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  1. Lindwyrms are terrestrial. This has wings. It is probably classified as a Long, or Chinese dragon. This is reinforced by the presence of fur and other mammalian traits (common in Longs) It does have wyvern-like characteristics however (forearms are wings, while Longs usually have none) However, it shows Titan-like traits (its belly is covered in element, like the Frost Titan) so it’ll probably be called the Sky Titan or something similar.
  2. RowletAlex

    Dino Cap.. and the silence from WC

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but here’s what I know about the Cryo Chamber and how it’ll help: To start, it is in fact TEK. This means it won’t be accessible for everyone but it makes sense. It’s super sci-fi. Secondly, you start with a building (like cloning chamber) but dinos are put in item form within it. These cubes WILL slowly decay in a player’s inventory, BUT they do not when kept in the storage built-into the freezing chamber. I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure dinos can be kept indefinitely this way. There will certainly be a storage limit but this will probably ease a lot of the tame cap problem and mega-tribes can use these instead of finding servers to dump dinos on, because they can probably afford to have large complexes for this. They may still use “dump servers” with many cryochambers, but at least it won’t count towards tame cap. It won’t solve the ENTIRE problem, but it should help to at least leave enough space to take stuff most times. Alternatively, they still count towards tame cap and are effectively useless except for space (still helps with giant storage barns and lag I bet) Just in case I sent an email asking about it for the ARK Digest. We’ll see if they answer on the 20th. EDIT: Thought I might add they’re working on a cooldown so dinos are “confused” and cannot be used for a few minutes after being released from cryo Chambers so they cannot be used for dino bombing raids. I imagine people might worry about that (I did too before I read the whole article on Extinction) It still might be possible if said dinos can hide or tank for that time (anywhere from 2-12 mins I expect) but it probably won’t be effective aside from blocking stuff off. However each pod probably has a cost to freeze dinos so this may be too expensive to use.
  3. RowletAlex

    Reasons to not make Ark2 and expand Ark

    How many times must I say it, THEYRE NOT GOING STRAIGHT TO ARK 2 AFTER ARK IS DONE. There was a single interview where Jeremy (iirc) mentioned he was open to the idea, but that’s never really how it works. If they DO make an ark 2 they’ll wait until the industry has advanced a few years so they have better stuff to work on and it’s not the same consoles all around. ARK hasn’t even been out of early access for a year and people already want a sequel. Wait at LEAST 4 years before you start clamoring for ARK 2. If they begin sooner, great. But they’ve still got stuff they wanna do for ARK 1 (official mods, bug-fixes, etc etc) The Last DLC isn’t even out yet! And I expect we WONT’ get the ability to transfer to the new game. A benefit of a sequel would be that everyone starts fresh, plus this is probably impossible especially if they switch engines. A building rehaul is pretty likely, however. Also, of all the games to compare ARK to, you chose Ocarina of Time. The problem is these are two TOTALLY different games. ARK is a sandbox survival game with a story distributed in a pretty good way for a sandbox. I like that the story isn’t shoved down my throat in a game like this, because with sandboxes it’s partially you making your own story and doing as you please. If I want to be a butcher who sells fresh-cut phiomia meat, I can. I don’t have to be the ultimate survivor or main character if I don’t want to. A better Zelda game to compare ARK to is Breath of the Wild and even then they’re both MILES apart. It’s still story-driven by a lot, while ARK has a segmented story that gets gradually more important as you go along. And if you’ve gotten through the DLC maps in a week doesn’t mean everyone has. I took several months to do SE on single player even with boosted rates because I LIKE taking my time to chill and do random stuff rather than advancing as soon as I finish one thing. This is a problem with your play-style, not the game itself. Also, how the heck are the aberration caves small?!? (unless you mean artifact caves, but they’re not intended to be big and open) I’m not at all gonna take your post seriously because you seem to want ARK to become a totally different game, rather than enjoying and wanting to build upon its existing features. You ask for Skyrim-like quests, which generally isn’t a sandbox/survival game thing. Just because it’s not story-focused doesn’t mean the story is bad. This concludes my rant.
  4. RowletAlex

    Ark Atlas - Pirate-mod or new map or what?

