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Anti meshing vanishes tame?

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Hey all,

I was flying around on a managarmr on official PvP, jumped about the place , minding my own business jumped on a waterfall rock to shoot down at a parasaur and it vanished !! 

checked the log and it said anti meshing. It was a standard in view waterfall near the volcano.


map was the island.


anyone had these issues ?


+ Anyone know how to and where to submit a ticket  ? 

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Damn, that is very lame.

an experimental feature has gone wrong hasn’t it  - we spend time and money supporting the game....

”here , buy extinction and tame a managarmr “



”ok I tamed it, that was a pain in the ass”

“wow I have a super cool managarmr ...15 minutes later - *anti meshing has killed mangarmr” (in a waterfall on the oldest map) 


Hahha. Damn. so lame.




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Flyers like to walk off when you get up and walk away from them.  You need to look at them and make sure they don't start walking after you get off.  They can delay when they start walking or they can walk so slowly you barely see it happening. 


But on a side note, we have been seeing some weird things as of late.  Tames on tractor beam just disappearing as you fly to your destination.  As well as, we had a karkinos just vanish into thin air on aberration only to show back up about 3 days later just outside the building where it was before it vanished.


* in our instances, we see nothing in the logs to suggest meshing detection.  no death msgs at all.

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1 hour ago, Minja said:

Ok , so im seeing a lot of other threads on this on the forums over the past 24 hours....

...Can we get our stuff back wildcard please?

Keep searching and I'll guarantee you'll find many, many more. Fact: wildcard simply does not care. It has happened and will continue to happen. What you just described about how much time and effort you've invested into the game only to get spat on is literally ark in a nutshell at this point, just to force you to spend more time on the game. They are however 'quite' happy that you tossed them some coin for such an unsupported endeavor.


Yes, its the sad truth. You should spread the word to keep thine coins to thyself. Tis the only way to make your voice heard, as support tickets are widely and blatantly ignored.

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I get the walking part. Except, where I live there's only so far they could've gone without encountering steep cliff incline or water. Also, we've spiked off and walled off our area. I flew around for a while calling and even used heat detect to look. Nothing.


Minja I wish they would get that crap fixed. Once is an upsetting surprise. Twice is infuriating. But three times is just straight up BS.

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I mean, don’t get me wrong, this is a really good game, it’s one of the vastest ones out there, I’ve got tonnes of time for it....and of course I totally understand that with games this ambitious there will be complications making it all work, ....but if there are bugs like this where we lose time invested as a result of so called bug , then there should be an open/easy way to report it and get what is lost back.


sure if you leave your tame out in the open on PVP , it’s going to get melted - or you fly into a turret wall = melted - OR even waving your awesome ascendant sword around and accidentally kill your own pterradon (that’s happened followed by a loud rage quit )  ....but if a brother jumps a 25k health mana into a freaking waterfall on the oldest map on ark and it disappears in thin air......surely , they gotta GMSUMMON all them tickets or something???? - surely there is a mass way to patch in compensation tames to all the ticket claims?? Like they would an update?? 

surely it’s a job for an intern on a dinner break ?

oK I have an idea - Wildcard - hire me. I’ll give everyone their tames back.


deal? Ok cool.



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@Minja I think you missed the part where Wildcard doesn’t care. At all. If they did they would have better enforced their own servers and not just implement a broken system that does almost nothing to stop meshers while constantly screwing over legitimate players.

They would have actually bothered to fix any one of dozens of well known false positive locations that kill people regularly, spots that have been brought to their attention many, many times.

They would have communicated with players when an update to their broken anti mesh was vaporizing anything that touched the world border for over a week. 

And knowing that their anti mesh is as broken as it is, they would amend their policies to compensate players who are affected by it erroneously. 

They don’t do any of that because, and I cannot emphasize this enough, they do not care.

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