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  1. 2 more cents: In regards to creature designs themselves, I’m kinda with the devs on why there aren’t any more dinosaurs. Towards the end of the dino-adding cycle in Early Access, the abilities they had became increasingly ridiculous and unreasonable. But if they stuck to abilities that weren’t fantastical, Yutyrannus would just be another Allo or Carno, Daeodon would be another Sabertooth, etc etc etc. However, I gotta say, some of the imaginary creatures are kinda godawful. And not in the ugly-cute way the Bulbdog or Gasbag were, but the turtle is just...ech. It doesn’t look suited to swimming, it’s belly shell doesn’t connect to the top, it’s got 6 cartoonish legs, and idfk what’s going on with its head. It doesn’t need to be Archelon, but was it that hard to design a good-looking fantasy sea turtle? I’m also not keen on the space whale. I’ve seen a million space whales that take that concept and make something cool out of it. This is just a humpback whale with bug eyes, neon lights, and bioluminescence. It’s kinda lazy, all things considered. The Desert Titan was an infinitely better space whale, imo. It’s got distinct whale-like traits, yes, but it’s also more than just a flying whale. The Spider-Man thing is cool though. I’m kinda looking forward to swinging around with it whenever I get around to reinstalling ARK.
  2. If I may, I’d like to put in my 2 cents. Honestly, both sides are correct here, albeit in different ways. ARK in the eyes of the developers was largely always sci-fi. Some of the earliest concepts made were of the ARKS themselves, with the idea that they would resemble gigantic Petri dishes floating in the sky. However, early on, there were few fantasy or sci-fi elements available, and the tribal aspect of the game was the main focus. It’s nobody’s fault that they percueved the game as largely a retro-dinosaur vs caveman type game, as that was what we were sold. I’ll chalk it up to the devs having done a poor job at explaining their plans without spoiling the early versions of the story. Perhaps if fictional dinosaurs like Morellatops ans Velonasaur existed to begin with, it would be more clear that there was a sci-fi aspect. Even if they had to spoil some concepts of TEK early on, it wouldn’t spoil the story, because we wouldn’t know their lore/how to obtain them (until, of course, they actually added them)
  3. Hoo boy, I’m hyped. ARK is a heavily flawed game, yes. I’m not excusing the dev’s poor decisions or inability to fix issues at all, but I’m still hyped. I’m not the most serious player, I mostly use ARK as a way to goof off by myself or with friends. I don’t play Official at all, but I do feel for those that do. I feel bad you guys who work so hard have it so rough what with all the issues Wildcard doesn’t fix. However, I can still enjoy the game for myself. Even if a game doesn’t fit one person’s standards, it can fit someone else’s. So long as I have a few friends and creatures to fool around with I’ll have fun. Doesn’t mean ark is a GOOD game, but I still enjoy it. It’s the same with the new Pokémon games. They probably won’t be the greatest, but I’ll still enjoy them myself. On a less serious note, super hyped for new creatures, especially aquatic ones. They’re the big draw for me, and the fact we’ll probably get extra with part 2 is really exciting.
  4. It’s TECHNICALLY there, there’s just no link on the steam page yet. I found it earlier, I’ll grab ya a link if I can. In the meantime price is 35 US dollars for season pass but nothing on individual DLCs.
  5. Okay, so as far as I can tell this is far from the full extent of content in Genesis. More creatures will probably be revealed in torn dossiers as we get closer to release. Plus, this is the season pass price. Each of the two halves of Genesis will probably be a little bit smaller than a normal DLC, but still come with lots of content, as they’re slightly cheaper than regular DLCs. Genesis as a whole may have DOUBLE the content of a regular DLC for map size and creature diversity. I would suggest waiting to buy to see more of it (I’m doing so meself) but I think the price is really reasonable.
  6. The new patch is brilliant! The ability to pick up structures is nice, though I think it should be changed to a full minute with some utility structures pickupable forever empty storage crates, decorations, maybe fences, etc) The kibble rework will be a lifesaver on Official, but you’ll need to change the recipes so they can be made on any map. After that, I’m pretty happy with this! Looks like it’ll make things a lot less tedious and more enjoyable overall.
