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more Tek Saddle options


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does anyone else agree that there could/should be more Tek Saddle options?

there are only like 5-6 options for tek saddles.  it would be nice to see a bit more variety.  some utility saddles and some combat ones.  I'm sure it could be done in a balanced way, I'm not looking for anything to make something more powerful, just more variety.

what other dinos would you like to see a Tek Saddle for?

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I really like thyas, and adding something like a tek saddle that has cloaking abilities would be really cool.  Would be no more unbalanced than shadowmane & rock drake cloaking. 

I also like therizinos; what would be cool for them is a tek saddle that does weight reduction on assorted harvested materials, since they are great harvesters but not so good at carrying the stuff they harvest.  

For quetzals I would like to see a tek platform saddle that adds thrusters and makes it move faster, not silly fast mind you, maybe on par with an argentavis.

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