prone) and it stacks, so a massive herd could be used to completely disable large squads of enemy players. “They’re flocking this way!” Also give it more feathers. Feathers are cool. And that’s all I can think of for now. I’ll add more when I think of them. Lemme know what you think!
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    All dinos that are useless or have goofy looking animations or looks needs a TLC will not list the awesome ones we already got done (was a hell good of a job!) , or are int he process of work : Bronto Carno Scorpion mesophitecus plesio mosasaur megalosaurus( could use some nice animation update specially the runing, that tail ... ) Giganotosaurus megalodon spider turtle Compy! Dilo! Diplodocus (for reals Dx) Doedicurus Galli Itchy Kentro Stego liopleurodon ( is like the phiomia of the ocean atm except less meat ) Lystro Megaloceros megalodon moschops (it looks like its made of plastic xD) paracer parasaur ptera quetzal (looks like anything except like the real deal o.o) This sums it up for me, what needs the touch of this magical designer team =0 !!!
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    personally i think the megalodon could really use a tlc update it basically looks like a football with fins and a mouth also alot of people complain that its small i think thats basically just an optical illusion due to how fat it is. it doesnt really even look like its dossier picture that shark is sleek and actually looks like it could be a sizable creature. as for abilities i think it should have something akin to the deathroll the sarco is gonna be getting but tailored towards attacking creatures as large or larger than itself instead of small creatures. with large prey or whale carcasses sharks latch on and thrash around to tear off large chunks of meat or open deep wounds possibly you should give wild megalodon the gnash ability like you did with wild ravagers. of course the thrash attack should be a little weaker than a sarcos deathroll considering megalodon are absurdly common in the ocean filling in roughly the same niche as raptors and ravagers.
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    For this game as it is i think the sharpen would be out of place. Idk if the thorns on the ank could justify a reflect or if it does a very little 1. We have to compare it to the kent. Im completely down with the golem bonus but as is idk know how effective it would be because the golem has big reach and knockback so the ank may not ever get a hit in. After dealing with jellies, barys, purlovias, and those god forsaken microraptors i absolutely cannot agree with ANOTHER stun animal. Stun is so OP as it is, and even tho we could utilize it for ourselves, it be such a hassle having wild anks dismounting us.
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    This idea is awesome and goes with the center perfectly. It could be used to explain why theres plesiosaurs in the glacial lake on the center lol
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    Hi, a creature will not pass imprinted stats, only the stat-values after a creature hatches are considered. Apparently the argentavis with 894 was imprinted 8 times with an imprinting bonus of 59%. Despite the higher stat-value, it still will only pass on 50 levels in weight and can be considered worse regarding breeding than a non-imprinted argentavis with 53 levels in weight and no imprinting. Killing the 894 argentavis did not make you lose your top-weight argentavis. For more infos on how breeding and imprinting works, see https://ark.gamepedia.com/Breeding and https://ark.gamepedia.com/Imprinting
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    Hi, I understand your concern and it's good to be suspicious, but this software is only available as windows-application for the moment. It's open source though, so you can check everything what the software does or even compile it yourself. If you don't understand the programming language that's no gain for you, but you may trust people that understand it that it will do no harm. Recently I saw a similar project (at least for the managing-/library-part) that is completely on a website, maybe you like this more:
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    The parasaur. For reals? i can think of so many other things in need of some love rather then that
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