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  1. Server 920 are 11 times down Today. How many more that Wildcard fix that?
  2. Us Gen 2 Server 920 kicked every player and is Stuck now. Every Char still online and none can Join since almost 2 hours. Please help, we die. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/11708270
  3. True, always when we have 10+ players online the Server are very laggy and instable! We have not a 70 Slot Server, thats a 10 Slot server -,-
  4. Same here, have fun with my sleeping Tribe Members. Hope for Restart Soon, a Friend have Babys out and cant Join.
  5. Me to im very mad. All that downtimes, rollbacks and lags cost me hours Today, my Chance to imprint again before the bonus ends is bad.
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