  7. Wait, you can actually tame more than one on servers? THAT needs a change. A nerf would be good too but I think it’s a bad idea to globally nerf their stats into the ground for PVE player’s sake (they’d become even more useless) Having a major debuff outside Extinction would be good, as would a general weakness to Element weaponry/Tek creatures (including MEKs)
  8. Taxidermy is a PVE based addition, yes. It’s to add decor or if you have a dino with colors you really like die, just bop it with a taxidermy tool and stick it on a plinth. Cryopods however have enormous PVP use. You can carry dinos around in them much more easily, and if you managed to get inside an enemy base you can just unleash a few dinos to murder all theirs. It’s a great way to store dinos for boss runs more efficiently, because all you need to do is carry them to the warp pad and pop them out. The Titans are clearly PVP based. When asked what they do for PVE, Wildcard said they’re great for clearing space and meat runs. I tested and the Ice Titan doesn’t even gather meat! They’re immensely powerful tanks that can break anything (not sure about TEK) and have huge platform saddles so you could probably use them as a mobile war base. The Desert Titan even has multiple anti-aircraft features. It has a tail slap where it smacks it’s back (presumably to remove any enemies on there) and it can release swarms of birds that you can command to target a particular foe. MEKS are the anti-Titan feature, and they have various addons they can use, including a deplyabke tek shield, rocket launchers, etc. Plus, who doesn’t want to destroy their enemies with a giant mech?
  9. Guys, c’mon. It’s a week. It’s not the end of the world. Chill a little! If you get this upset over a video game, might be time to take a break. And for those who used vacation time for this, you should probably reconsider your priorities in life. Why spend vacation time to play a video game you don’t even enjoy playing? I always see these complaint threads and find them so confusing. People whine that they lost their gigas due to an incident, but they talk about how they took sick days and spent all nighters for just a video game. If you genuinely enjoy it, fine. I can sympathize (delays suck) but y’all seriously need to take a few chill pills.
  10. Lindwyrms are terrestrial. This has wings. It is probably classified as a Long, or Chinese dragon. This is reinforced by the presence of fur and other mammalian traits (common in Longs) It does have wyvern-like characteristics however (forearms are wings, while Longs usually have none) However, it shows Titan-like traits (its belly is covered in element, like the Frost Titan) so it’ll probably be called the Sky Titan or something similar.
  11. Those tendrils? Almost certainly feathers. Look up bronze parotia, birds can have weird wiry feathers like that. Generally birds don’t use any form of feather/filament for sensory purposes, with a few exceptions (kakapo being the only one I know of) Also, look up Harpy Eagle. They resemble this animal almost more than it does an owl.
  12. If you don’t mind my asking, any particular reason why? I wouldn’t really mind if it were a Titan but I’m interested to see why you wouldn’t want it as one. No offense, of course.
  13. HOLY MOTHER OF ROCKWELL WE GOT A GIANT OWL OK, so my theories/thoughts on this creature: 1, it’s definitely mount-sized. It might be a Titan (the sky god to make wyverns look weak) but judging by it’s artwork it’ll be big enough to ride. 2, it might not JUST be an owl. It shares a funny resemblance to a harpy eagle. It definitely took some inspiration from owls though. 3, it resembles a Featherlight a bit. Just saw a fleeting resemblance. 4, it’s COMPLETELY AWESOME. Cannot wait to tame it! EDIT: If it IS a Titan, I’m naming mine Vah Medoh as soon as I tame it.
  14. Well the problem with that is back then the game wasn’t finished, and didn’t have all the content. If you’ve ever watched/read any developer interviews, you’d know the sci-fi aspect was part of it from LITERALLY the beginning, before the game even started actual development (some of the first pieces of concept art were of what ARKs would look like floating in space, and the Overseer fight) Since telling everyone this would be HUGE spoilers, they kept quiet and left the fancier stuff (tek and endgame stuff) for later when they had more programmers/budget, and quite obviously, the game was mostly complete. Generally you don’t add the final boss before you add the first boss. The general idea for where the story would take us probably has gone the same way from the beginning (except back then they weren’t sure what earth would look like, etc etc) If you don’t like it and would rather play a game with just real dinosaurs and no sci-fi (that isn’t Primitive Plus) Saurian scratched that itch quite well for me. It’s still early in development (and is thus a little bare) but I still found it worth the price. TLDR: Devs NEVER once promised this would be solely a dinosaur survival game, and if you feel entitled to how it was in Early Access, tough luck.
  15. Reaper Rampage: On Aberration servers (and possibly other maps as well) Subterranean Reaper Kongs and Nameless spawn every night in high numbers, hunting for prey. Reaper queens will rarely spawn, as well. The reapers will all despawn on sunrise, so if you want to fight the reapers make sure you’re able to finish quickly. To help players survive this, all bulbpets will spawn in every zone (so one could get all 4 from the fertile zone) If that’s too complicated just take out the day/night cycle thing and make the reapers a constant threat. Would be fun to see on Island and Scorched servers as well.
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