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Scorched Earth Ascended and Bob's Tall Tales is Live!

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Its 3 days in and i still cant get into a server. 
new servers added, all got filled within minutes lots of people here wanting to enjoy the event in hopes to getting event colored scorched dinos but cant even get into a server and losing time on the event. Bad enough people on social media platforms who did get in spawned into a Map that got entirely pillared off by your typical ebay dino selling ark tribes.
Will there be more servers soon? Or are we all SOL? 
spent 40 for the game and 30 for the dlc pass, cant even enjoy either. 😕

people afking on the game so they dont lose their spot on the server… locking the servers at 70/70. 

and for all you sweaty arkers, yeah oh okay cool “WeLcOmE to ArK iTs BeEn tHiS wAy SiNcE ASE” 

i already heard it. 
Wouldn’t a game that was revamped been more prepared from their past games mistakes? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

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On 4/2/2024 at 4:00 AM, Maligator said:

Lange gewartet und riesig drauf gefreut. Ich wollte mir auch das Bob’s Tall Tales DLC kaufen. Dann sehe ich den Preis und denke nur NEIN Danke. Ich will ja kein neues Spiel haben sondern nur ein paar Zusatz Inhalte. 20€ hätte ich bezahlt, 30€ sind mir einfach zu teuer.

Junge hast du gesehen was da alles drin ist und was noch kommt? Dachte mir auch erst oha 30 Euro aber wir haben jetzt schon viel bekommen und mit abberation und extinction kommt noch mehr. 30 Euro ist völlig ok. Ist halt n Season Pass

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The game is terrible. I had a glitch when I was playing the game in the mods, and a dinosaur killed me. I lost all my items, creatures, and devices. It brought me back from zero, which only left me with my house without any items. I hope there is someone who can help me and knows how to recover what I lost. I would be grateful.
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3 minutes ago, Almutairii said:
The game is terrible. I had a glitch when I was playing the game in the mods, and a dinosaur killed me. I lost all my items, creatures, and devices. It brought me back from zero, which only left me with my house without any items. I hope there is someone who can help me and knows how to recover what I lost. I would be grateful.

You just described normal Ark gameplay. You will die 1000 times, losing gear and dinos along the way. Mostly in the early stages. 

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Wildcard! Thank you for this DLC, please read this : I love the role play detail the work on the building stuff is beautiful and I like the new dinosaur, 

however I request you update and add some saddle skins please? No new saddles for the horses after all the detail on the buildings makes me disappointed, ark is all about our tames so please give us things like blankets we can paint, reference the fancy mammoth saddle for ideas, or red dead redemption saddles for details or old west works, a lot of girls play this game and this dlc is playing on our favorite thing! Decoration! Skins! 


Its because of me my partner is gonna spend his money and buy the dlc twice! Much like most wives so please consider this comment and add a little more besides building and a couple outfits, saddles and a feather hat or more native american too please,

 Allow for a more cowboy and Indians kinda deal? We had lovely songstress with feathers in hats and stuff during the time, and I'd love to pair my new Gigantoraptor with a matching feather in my hat you know? 

Hopefully the skins can be painted and allow for the all white looks and other things. 

Add more cosmetic for saddles, dinos, and clothing thank you. 




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On 4/2/2024 at 4:14 PM, smitty659 said:

This release was terrible enough to make me not want to play anymore. Ive been dealing with capped servers from the beginning. They are gunna lose a lot of players over this. Paying for a season pass and not even being able to play. Im done and thoroughly irritated. Phking crooks

You're just realizing this now? Many of us figured that out before it even released.. Heck even when it was even announced, and they screwed over a large portion of the playerbase...

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13 hours ago, Beatle said:

$30 for 5 levels? Bobs tale is a awful idea for a money grab. The skins and dlc content are basically worthless from a pvp standpoint. The notes cannot be obtained unless I pay for the DLC? I expected nothing, and I am still disappointed.

I don't think you need to collect bob notes without the DLC for the +5 (which is actually 10) levels 

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On 4/2/2024 at 9:31 AM, VillaNovan84 said:

Hey folks at Wild Card.

Terrible job, once again, when it comes to rolling out your product.  Not sure whose in charge of planning and deployment involving releases or in ordering the correct number of official servers, but they apparently need to be reassigned or let going because given my customer experience with Ark Ascended and the lack of official servers to play on as a paid customer and a game pass subscriber, not ensuring that those of us who purchased your game and play it by investing real life hours definitely shows what Wild Card thinks of its loyal based vs. people who will try the game out for free, then ditch it because it’s “flavor of the week” on game pass is over.  

