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    I just noticed the advertisement and ordered mine. I want to thank the Ark team for listening to their fanbase and producing a version without the game. Hell, I'd have bought a second copy just to have Ark on DVD if they did that. It's why I own both an original release of GTA:SA and the last one they did with version 2.0 and the map and other stuff. Again, thanks! Ark has provided me with many hours of enjoyment since the EA stages of the game, and even a little frustration *cough*flyer nerf*cough*, and I plan on playing for the foreseeable future.
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    Never had that issue before, as I have never had a confirmed order cancelled by the company I placed it with afterwards.
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    All US orders that ordered before Friday should now have their tracking information.
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    FINALLY!!! Thank you.. ALL of you.. for keeping this thread active and to edskelly for asking the question in community crunch... It saddened my heart each time I heard of bugs and such that was ruining hours, days, months, years of work.. High Five to all!!
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    I'm pretty disappointed in this event.. I work at an Elementary school and we have so much going on for Halloween that I have no time at all to play this game for the 48 hours it is available. You could not have run it the weekend before? You are really only going to run this event for the first half of a business week? At every turn you deliver inconvenient and disappointing news.
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