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  1. What Are The Nameless?

    Am I literally the only one who has figured out that they’re mutated survivors/homo Deus, or both? The steam description describes the Nameless as humanoid/human-like, and the Reapers as “somewhat familiar” It could be one or the other, or the reapers are h.deus, and the Nameless are h.sapiens. Whichever one it is, they’re obviously descended from humans, because why would they make the most important (story wise) creatures in the expansion just hyenas and yuty’s? They may LOOK like them, but plot wise, it makes very little sense.
  2. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Will we get a reason to tame all four lantern pets, instead of just one? Like, what if one had a bigger light radius, another had bigger charge reserves, another could have a slower charge drain, etc.
  3. ARK Digest Q&A!

    I honestly don’t mind the delays to abberation, but can we please get a new trailer? Perhaps with footage of lampreys, the other two lantern pets we haven’t seen gameplay of yet, molerats, and the Cthulhu-wyvern thingamabob?
  4. ARK Digest Q&A!

    When will the Scorched Earth and Aberration soundtrack be added to iTunes? I love a lot of the pieces in SE, and the Aberration theme is probably my favorite piece in ark overall (eat your heart out, Overseer theme) Maybe get Gareth Coker to add the aberration theme to his SoundCloud? Thanks!
  5. DLC ideas

    Absolutely! I have more ideas for Chilled Earth, and I will add them here when I come up with them. Currently working on a rough map idea, trying to make sure it’s not scorched earth with snow instead of sand. EDIT: YES to the aquarium idea. Also, instead of regular hippos, why not hippopotamus gorgops, which was essentially a giant hippo that was 14 feet long.
  6. DLC ideas

    Woop! Here it is, the WIP ARK: Chilled Earth! ARK: chilled earth is essentially Scorched Earth’s polar opposite (ba dum tss) where survivors are placed on a completely frozen ARK where days are short, nights are long, and hypothermia will quickly set in if you don’t have fire, fur, or a friendly Confuciuraptor/Teepeesaur to help keep you warm. Many new creatures walk the frozen land, like Fire Beetles, Snow Voles, Giant Lynx, and the dangerous Yuki-Onna, amongst others. Survivors can craft a plethora of new items, like bow drills, coal carrying pouches, snowshoes, igloos, arrows with ropes attached to the ends, several new harpoons, bone needles for repairing armor on the go, canoes, and ice fishing equipment! New creatures: Fire Beetle Carries hot coals and extender fungus in its abdomen, essentially a jug bug Giant Lynx Capable of leaping from the snow and pouncing on prey, good for hunting. Also has an insulation effect. Snow Vole Can make tunnel systems in the deep snow, just big enough for a person. Confuciuraptor/Teepeesaur Gigantoraptor-Confuciusornis hybrid, can make a teepee of sorts with its wings that is incredibly insulating, and big enough for 2-3 people and a campfire. Can be ridden. Elephant Seal Your only water mount that you won’t die on while riding due to the freezing cold. Has very thick blubber that can be melted into oil. Giant Owl An enormous owl that can’t fly extremely quickly, mostly meant to be a hunting mount. It is silent, so creatures won’t aggro on it unless you get close enough Hippogriff CE equivalent of wyvern or griffin, difficult to tame, but worth it. Incredible ground speed with decent flight speed, and high HP, but attack is mostly useless. Generally used for traveling quickly. Snowshoe hare A snow version of the procoptodon, but it does not sink into the snow as a procoptodon or gallimimus (or any other large mount for that matter) would. Yuki-Onna An extremely dangerous large humanoid creature that is actually a bird, these creatures often appear to be a woman wearing a kimono to lost travelers in snowstorms at night, due to the poor visibility. It “rescues” them, then it takes them back to its lair and either freezes them to death or eats them. And sometimes, it will just kill you and eat you on the spot. Somehow tameable, and a powerful ally if you manage to do so. It can freeze enemies almost instantly, and carry humans and small creatures into the air (it can fly, but when mounted, it can only glide in a rockdrake like fashion) Polar bear A semi aquatic, larger, more powerful version of the direbear that has an insulation effect. Can dig ice fishing holes. (Not to be confused with the ragnarok polar bears, these are actual proper polar bears.) Musk ox These slow, huge herbivores are used as pack animals, but they also provide a source of wool/pelt (not as good as sheep though) More to come. New items: Bow drill This simple bow drill is necessary for making fire. You use it to get coals, and with tinder bundles made from bark, you can make flaming tinder bundles, which are necessary to light a campfire. Coal carrying pouch This leather pouch is used to extend the life of coals and keep them hot, and store them efficiently. Can be carried around and then placed, and then picked up again. Put extender fungus in it to keep the coals even longer. With this, your coals can potentially go forever. Ice saw This item is crucial for cutting your way through ice walls that often block your way in and out of various places, such as caves. Is also used to dig holes in the ice where you can fish. Snowshoes Snowshoes are crucial for traveling quickly in areas with deep snow. They are applied as skins to any shoe. Bone needles Bone needles are used to quickly and cheaply repair any armor that is chitin or weaker. Simple fur armor This simple fur armor isn’t as good as regular fur, and it is between cloth and leather (closer to leather) for the armor it gives and it’s durability, but in early game, it does the job. Made with lots of hide and some fur, mostly. (Obviously some fiber and thatch) Rope arrow These arrows have a long rope tied to the end, which can be used to tie down smaller prey, or trip enemies. The rope itself is made of fiber, and it costs like 50 fiber per arrow (rough guess) When fires from a bow, it costs stamina to reel in something by hand, but not with a crossbow. Uses one wood and one fiber to tie the rope down with a peg. Rope spear bolt These spear bolts have a rope tied into the end, which can be used to tie down larger prey, or harpoon and reel in medium animals. Multiple harpoons can be used to reel in large prey (ballistas mounted on longboats are perfect for whaling with these) Uses fiber and hide for the rope. Uses 5 metal and 15 fiber to tie down a rope on the ground. Can also be fired from harpoon guns, with no range difference above or under water. Bomb spear bolt These spear bolts have an explosive charge mounted on the shaft, with explosive power a little bit weaker than an IED. Bomb arrows Basically grenade arrows. Same as regular grenades, strength wise. Igloos Igloos are built with large amounts of snow, which can easily encumber someone. Fortunately, they can be built gradually, so one does not need all the snow at once. They act as a small tent that holds in warmth well. Canoes Small wooden canoes that one can fish on. No Leedsichthys on this map, since the ocean isn’t big enough. They cannot be built on, but longboat/Inuit whaling boat versions can be built that can have a ballista or a cannon mounted on the front. Oil hoses These advanced turrets shoot large fields of oil, which can be lit on fire with fire arrows or torches. Throwing knives These metal knives can be thrown at enemies, and they do more damage depending on their velocity (how long it was charged up) They also have a melee attack for close range. More to come.
  7. DLC ideas

