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  1. Am I going mad in Aberration

    This reminds me of when they added new background noises to the island and everyone (including me) started hearing what sounded like screams when we were on mountain peaks. I think that it was concluded these were coyote howls or something, but this is really weird. I’ll have to try this myself on singleplayer sometime!
  2. Megalosaurus Grab Restrictions

    This reminds me of a time when someone complained on the steam forums about argies not being able to carry Brontos or something like that. And I don’t think karks can carry drakes, but I think they can carry spinos (not sure, but they usually can carry stuff rollrat size or smaller)
  3. Asc Ravager saddle BP broken

    Just out of curiosity, have you tried using a saddled beaver or thorny dragon leveled in weight? If you’re not on an official server, you could transfer one in (depending on the rules of your server) or simply cheat one. It’s not a perfect solution, but I guess it works in some cases. Maybe in a future update the Roll Rat or some other aberration creature could get a smithy-saddle. (This would make the Rollrat actually useful)
  4. What should I breed for mutations?

    So in addition to a breeding farm for boss battle megalosaurus and bulbdogs (the latter will probably just be one breeding chain until I get 2-4 good individuals) I plan on building a vast breeding farm for an aberration creature, purely for color mutations. This is on singleplayer so my breeding rates are massively boosted. Now, for the actual question: Which (breedable) aberration creature should I breed? I’m leaning towards the Roll Rat (they don’t have much use otherwise) Send me pics of your mutations too, I wanna see what looks nicest! (except Christmas creatures)
  5. Aberration creatures

    Here’s my thoughts on the new creatures, and why they aren’t as terrible as they seem on first glance: Firstly, Ravagers are not meant to be powerful hunting land mounts. They seem to be more of a scouting/travel mount for early-mid game players who want something better than a Raptor, but can’t afford to tame a Carno yet. Their weight reductions fit where you learn their saddle ingame; its at the point where you start to get more costly metal items, and so a moderate weight reduction that can move at a decent speed is good (especially for those who cannot go to biolum chamber for an anky) They can’t climb, but they make up for that with their ability to climb ziplines. So don’t think of them as a wolf/saber/thyla, think of them as an Equus that can hit a little harder and can ride ziplines. Secondly, Rock Drakes are not meant to be powerful war beasts with insane attack, they’re transport mounts that can get you literally anywhere, while also being able to camouflage (it is still easy to see, but I have found it rather useful in large, redwood-size trees, and it makes you less obvious and more difficult to shoot at) With a slow attack speed but decent ground speed and climbing/gliding, these clearly aren’t meant as the beast you will bring in the front lines of a raid, it is better suited to ambushes, or even sneaking into bases (not sure if camouflage hides from turrets, though) They also can use their boost/pounce attack similar to the griffin, as being camo’d and pouncing on an unprepared player can kill them rather easily, or stun them long enough to kill them. They, unlike wyverns, also get the benefit of a saddle, which provides armor (and a tek saddle, but wyverns may be getting that too so that’s not as important) With two seats and the camo ability, they seem more like a sniper’s mount than the warlord’s best friend that is the Wyvern. Thirdly, Roll Rats are meant as decent wood farmers with better speed and tankiness than a beaver (try riding a beaver and outrunning/tanking a pack of raptors or a carno) Their roll attack is meant as a panic button of sorts, and not an attack to be used constantly (however, they still should be rideable once the canopy breaks, but they then cannot roll) Fourthly, Reapers are meant as niche mounts that are cooler than a megalo and have the advantage of size, but they’re not as big as a rex or giga (they’re meant to be at spino level from what I can see, with the added benefit of poison attacks) They’re also not meant as war mounts, but reapers can be intimidating, not due to their appearance, but the fact that a tribe can afford to tame at least one successfully shows that they ain’t messing around (you need to kill multiple queens to get pheromones and be impregnated in the first place, and queens live in the deepest depths of Ark Hell) And finally, and this is purely conjecture, don’t take this as fact, it’s just a theory: Maybe aberration creatures were made to work best on aberration, and not to work best on other maps. WHOAH, THATS SHOCKING. NEW CREATURES FROM THE NEW DLC DESIGNED FOR THE DLC MAP, AND NOT ALL THE OTHER MAPS? ITS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!
  6. What are Nameless

    My theory: Aberration was never an Island ark, it was a Center ark (I know, they’re supposedly not canon, but from what I know, Helena and Rockwell just don’t visit them) Tjis would explain the vast cave systems that were apparently already under the ark before it fell apart. The Nameless are humans the ark was creating, but the bomb blast spawned them prematurely/they were mutated by the Element radiation. The reapers are an amalgamation of DNA with no primary basis, they just have the theropod body plan due to the vast number of theropods that went in there. With some human DNA in them as well, they had the intelligence to command the Nameless via pure might and their few similarities (similar hands, eyes, etc) This would also explain why we can’t see any recognizable terrain on the Surface, it’s just the sea bottom, and the smaller land masses were all crushed by the quakes. Some things we find only in aberration had existed prior: Charge nodes are essentially standard power outlets for the ark, that’s where they plug stuff in. The mushrooms were experimental hazards that had not been used yet, and some aberration creatures may have actually existed prior, as the ark is apparently perfectly capable of spawning in these creatures consistently (or they adapted/evolved to fit the situation better, and with sample specimens, the obelisks began spawning in the creatures on purpose, except for the Nameless and maybe the reapers, that’s likely due to malfunctioning spawners somewhere in the Element Chamber. But that’s just a theory, A GAME THEORY.
  7. Rolling Rats:) Wrong Material reduction

