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  1. You should retitle these to ' Community Art Night' because there isn't much else in this post. Also most of us visiting these posts already own the game. Are you ganna advertise sales in each post from now on? Are you ever going to take down the website wide alert about the sales?
  2. Wow. I had to delete all the other video games on my PC to fit this fat DLC. Why is it so big? I cant imagine trying to fit this game on my xbox. From the looks of other comments I may just have better luck checking back later, maybe in a month or two to see how this DLC is.
  3. I'm pretty disappointed in this event.. I work at an Elementary school and we have so much going on for Halloween that I have no time at all to play this game for the 48 hours it is available. You could not have run it the weekend before? You are really only going to run this event for the first half of a business week? At every turn you deliver inconvenient and disappointing news.
  4. I am pretty annoyed with WildCard. If you couldn't even get a release date ready then why advertise the expansion at alll yet? I also think it was pretty tasteless to release a game late, and then immediately release a trailer for an addon to the game that isn't really completed yet. Ragnarok STILL isnt complete. DILO. Why did you release it in July for people to play on if you were ganna take so many more months to even complete the map? The bugs aren't even worked out on what parts of the map there is! I hope your way of doing things does not become the new gaming industry standard. I don't care whose fault it is, but your team that releases information jumps the gun way too much. I don't care about these mysterious dossier entries. I just want to know when the game addons will be a reality, and when Ragnarok is going to be COMPLETE. Please stop releasing things way too early. You don't seem to understand your projected dates and your teams abiliity to make those dates. Infact if you think something will be done by a certain time go ahead and tak on an extra two months so you can get your crap together and be ready before that date. I will not be suggesting your games to my friends anymore, because quite frankly you have disappointed everyone I have brought to them. The bugs, the connection issues, the lack of real information, the lack of strict information and dates, and the lack of community has made it nearly imposssible for me to bring people to this game.
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