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  1. RowletAlex

    So, what do you think is next for ARK?

    Another possibility is most of the team will move on to another game, unrelated to ARK. A few members will remain for bug fixes and other small patches but we won’t get any content after Extinction/they begin developing the new game.
  2. RowletAlex

    So, what do you think is next for ARK?

    I’m pretty sure that ark 2 isn’t actually a thing, and Jeremy just mentioned in an interview he was open to the idea. I expect after Extinction we’ll get seasonal events, maybe a new creature/items/skins every now and then, and more focus on big TLC patches, official mods/official mod maps, bugfixing, and MAYBE getting stuff like Primal Survival, SOTF, new game modes, etc. We almost certainly won’t get ALL this stuff, but I expect this will be what is within the realm of possibility.
  3. RowletAlex

    Kaiju confirmed

    And as you said it’s easier to be a king in a pond rather than the ocean, it’s easier to fit (and hide) an entire navy in an ocean than it is a pond. What I’m saying is, from what I’ve read alphatribes are often strewn across multiple servers, and when they get raided they just bring in more weaponry/dinos from their other servers and sooner or later overpower their foes. If titans were not transferable and were the primary viable way of battling other titans/item and/or dino transfers weren’t enabled, it’d be easier to transfer in the needed resources to tame one/sneakily build up and tame a titan, which you would use to usurp the alpha/at the very least stop them being the unconditional dictator of an entire server. Either that, or titans ARE transferable, and are permanent, allowing for cross-server titan battles. That actually sounds like even more fun tbh. I have noticed problems with my ideas that involve permanent and non-transferable titans. I am however, going to stand by my ideas and opinions on how they should work. HOWEVER, let’s keep in mind pretty much all we know about titans is that they’re really big, you can tame them somehow, and must do so for the boss. It could end up that all our concerns are for no reason and titans are already reasonably balanced. Either way, whatever rules they apply to titans won’t affect me, because I play solo and can set it so they’re permanent should they be like Titanosaurs.
  4. RowletAlex

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    Your first point, I agree with (but still have some points I’ll point out) Those creatures COULD be Petra’s or other flyers, but I’m pretty sure they’re dimorphs (they’ve got tails, or at least the ones in the first scene do) But who knows. I couldn’t care less about whether they have flyers or not, to be quite honest. However, the gasbag doesn’t really prove we’ll get true flyers, as the description sounds more like it can float, but not actually FLY. It supposedly inflates, takes off, and moves around by expelling the air from wherever it keeps said air. It seems to me it won’t actually sustain flight in a traditional sense (via flapping wings) and rather just keeps floating so long as it has air. Essentially, it’ll be like how the Rock Drake could glide, but wasn’t actually a flyer. And for the item balloons, I think that’s exactly the point; they’re super useful to transport resources/items for whatever reason, but there’s no stopping anyone from shooting them down and stealing your stuff, unless you have an armed convoy guarding them, though that defeats the entire point of making one. For the aforementioned caravans/nomad tribes, I could see them being used over short distances to cart resources from a mining operation to a temporary encampment hidden in the woods, especially when pack mules couldn’t be used/aren’t viable (such as when your first pack mike can’t carry all the stuff you’ve collected, or during an element raid when there are loads of corrupted creatures about) For large tribes, they’d probably be used less, because you’ll have plenty of high-level gasbags who can get the job done, and you can get emergency supplies to someone via a mount rather than the slow item balloon. The farther your target the higher the risk, and that way they remain balanced. I imagine they’ll also have a weight/slot limit too, so they can’t carry all the materials needed to build a small base.
  5. RowletAlex

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    Well the problem with that is back then the game wasn’t finished, and didn’t have all the content. If you’ve ever watched/read any developer interviews, you’d know the sci-fi aspect was part of it from LITERALLY the beginning, before the game even started actual development (some of the first pieces of concept art were of what ARKs would look like floating in space, and the Overseer fight) Since telling everyone this would be HUGE spoilers, they kept quiet and left the fancier stuff (tek and endgame stuff) for later when they had more programmers/budget, and quite obviously, the game was mostly complete. Generally you don’t add the final boss before you add the first boss. The general idea for where the story would take us probably has gone the same way from the beginning (except back then they weren’t sure what earth would look like, etc etc) If you don’t like it and would rather play a game with just real dinosaurs and no sci-fi (that isn’t Primitive Plus) Saurian scratched that itch quite well for me. It’s still early in development (and is thus a little bare) but I still found it worth the price. TLDR: Devs NEVER once promised this would be solely a dinosaur survival game, and if you feel entitled to how it was in Early Access, tough luck.
  6. RowletAlex

