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  1. Hoo boy, I’m hyped. ARK is a heavily flawed game, yes. I’m not excusing the dev’s poor decisions or inability to fix issues at all, but I’m still hyped. I’m not the most serious player, I mostly use ARK as a way to goof off by myself or with friends. I don’t play Official at all, but I do feel for those that do. I feel bad you guys who work so hard have it so rough what with all the issues Wildcard doesn’t fix. However, I can still enjoy the game for myself. Even if a game doesn’t fit one person’s standards, it can fit someone else’s. So long as I have a few friends and creatures to fool around with I’ll have fun. Doesn’t mean ark is a GOOD game, but I still enjoy it. It’s the same with the new Pokémon games. They probably won’t be the greatest, but I’ll still enjoy them myself. On a less serious note, super hyped for new creatures, especially aquatic ones. They’re the big draw for me, and the fact we’ll probably get extra with part 2 is really exciting.
  2. It’s TECHNICALLY there, there’s just no link on the steam page yet. I found it earlier, I’ll grab ya a link if I can. In the meantime price is 35 US dollars for season pass but nothing on individual DLCs.
  3. Okay, so as far as I can tell this is far from the full extent of content in Genesis. More creatures will probably be revealed in torn dossiers as we get closer to release. Plus, this is the season pass price. Each of the two halves of Genesis will probably be a little bit smaller than a normal DLC, but still come with lots of content, as they’re slightly cheaper than regular DLCs. Genesis as a whole may have DOUBLE the content of a regular DLC for map size and creature diversity. I would suggest waiting to buy to see more of it (I’m doing so meself) but I think the price is really reasonable.
  4. Me and a buddy are currently prepping to tame our first Titan on a singleplayer world and I had a few questions. First, I wanted to confirm I CAN summon other titans even if there is one already tamed (so I can summon a Desert Titan after taming the Ice Titan) Secondly, do you still get loot/tekgrams from taming rather than killing them? If necessary we can get the engrams via cheats but I’d prefer not to if I can avoid it. Finally, how do bases on Titans work in the King Titan arena? Would it be possible to have beds/turrets inside to aid in the fight?
  5. The new patch is brilliant! The ability to pick up structures is nice, though I think it should be changed to a full minute with some utility structures pickupable forever empty storage crates, decorations, maybe fences, etc) The kibble rework will be a lifesaver on Official, but you’ll need to change the recipes so they can be made on any map. After that, I’m pretty happy with this! Looks like it’ll make things a lot less tedious and more enjoyable overall.
  6. I may be wrong, but supposedly you can get TEK blueprints from Orbital Supply Drops which can be used without fighting bosses. Additionally, they might be able to have higher quality but I’m not sure about that. You do have a point though, it could use work. Maybe have Titans unlock various tekgrams, with the Aberration and Scorched (when they release) ones remaining exclusive to their map and rare OSD rewards so youre still encouraged to do all maps but you don’t need to.
  7. This bugs me that this problem exists. They could have a very simple fix for this, and that’s just forbidding any corrupted creature from entering the City. It makes sense lore-wise, and would solve all the high level corrupted’s issues. If a forcefield is impossible, just have corrupted’s take damage at a decent pace while inside the city so you can’t farm corrupted creatures easily, but there aren’t swarms of wyverns scattered about. This means people would still need defense, but not nearly as much as they need now. You COULD have them die instantly upon entering the city but I feel that would be too easily exploited.
  8. I can kinda agree with that, but I follow the philosophy that everyone should be given a certain level of respect and kindness regardless simply because they’re human, and they deserve it. My only exception is people like murderers and what have you. Wildcard isn’t as bad as murderers, no? They’re most certainly not my most respected group of people (far from it actually) but I treat them with respect and kindness because they’re humans who do this for a living, many of them having families to feed. Simply because you don’t like their game isn’t a good reason to be an a**hole to them. Especially when they aren’t deliberately being malicious. They’re pretty clearly just clueless. Mind you, I’m not trying to defend the devs. All I’m saying is, could you guys please not be so ANGRY? It gets kinda tiring seeing all these people getting so worked up over such a minor thing. Complain to them all you want, just do it calmly and respectfully. Trust me, I know from experience that it’s more effective in general.
