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  1. The new patch is brilliant! The ability to pick up structures is nice, though I think it should be changed to a full minute with some utility structures pickupable forever empty storage crates, decorations, maybe fences, etc) The kibble rework will be a lifesaver on Official, but you’ll need to change the recipes so they can be made on any map. After that, I’m pretty happy with this! Looks like it’ll make things a lot less tedious and more enjoyable overall.
  2. Guys, c’mon. It’s a week. It’s not the end of the world. Chill a little! If you get this upset over a video game, might be time to take a break. And for those who used vacation time for this, you should probably reconsider your priorities in life. Why spend vacation time to play a video game you don’t even enjoy playing? I always see these complaint threads and find them so confusing. People whine that they lost their gigas due to an incident, but they talk about how they took sick days and spent all nighters for just a video game. If you genuinely enjoy it, fine. I can sympathize (delays suck
  3. Lindwyrms are terrestrial. This has wings. It is probably classified as a Long, or Chinese dragon. This is reinforced by the presence of fur and other mammalian traits (common in Longs) It does have wyvern-like characteristics however (forearms are wings, while Longs usually have none) However, it shows Titan-like traits (its belly is covered in element, like the Frost Titan) so it’ll probably be called the Sky Titan or something similar.
  4. Those tendrils? Almost certainly feathers. Look up bronze parotia, birds can have weird wiry feathers like that. Generally birds don’t use any form of feather/filament for sensory purposes, with a few exceptions (kakapo being the only one I know of) Also, look up Harpy Eagle. They resemble this animal almost more than it does an owl.
  5. If you don’t mind my asking, any particular reason why? I wouldn’t really mind if it were a Titan but I’m interested to see why you wouldn’t want it as one. No offense, of course.
  6. HOLY MOTHER OF ROCKWELL WE GOT A GIANT OWL OK, so my theories/thoughts on this creature: 1, it’s definitely mount-sized. It might be a Titan (the sky god to make wyverns look weak) but judging by it’s artwork it’ll be big enough to ride. 2, it might not JUST be an owl. It shares a funny resemblance to a harpy eagle. It definitely took some inspiration from owls though. 3, it resembles a Featherlight a bit. Just saw a fleeting resemblance. 4, it’s COMPLETELY AWESOME. Cannot wait to tame it! EDIT: If it IS a Titan, I’m naming mine Vah Medoh as soon as I tame it.
  7. Well the problem with that is back then the game wasn’t finished, and didn’t have all the content. If you’ve ever watched/read any developer interviews, you’d know the sci-fi aspect was part of it from LITERALLY the beginning, before the game even started actual development (some of the first pieces of concept art were of what ARKs would look like floating in space, and the Overseer fight) Since telling everyone this would be HUGE spoilers, they kept quiet and left the fancier stuff (tek and endgame stuff) for later when they had more programmers/budget, and quite obviously, the game was
  8. Reaper Rampage: On Aberration servers (and possibly other maps as well) Subterranean Reaper Kongs and Nameless spawn every night in high numbers, hunting for prey. Reaper queens will rarely spawn, as well. The reapers will all despawn on sunrise, so if you want to fight the reapers make sure you’re able to finish quickly. To help players survive this, all bulbpets will spawn in every zone (so one could get all 4 from the fertile zone) If that’s too complicated just take out the day/night cycle thing and make the reapers a constant threat. Would be fun to see on Island and Scorched servers
  9. Dodos of Doom: All dodos on the server become incredibly powerful, and tamed dodos instantly go feral. They become able to fly, can move incredibly fast, and spawn in enormous numbers at night. They become aggressive and can destroy all structures, so tribes big and small will have to fight for their lives against the pigeons from hell.
  10. This reminds me of when they added new background noises to the island and everyone (including me) started hearing what sounded like screams when we were on mountain peaks. I think that it was concluded these were coyote howls or something, but this is really weird. I’ll have to try this myself on singleplayer sometime!
  11. I name half my creatures after Pokemon, and I come up with witty or cheesy names for any other Dino’s most of the time. Two of my quetzals are named Laputa (the name of the castle in the sky in movie of same name) and Southeast Airlines (joke on Southwest Airlines and the fact I tamed said quetzal in the southeast part of the map) I have a tapejara named Tom Haverford, just because I felt like it, honestly. My male daeodon is named Ron Swanson for his incredible appetite for meat, and I named my poop phiomia Jerry because it’s mostly useless. I named my favorite Dimorph after m
  12. Ayy, I got my question answered! Super excited to see these new dungeon caves, can't wait to brawl my way through them on my melee rockdrake! Speaking of which, WE GOT THE ROCKDRAKE DOSSIER, YAAAAY!!!
  13. Meh, I'm not too crazy about this new creature. Probably because like the Gecko, it bears a strong resemblance to a few real life, modern day animals, so it's not as stunning to me (see the Cthulhubatwyvern) I dunno, maybe it'll grow on me. But if it turns out to just be a remodeled jerboa that predicts the earthquakes and gas leaks, I'm taming one for said skill and killing every other one I see on sight.
  14. Ayy, it's the nameless queen! Interesting, the dossier is bloody, like the Dodo-bosses. I certainly hope that Helena doesn't get killed before the next DLC, but I would be very happy if Rockwell got killed gruesomely by a chestburster, cos I always hated him, especially once he went nuts in SE.
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