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    I could understand if there were no flyers permitted and we had to use more ground caravan based stuff. With the cryo-cubes that allow you to carry dinos around in item form (no feeding either) it’ll be a lot easier to bring your large ground dinos from point A to point B. If Gasbags have a high enough base carrying stat, and potentially have a platform saddle (even a small one) I could see completely nomadic tribes being a viable option when building a gigantic megabase isn’t an option. This combined with the balloon crates would make it practically effortless to live a life on the ground without flying mounts.
  7. RowletAlex

    Kaiju confirmed

    Right, forgot about that. A one of each species per server rule would only result in problems now I think about it. And how would not allowing transferrals make alphas stronger? (Not being sarcastic, I’ve never actually played official so I don’t know exactly how alphatribe hierarchies work) But keep in mind the Titan seen in the trailer seems as big or bigger than the Titanosaur, and due to it having big pointy jaws with big pointy teeth and big pointy horns and big pointy claws (all things the Titanosaur lacks) it’ll probably be stronger offensively than the Titanosaur is.
  8. RowletAlex

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    I’m honestly putting more trust in WC this time when it comes to a release date. Last time, with aberration they said it’s release would be in October (around a month) and gave no exact date. Due to the release being so soon after the reveal a delay was inevitable. This time around, we’ve got 5 months, which is plenty of time to work out the kinks without the pressure of already being delayed, and they’ve got an exact date this time (not just “holiday 2018” or “November 2018”) so they’re evidently more sure about it. In addition a full year of development probably means it’ll be more polished to start. NOT bug free mind you (seriously, this IS WC we’re talking about) but less buggy than aberration was. But knowing WC, they’ll have technical difficulties when pushing the patch out, so it’ll probably be closer to November 7-8 when the majority of people can actually download/play it.
  9. RowletAlex

    Kaiju confirmed

    My guess as to how they’ll work: Titans are permanent tames, but are incredibly difficult (think passive taming a tuso but you only have you and fellow tribesmen for bait difficulty) The whole idea with extinction is you’re fully ascended, so on official servers it’ll be something along the lines of bringing the entire tribe and 20+rexes, defeating and taming the titan, and THAT’s how you become king of the server. Titans won’t be transferable between extinction servers, so are permanently stuck in one world. Additionally, tribes can only own one titan (or only one of each species), and they could make it to where two tribes with titans cannot make an alliance or war on the same tribe, but that probably won’t happen. To usurp an alphatribe you simply build up on another map and tame a titan on that server and use it to beat the alpha’s titan. Then you use your titan to destroy their base so it’s more difficult for them to get another titan quickly so yo have at least SOME time as the alpha tribe of your server. Plus there are probably only 3 titans (give or take) and only one of each titan species can exist at any one time (or something like that) so it won’t be twelve different tribes that are all part of one alphatribe collective with multiple titans wreaking havoc on a server. If not, good luck usurping an alphatribe on extinction that already has dozens of titans. I’ll be in single player goofing off with them and having a grand old time.
  10. RowletAlex

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    I love it, and how it seems to blend together everything from all 3 past arks. Titans look amazing and I can’t wait to build an army (especially if the dodorex, or a gigantic version thereof, is amongst them) The new creatures seem cool too, and I don’t care what they are so long as most, if not all are rideable. Aberration had a decent number of creatures IMO, but having 4 shoulder ones and 2 more untameable is pretty disappointing. However, there is one thing I’m concerned about. It seems many of the items are TEK-tier, as are a few creatures (the teleporting dude might be craftable) Will we have to go in the game already at max level, or is it viable to start anew? I’ve always preferred starting from the beginning on each DLC, and starting already max level would kinda ruin the gradual progression for me. Even so, I’ll play it anyways because I got the season pass AND it looks friggin awesome. And to those who are complaining about the game not being a dinosaur game anymore: It never was. When I bought the game I’d already acknowledged its scientific inaccuracy and simply treated it as a sci-fi survival game that happened to have dinosaurs in it. When aberration released I wasn’t dissapointed by the lack of real dinosaurs, because the new stuff was cool and there are only so many groups of dinosaurs one can put into a game before they start becoming clones of one another (which is also why I’m glad the new skin dinos are just skins. Had they been actual dinos with identical AI and abilities, people would have complained they weren’t unique and should have been skins) Ark was never purely a dinosaur game, it has always been, and always will be a sci fi game with dinosaurs in it. If you don’t want that go play primitive plus, and if primitive plus isn’t your cup of tea go play Saurian instead.
  11. RowletAlex