    Almost certainly a new game. It’s actually a lot harder than you think to make a dramatic change to something as complicated as water in a game. Coding is tough, game development isn’t just “oh, lemme spend a day or so to code this new feature” it takes WEEKS to do this stuff, often more for massive changes like a large water physics change. @devilkingx2 It’s EXACTLY that absurdly complicated, and would require rewriting so much base code it’s a lot easier to just restart from the ground up rather than wreck everything and have to clean up the mess after you get the physics working kinda how you wanted. It doesn’t require an engine switch necessarily, Sea of Thieves is also unity and has pretty good water compared to ARK. However it isn’t just a matter of replacing some words and numbers and flipping some switches. THIS is why I hate people who say “FIX UR GAME” all the time. You can’t just go and fix a bug, especially when these can be deeply hidden and the problem could be one letter out of place amongst billions. Saurian had to reverse a patch a few weeks ago due to a major performance issue and it took them 3 WEEKS to MAYBE fix it. It’s not as simple as you might think. Major changes take longer with a somewhat small team like Wildcard, but it’s not hard when you’re a big corporation like Snail Games. They seem to be a Chinese version of EA and probably have cubicle farms working on this. Plus, I see not one Specimen Implant or Obelisk anywhere. The ARK logo is also absent. This combined with the fact Wildcard IS ALREADY PROMOTING A MAJOR DLC, which is supposed to be the ending of ARK’s story, means this is certainly not a DLC. It won’t be part of ARK, it just has ripped assets, as Dark and Light does. Its probably not anything to bat an eye at, looking at Snail’s past ARK ripoffs. Aside from PixArk they didn’t really get a lot of attention as far as I’m aware. Once this thing is released it’ll be forgotten within 3 months.
  5. RowletAlex

    Ark Atlas - Pirate-mod or new map or what?

    This has Snail Games written all over it, and I bet that Wildcard never even touched this thing. It’s LITERALLY Sea of Thieves but with ark assets. Wildcard can do some strange stuff but they don’t seem like the type to go and blatantly copy a game because it’s popular. Snail games on the other hand is EXACTLY that type. The seemingly random quality/style of the assets used also smells like snail games, and the proverbial nail in the coffin: The Direbear has its old, outdated model. Snail has already been shown to not use the TLC redesigns so this just proves my point more. I expect it’ll go into Early Access as soon as it’s officially revealed, while Dark and Light isn’t even finished AFAIK.
  6. Those tendrils? Almost certainly feathers. Look up bronze parotia, birds can have weird wiry feathers like that. Generally birds don’t use any form of feather/filament for sensory purposes, with a few exceptions (kakapo being the only one I know of) Also, look up Harpy Eagle. They resemble this animal almost more than it does an owl.
  7. If you don’t mind my asking, any particular reason why? I wouldn’t really mind if it were a Titan but I’m interested to see why you wouldn’t want it as one. No offense, of course.
  8. HOLY MOTHER OF ROCKWELL WE GOT A GIANT OWL OK, so my theories/thoughts on this creature: 1, it’s definitely mount-sized. It might be a Titan (the sky god to make wyverns look weak) but judging by it’s artwork it’ll be big enough to ride. 2, it might not JUST be an owl. It shares a funny resemblance to a harpy eagle. It definitely took some inspiration from owls though. 3, it resembles a Featherlight a bit. Just saw a fleeting resemblance. 4, it’s COMPLETELY AWESOME. Cannot wait to tame it! EDIT: If it IS a Titan, I’m naming mine Vah Medoh as soon as I tame it.
  9. RowletAlex

    So, what do you think is next for ARK?

    Another possibility is most of the team will move on to another game, unrelated to ARK. A few members will remain for bug fixes and other small patches but we won’t get any content after Extinction/they begin developing the new game.
  10. RowletAlex

    So, what do you think is next for ARK?

    I’m pretty sure that ark 2 isn’t actually a thing, and Jeremy just mentioned in an interview he was open to the idea. I expect after Extinction we’ll get seasonal events, maybe a new creature/items/skins every now and then, and more focus on big TLC patches, official mods/official mod maps, bugfixing, and MAYBE getting stuff like Primal Survival, SOTF, new game modes, etc. We almost certainly won’t get ALL this stuff, but I expect this will be what is within the realm of possibility.
  11. RowletAlex