  9. Velonasaurs don’t need a nerf yet, and here’s why: First off, they’re a viable means of base defense early game. They’re the first and often last line of defense against corrupteds kited into the City. Secondly, they’re not perfect. They’re small, fairly slow, and are fairly easy kills. They’re basically glass cannons. They’re a bad idea for fighting lots of bigger creatures, especially when you consider the Snow Owl, which is basically the main counterplay to Velonasaurs with its healing abilities.
  10. I’m pretty sure part of the problem is the way models work in Unity, or whatever engine the devs use, there are limitations involving feathers that make it difficult for wings to fold properly. That combined with the general difficulty in making long feathers or fur look good means they had to have a fairly Argy-like model. Fortunately it has flying animations and a general wing shape that differs enough from the Argy to help ease this problem.
  11. Wait, you can actually tame more than one on servers? THAT needs a change. A nerf would be good too but I think it’s a bad idea to globally nerf their stats into the ground for PVE player’s sake (they’d become even more useless) Having a major debuff outside Extinction would be good, as would a general weakness to Element weaponry/Tek creatures (including MEKs)
  12. Jesus Christ, the devs deserve respect because they’re HUMAN BEINGS. We can’t expect perfection from them. We can expect a lot better, but we CERTAINLY don’t need to be a**holes about it. Everyone except basically murderers and other people on those levels deserves plenty of respect. You shouldn’t treat someone badly just because they made a game that has bugs, especially before you know their intentions and feelings. They almost certainly aren’t sitting back and laughing maniacally at all the problems they’ve made. If the game and it’s devs tick you off so much, why do you still play? You evidently aren’t getting much fun out of it. It’d probably be a good idea to do something more productive or at least something that doesn’t upset you so much. Also keep in mind that IT’S A VIDEOGAME. Not reality. Not required to live or anything. It’s just a nice thing to enjoy when you have free time. And to OP, thank you for finally saying something positive. The devs made a game that we all seem to enjoy despite its flaws, and they deserve better than the treatment we’ve given them. Hats off to the devs!
  13. I agree. I like the nomadic playstyle it seems to encourage, and the map as a whole. It’s got some of everything aside from beaches or oceans, but I never liked those areas anyway. As for Element, dust is a pain to grind BUT the element veins are disabled, and once they’re reenabled it might make Element much easier to procure.
  14. So I decided to just cheat myself a Gasbags to figure out what you’re supposed to do with them, and they honestly handle more like a glider or hot air balloon. A summary of how I got them to work: Firstly, I pumped oxygen to 5000, so I’ve got loads. Don’t bother with pumping anything but oxygen or weight, but you might increase the health and stamina depending on your gasbag. I take off via tapping space. I hold down W for a few seconds which usually sends me with enough momentum in the direction I wanna go. I don’t fly very high, but gasbags seem to be meant to float just to get over obstacles with ease. If I start dropping too low and I don’t want to land, I hold W for a few seconds or until I’m far enough from the ground. I can’t really control where exactly I land but I don’t empty my tank unless I’m over water, because if I’m high enough I would miss my landing spot by a significant amount with my current momentum I’d take significant fall damage.(Though it does get easier to judge when to boost and how long it takes a gasbag to land as you fly) TLDR: Gasbags aren’t meant for high-altitude flight like other flyers, but rather they’ve just got a really big jump of sorts, and they need a little bit of finesse to use. I find flying them rather fun, and they make good pets if anything because they’re so cute. Plus, I recall hearing Jen say they have amongst the highest base weight stats in the game, though I’m not sure if this is true. It’s a shame they can’t maintain altitude like other flyers, but they’re breedable so someone could probably get one with insane oxygen, enough to fly for far longer and probably higher.
  15. So as you may know, there was a bug for Singleplayer that caused the Island and Extinction to share saves that was recently fixed. I’m double checking here to make sure I can simply restart the Island with a new character and not lose my Extinction one. If I can’t just click create new survivor in the respawn menu to do so, what can I do to achieve this effect?
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