    Exstinction dinos

    I’m not getting my hopes up about the poster dinos being added. They’re just using random dinosaurs in a nice poster, maybe all the artist was told was “do a brontosaurus, a different kind of triceratops and that small pachy from the new Jurassic movie” It doesn’t mean anything. Plus, if anything, Pachy needs a TLC rather than a replacement. Plus stiggy/dracorex was actually tiny, and they’re actually (almost certainly) just juvenile pachycephalosaurus. I know ark isn’t meant to be accurate, but what the heck could stiggy add to the game the pachy doesn’t already do. It’s too big for shoulders and too small to ride, so it’s pretty useless. Just because they use a Jurassic Park slogan and a dinosaur that is also featured in a Jurassic Park movie means NOTHING. It’s a game about dinosaurs, sooner or later games about dinosaurs will reference it. Now, for creatures in Extinction: I expect there will be few, and almost all will be mutated to a degree. They’ll be the hardiest creatures known on earth, and the most adaptable. Rats, raccoons, vultures, seagulls, house flies, mosquitos, weasels, domestic cats, domestic dogs, House sparrows, rabbits, wild boars/pigs, opossums, roaches (obviously) and of course, pigeons. Funny coincidence, dodos are technically pigeons. And there’s a certain creature rumored to become canon in Extinction closely related to dodos...Yeah, the dodorex will probably be added. Any invasive species, really. Fire ants could be added somehow (maybe the unused Swarm creatures in the devkit?) I’m not sure that the theme will be hybrids, because it’ll just end up being people whining about “Do x mixed with x!” And being disappointed they couldn’t ride BOTH their favorite creatures. Rather, mutated, adaptable animals that could survive a mass extinction (including man) and Kaiju. These will be the Ultimate Life-Forms created by Homo Deus that escaped their ARKS/were failures and went unused and so now live out their days on Earth. The mysterious roar in the teaser belongs to one such creature, who lives underground (it sounded underground/muffled to me) Other creatures may have a burrowing lifestyle as well. I also think that we’ll meet Homo Deus at the end, and figure out what their exact goal is. I’m 99 percent sure the homo Deus hologram in the tek cave is actually a homo Deus, silently watching us. We’re almost certainly figure out their true intentions, which I think are good ones, but we are either: 1. Not meant to reach earth, and are supposed to eventually become homo Deus. Their intentions are good, but their plans don’t do much for them in the long run/they’re somewhat misguided. 2: We are at some point meant to reach earth, and are just fulfilling the homo Deus’s goal of repopulating and healing the earth and THEN becoming homo Deus or something. Their intentions are good and they’re (probably) taking the right course of action. But that’s just a theory. A GAME THEORY.
  12. RowletAlex

    Rex sounds

    Yeah, I mean listen to this, it’s literally a billion times better than the ark rex (and the JP rex in my opinion)
  13. RowletAlex

    What the Extinction DLC is going to be...

    Yeah, I ain’t seeing any water. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE a DLC focused around island hopping and life on the seas, but I don’t really expect we’re going to be getting it on a post apocalyptic wasteland planet full of mutant creatures. My guess is it’ll be like a mix of the aberration surface biome and SE, except without instant death fire every day (it seems earth still has an atmosphere, albeit a somewhat thin one) My guess as to what the mystery liquid is: Lava. This is gonna be a fire themed map, with ash everywhere (including clouds that choke you) volcanic eruptions, little plant life, deadly magma flows, and pretty much no water. The ARK we see in the ground in the aberration ascension may act as a form of oasis, a place where beginners can gather food and have easy access to water, and get set up before venturing out into the dangerous world somewhat similar to earth after the impact of the Chicxulub meteor. This brings me to my next theory: Hackers have exposed that earth as seen in aberration ascension has a MASSIVE crater in it. My guess is, the earth was impacted by a gigantic meteoroid (possibly the moon) causing all life except a few humans to survive. These humans became the Homo Deus and created the ARK program, sometime shortly before/after the impact. Extinction will have a theme about earth being the ultimate test, a test to see which life forms are successful and crafty enough to survive, thrive, and eventually repopulate the planet (as the mammals and to a lesser extent, birds did in the Paleogene)
  14. RowletAlex

    Rex sounds

    So I think the current rex sounds are awful and screechy, and they definitely need changing. The devs should do something similar to Saurian’s rex, which has deep, intimidating sounds without simply reusing the Jurassic Park rex’s audio: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=swEaaskamb4
  15. So we’ve got the indominus rex mod, and we’ve got gyrospheres now, so where is my indoraptor mod? I think it’s a lot cooler than the boring old Indominus and would love to have one as a pet in ark. Give it the tracking the parasaur/tek Helmer has (because it apparently can use echolocation), rock Drake invisibility, a really big jump, and a raptor pounce. If someone’s already working on this, GREAT. If not, someone PLEASE do because I’d really like to go destroying everything in sight on one. I would do it myself but I can’t code to say my life. Thanks!