    Here’s how you could easily solve this problem: When rolling, the saddle still loses durability, but upon breaking, only the metal canopy breaks, so you can still ride the rat, but you can’t roll, or the rider and passengers take massive damage when rolling. The metal canopy could even be a separate engram that costs like 2-5 engram points, and requires you to have the saddle itself already unlocked. This way, you could potentially get higher quality canopies that last longer, and you can still have the cheap normal saddle without it (In the rat dossier, you can see the back of a roll rat being ridden without the canopy, so it being a separate item would make sense) The canopy would take up the majority of the metal cost of the saddle, and works like a skin. When it breaks, you are just left with the regular saddle (albeit with less armor) and you can still use the rat for gathering, but you can’t use its roll attack as a quick getaway when ambushed by Ravagers. And maybe the canopy can be deployed even when not rolling as a shield, but it can’t sprint or something while the shield is deployed to balance it. In addition to that, the Roll Rat definitely needs a weight reduction (even if it was only a small one) for wood, and maybe gems. And maybe it can be buried like a purlovia, basilisk, or reaper, except it can’t jump out and attack. Also, if it isn’t already, give it immunity to radiation sickness. Real-life naked mole rats are essentially immune to cancer, and I don’t think it would be much of a stretch to give the Roll Rat radiation poisoning immunity, considering some of ARK’s other logic (how the heck does the ptera fly?!?) This would make it useful as a mount for the Elemental Chambers, as it’s a tank that can quickly get out of a fight if it gets bad via rolling, and it could be used as a siege weapon (just have several canopies in the rat’s inventory and you’re good to go) Although, keep in mind that according to the dossier, the Roll Rat is meant as a transport (like a smaller, armored diplo) and not a powerful war beast like the rex. If anything, it can be used as a siege weapon, but not for killing enemy dinos, for busting holes in enemy walls or as a distraction (a roll rat goes charging towards a base followed by stegos, distracting the residents for a while, while a basilisk rider approaches the other side, with enough C4 to blow a hole in the wall, big enough the actual attack force can just stroll right in) But that’s just my 2 cents. I REALLY like Roll rats, so much I’m considering making my first singleplayer breeding farm in aberration dedicated to them, so I hope that they don’t become obsolete and somewhat useless.
  8. Metal Spawns?

    I found a few medium to large nodes right outside the portal on a small island, at 46 lat and 27 long. There is also a Plant Z there, and I saw a trilobite, so it may be a potential oil source. Be warned, the metal is surrounded by red mushrooms.
  9. Aberration 'Portal' starter area totally usless?!

    I agree, the Portal could at least use some “puddles” so new players could drink, but I like the no-building, as it at least leaves one spawn area unblockable for new players. This allows them to at least tame a parasaur or something before journeying into the deeper part of the ARK. Also, Fertile lake 2 seems to be the safest, but it certainly isn’t completely safe. Just stay clear of any karkinos or ravagers and you should be fine.
  10. So due to the weird aberration stuff, I have had to relocate ARK to a hard drive, but I cannot get the most recent patch to go to the hard drive. After leaving it for a while, I come back to see ark isn’t installed, when it is on my hard drive and should be. I usually play singleplayer, so will trying to reinstall ARK delete this data (for the island and SE) I can cheat it all back, but I would really prefer not to since I have got pretty much everything but some explorer notes.
  11. So aberration got leaked....

    Is that really a bad thing? With spoiled meat, you can make narcotics.
  12. So aberration got leaked....

    It’s a shame it was leaked, but there’s a positive side to this: Aberration will not be able to be delayed by much more than a day, as they’re pretty set for release, if changing time on consoles allows people to play it early. (ps if someone sees a leaked video depicting the squidwyvern thingy, please lemme know where to find said video, I’m really curious about it)
  13. What are everyone's goals for Aberration?

    So there are these neat things called explorer notes that they added ages ago, and they provide the story for ark (which does exist, thank you very much) They are littered all across the map, and when you find one, you get a neat XP boost too! There are a bunch of characters in each map, and two of them appear on all 3 known maps (Helena and Rockwell) I’m super looking forwards to finding the explorer notes and discovering all there is to know about aberration’s story. The devs also knew about the whole story from the beginning (including ascension, and what the ARKs themselves would look like) Also, we were not put there by aliens, but by our own descendants (in the end of the Tek cave we see a blurry hologram of a species called Homo Deus, which translates to Man-God) The planet the arks are orbiting is actually a dead earth far in the future, and the Homo Deus are the (endangered) creators of said arks. The exact reason why is currently unknown, but that’s what I’m hoping to find out in Aberration.
  14. Theories of Aberration boss

    I remember, but I play singleplayer and thus by the time I will reach the boss (I have a few friends and permanently boosted rates on my side) I will be able to bring my wyverns in, if they can’t be transferred onto singleplayer aberration from the beginning. I intend to not actually use flyers on the map at all other than the boss fight, however.
  15. Wingsuit Too OP/Unbalanced

    Well glow sticks are powered by Charge energy, according to current knowledge. This DRASTICALLY weakens Reapers and Nameless, making it easier to fight them. Turning up gamma, using torches/flashlights/miner helmets does not have this effect; if you want to debuff the Nameless, you must fight them near a Charge node, have a lantern pet nearby that is actively using Charge, or use glow sticks. Thusly, it’s not a bad idea to have some glow sticks in one’s inventory in case you run into Nameless during a metal run without a lantern pet. Plus, they’re small, and thus give little meat, and on one of the twitch livestreams, it took the streamer ages to kill off a group of Nameless, even with a Rock Drake, as he didn’t have the advantage of charge.