I can not begin to express to you the disappointment and frustration of myself and other players who voiced their frustrations and disappointment in Discord over not being able to get on to an official server on launch day after buying ASA months ago and then paying the $30 for Bob Tall Tale content only to be delayed by the last minute client roll out that definitely impacted the ability to get on a server before they filled up.  Given the expectations set by Wild Card during ASA’s initial launch of not wanting console players to be “left in the dust” by other players who had release day access in getting started, when console players didn’t, I was very disappointed, but not surprised that Wild Card learner nothing from its mistake of not ensure that this type of player experience was not repeated during other releases like this one (actions and words not the same), and yet it was but even worse then before because after playing nearly the same for ASA additional content for Aaron game and  DLC that was released as free yesterday on Game Pass and collecting another $30, people couldn’t get in, either via the Ob on an Official Server they were a member of or through a new character because Wild Card did not “plan accordingly” to the fact that on launch day, in addition to ASA’s existing customer base, ASA was free to play on Game Pass on console, with someone posting WC’s gratitude over the last several hours about the overwhelming interest or success in the game, or words to that effect, when in fact limiting the number of Official Servers to a level well below your company paid customer base was and is going to create a false or misleading image of “overwhelming interest” (and a lack of sincerity on what WC really thinks of its loyal supporters) when it was in fact a problem on WC’s end because it’s really because the folks in charge of resource planning and deployment “short changed” Wild Card and its consumer base to the point of creating “Very Dissatisfied” customers like me. 

Wild Card has a great product in Ark as a survival game, but continues to score “F”s and “D”s with it’s lack of Customer Focus Culture” (Microsoft had a whole “CFC” initiative once upon a time) and inability to set the proper customer expectations, especially with it comes to game releases, release days, announcements, resulting in a “Very Dissatisfied” customer experience overall…



The last part is the worst. Its actually a great game but 80% of the playerbase wants to play on week of release of new DLC and have to spend 50% of the time just waiting on the menu to get into a server

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Ok.  Beginning with yesterday afternoon’s patch, I began having log in issues.  The server was showing 70/70 however other servers were not.  At around 3am EST, was finally able to get in but this morning ping of this server is over 200 from the 80 or so for the most part of last week with 70/70 for players even though the “the Server is full” error pops up on multiple servers and servers with much less players.

Basic troubleshooting 101… So what changed?

 Started with patch yesterday afternoon with multiple patching that followed (indicating a regression issue with dev team patch or if hosted official server, hosting company either doesn’t deploying patches correctly or doesn’t have the level of bandwidth to support this game on Unreal 5.  Could this error be specific to bandwidth throttling by the hosting company? (though the issue now seems to affect both Xbox user and Steam user on my home network).

On xbox console, I cleared the cache yesterday morning (this xbox only option) and cleared the alt Mac add in networking (which required a reboot).  This seemed to work,  me to login after restarts yesterday mid morning which invoked cloud new redownload of mods.  However that no longer seems the case.  Servers in NA shows spikes in ping of NA servers in NA (don’t know where these NA servers are located though… 

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Another day of being unable to get back in after logging out for a few hours.  High ping rates, claims of server being full even though when it shows 70/70 I’ve been able to log  in.  Now heard that in addition to free on game pass, after being charged to purchase (I could have saved money, because I subscribe to XBOX Ultimate , this is also a free play weekend (for Steam users ?) in addition to release week. 

Nitrado which hosts the official servers also sells hosting services - so what, offer bad connections and login issues onOfficial so Nitrado can in turn sell their hosting services?  No thanks, was a Nitrado customer with bad experiences, not interested in going back.  

So here’s my “free recommends”.  How about game pass and free play users be hosted on a separate server farm so as to NOT adversely affect paid players (paid WC customers), thereby preventing cluttered maps of non-arkers, limiting logging issues, lag, and customer dissatisfaction, etc…)?  Connection issues are definitely a game breaker, as in dreading the release of other ASA dlcs, like “the Center”… 

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To the Devs of ark survival ascended

we’ve put numerous amounts of complaints and tickets about hackers on the server we was building up on. And had no response now we’ve got nothing on scorched earth because of a full tribe using aimbot. All progress lost guess you’ll not resolve this but to put it out there for everyone else good luck with building up against this with no help from ark banning them.👍

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Server number 2370
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To keep things fair and fiery during those first few weeks, Scorched Earth Ascended will be a bit of a wild frontier. You'll only be able to bring your characters over for the first 60 days, you won't be able to bring any dinos or items onto the map. After the first 60 days, the gates swing wide open!

Scorched Earth Ascended is available starting today on all platforms for owners of ARK: Survival Ascended!

The Gate are still closed, whats the Problem Wildcard?

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