    Ok, great! Lemme put together my ideas for my “Chilled Earth” DLC, and I will put them here. Also, Dinopithecus should be able to pick up cave lion cubs and lift them into the air a la Lion King.
  8. Is ARK compatible with steam cloud?

    Thanks for your help, I’m not a computer genius at all, so everything here is super helpful. I hope it’s helpful to someone else in the future too! Now I’m pretty sure all my questions have been answered, so I can figure everything else out myself.
  9. How are ya gonna play Abberation ??

    I’m also going in with no knowledge, but on singleplayer. I do have a few friends I will meet with to play aberration, so i won’t be completely alone, but the only research I’m doing is watching trailers and livestreams to get a general sense of what’s going on.
  10. DLC ideas

    I love these ideas! I have a little bit of constructive criticism (I sincerely apologize if I sound rude) Firstly, Quetzalcoatl boss is a great idea, but it/he was technically a gigantic feathered serpent (with wings in most depictions) and not a pterosaur, though a combo would be interesting. Secondly, most real-life Dino’s are generally from vanilla ARK with fictional/modern/fictional versions of modern creatures being in the DLCs, but I see no reason why they couldn’t be included here, as in my opinion, vanilla ark is WAY short on prehistoric creatures. Lastly, would it be all right if I put a few of my ideas in here? I have one big DLC idea now, and ideas for a “scorched earth +” and “aberration +” mod that I hope to make if/when I start using the devkit.
  11. Is ARK compatible with steam cloud?

    Wow, thanks for all your help, y’all! At this point, since it turns out I may be moving in about a year, I’m probably gonna rent a small nitrado server me and my buddies can play on. One question about that: Will I be able to access said server on both machines without messing up my SP data? (mostly out of curiosity, but if I got the server first, which I honestly might, I want to be sure about absolutely everything) Thanks for all your help! Y’all are the best! Once I start aberration, I will name some bulbdogs after you (I’m gonna breed thousands of ‘em)
  12. Nyctosaurus

    So if the devs decide to add more creatures to the island after all the dlcs, I had a perfect idea: the Nyctosaurus. What it would do is be like an island version of the jerboa, where it does different things when weather events are coming. For example, it could pant when a heat wave is coming, fluff it’s feathers and shake/shiver when cold is coming, and sniff the air when rain is coming. For these, it wouldn’t be much more than a different passive animation that you would have to watch closely in order to identify. It could have a panicked growl when a blizzard is coming, and on ragnarok, it could scream and panic at the top of its lungs when the volcano is about to erupt (not completely sure if this is a thing since I never played ragnarok), and once windstorms are added, it could bark at the sky like a jerboa does when a sandstorm is coming on SE. As an added bonus, it could attack any seagulls that try to steal from you when on your shoulder, (this would make sense since they occupy the same biological niche, and would probably be rivals if they lived together)
  13. Is ARK compatible with steam cloud?

    Ah, thanks! I will probably do like 10 backups to be safe, but thanks for your help!
  14. Is ARK compatible with steam cloud?

    Dangit. If I can’t figure out how to transfer the files (which I should be able to do, I’m just too lazy to) I don’t really mind if I can’t play ark on both computers, as the new bezel should arrive soon.
  15. Most Creative Dino Names

    I name half my creatures after Pokemon, and I come up with witty or cheesy names for any other Dino’s most of the time. Two of my quetzals are named Laputa (the name of the castle in the sky in movie of same name) and Southeast Airlines (joke on Southwest Airlines and the fact I tamed said quetzal in the southeast part of the map) I have a tapejara named Tom Haverford, just because I felt like it, honestly. My male daeodon is named Ron Swanson for his incredible appetite for meat, and I named my poop phiomia Jerry because it’s mostly useless. I named my favorite Dimorph after my pet lovebird, Ginkgo, and I named one of my otters after one of my favorite animal crossing villagers due to their similar color schemes. I was fortunate enough to get a basilo with an orca’s color scheme, so I named it Shamu. I ALWAYS name my jerboas Muad’Dib, after the Fremen name for jerboas/kangaroo nice in Dune. My favorite rock elemental, and the only one with a name, is called Rocky the Rock. My boss battle Daeodon and yuty are named Napoleon (animal farm) and Leeroy Jenkins, respectively.