    Kaiju confirmed

    And as you said it’s easier to be a king in a pond rather than the ocean, it’s easier to fit (and hide) an entire navy in an ocean than it is a pond. What I’m saying is, from what I’ve read alphatribes are often strewn across multiple servers, and when they get raided they just bring in more weaponry/dinos from their other servers and sooner or later overpower their foes. If titans were not transferable and were the primary viable way of battling other titans/item and/or dino transfers weren’t enabled, it’d be easier to transfer in the needed resources to tame one/sneakily build up and tame a titan, which you would use to usurp the alpha/at the very least stop them being the unconditional dictator of an entire server. Either that, or titans ARE transferable, and are permanent, allowing for cross-server titan battles. That actually sounds like even more fun tbh. I have noticed problems with my ideas that involve permanent and non-transferable titans. I am however, going to stand by my ideas and opinions on how they should work. HOWEVER, let’s keep in mind pretty much all we know about titans is that they’re really big, you can tame them somehow, and must do so for the boss. It could end up that all our concerns are for no reason and titans are already reasonably balanced. Either way, whatever rules they apply to titans won’t affect me, because I play solo and can set it so they’re permanent should they be like Titanosaurs.
  12. RowletAlex

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    Your first point, I agree with (but still have some points I’ll point out) Those creatures COULD be Petra’s or other flyers, but I’m pretty sure they’re dimorphs (they’ve got tails, or at least the ones in the first scene do) But who knows. I couldn’t care less about whether they have flyers or not, to be quite honest. However, the gasbag doesn’t really prove we’ll get true flyers, as the description sounds more like it can float, but not actually FLY. It supposedly inflates, takes off, and moves around by expelling the air from wherever it keeps said air. It seems to me it won’t actually sustain flight in a traditional sense (via flapping wings) and rather just keeps floating so long as it has air. Essentially, it’ll be like how the Rock Drake could glide, but wasn’t actually a flyer. And for the item balloons, I think that’s exactly the point; they’re super useful to transport resources/items for whatever reason, but there’s no stopping anyone from shooting them down and stealing your stuff, unless you have an armed convoy guarding them, though that defeats the entire point of making one. For the aforementioned caravans/nomad tribes, I could see them being used over short distances to cart resources from a mining operation to a temporary encampment hidden in the woods, especially when pack mules couldn’t be used/aren’t viable (such as when your first pack mike can’t carry all the stuff you’ve collected, or during an element raid when there are loads of corrupted creatures about) For large tribes, they’d probably be used less, because you’ll have plenty of high-level gasbags who can get the job done, and you can get emergency supplies to someone via a mount rather than the slow item balloon. The farther your target the higher the risk, and that way they remain balanced. I imagine they’ll also have a weight/slot limit too, so they can’t carry all the materials needed to build a small base.
  13. RowletAlex

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    Well the problem with that is back then the game wasn’t finished, and didn’t have all the content. If you’ve ever watched/read any developer interviews, you’d know the sci-fi aspect was part of it from LITERALLY the beginning, before the game even started actual development (some of the first pieces of concept art were of what ARKs would look like floating in space, and the Overseer fight) Since telling everyone this would be HUGE spoilers, they kept quiet and left the fancier stuff (tek and endgame stuff) for later when they had more programmers/budget, and quite obviously, the game was mostly complete. Generally you don’t add the final boss before you add the first boss. The general idea for where the story would take us probably has gone the same way from the beginning (except back then they weren’t sure what earth would look like, etc etc) If you don’t like it and would rather play a game with just real dinosaurs and no sci-fi (that isn’t Primitive Plus) Saurian scratched that itch quite well for me. It’s still early in development (and is thus a little bare) but I still found it worth the price. TLDR: Devs NEVER once promised this would be solely a dinosaur survival game, and if you feel entitled to how it was in Early Access, tough luck.
  14. RowletAlex

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    I could understand if there were no flyers permitted and we had to use more ground caravan based stuff. With the cryo-cubes that allow you to carry dinos around in item form (no feeding either) it’ll be a lot easier to bring your large ground dinos from point A to point B. If Gasbags have a high enough base carrying stat, and potentially have a platform saddle (even a small one) I could see completely nomadic tribes being a viable option when building a gigantic megabase isn’t an option. This combined with the balloon crates would make it practically effortless to live a life on the ground without flying mounts.
  15. RowletAlex

    Kaiju confirmed

    Right, forgot about that. A one of each species per server rule would only result in problems now I think about it. And how would not allowing transferrals make alphas stronger? (Not being sarcastic, I’ve never actually played official so I don’t know exactly how alphatribe hierarchies work) But keep in mind the Titan seen in the trailer seems as big or bigger than the Titanosaur, and due to it having big pointy jaws with big pointy teeth and big pointy horns and big pointy claws (all things the Titanosaur lacks) it’ll probably be stronger offensively than the Titanosaur is.