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  1. In fact - that refresh method no longer works at all - server is inaccessible AGAIN. what the hell is happening?
  2. Cheers man. So the server does eventually show up now ....but I think there is technical error in the searching of the session list - what happens now (which is unusual), is that you have to keep hitting refresh in the session list screen over and over again until the server appears.....I'd say about 10 times or so.....then the server appears.....it's not an instant search result like before........
  3. Hi joe - the server has disappeared again after the new deployment and update…please could you ask your guy to take a look? I’m gonna lose even more stuff in hours - would be awesome if you could help
  4. Thanks for the help joe - the server is finally back up and restored. Really appreciate you helping. crazy thing is, the server time was running even though it was unaccesible for 9 days- I ended up with 48 cryopods dead and loads of my structures had autodecayed including power generators and eggs for breeding spoiled.
  5. Thanks for your help man - please let us know what the situation is if possible.
  6. Could be full of it…but still no official server restored day 9…..and there was no warning at all. maybe the server got overwritten when they deployed the fjorder map?? Who knows? as no tickets are being responded too anyway (even past the 2-3 business days response time). seems like it’s deleted.
  7. Thanks for checking - that official server still isn’t up. An old school player just told me some official servers are set for deletion….and there’s no warning …..if you’re on official servers….I can confirm, it’s probably pointless to keep anything of value on there. You’re gonna lose it all just like I’ve just lost.
  8. Can someone search EU PVP Official The Island 322 for me? See if it comes up for you? Or just type 322 in the search on with PVP and Official dedicated arks selected? Let me know if it's WC or something else stopping it from showing. All other servers I play on are showing. Just this one server.
  9. An update on the official eu PvP server….- still not here and still gone for a week now.
  10. You’re lucky - when did you file a ticket ? My official PvP server is still offline and not displaying
  11. So I've done some research - it looks like wildcard have permanently deleted some official PVP servers WITHOUT any warning whatsoever since the Fjorder update.....my island server is totally gone and I've just read another thread from 2020 with the exact same situation from other players.......and I've checked to see if these servers were restored and they are no longer on the servers list to this day. THAT my friends is really bad. This server outages thread is a pointless vacuum chamber for this issue. The amount of time I spent on breeding lines on official is insane and cryofridges full up just for them to delete it without warning is so messed up. **** this game. I'm done.
  12. thanks for the reply yeah I've manually typed in the server and tried everything - i've even got friends to log into their xbox and check the server number manually to see if it's just me and the server completely disappeared. Ive been playing on it for like 5 years and never seen this before........
  13. I've submitted a report through the outages tab but it doesn't usually take this long for a fix. it seems like there's a small amount of servers that haven't deployed so I fear no one cares enough.... in your experience, if a server is gone for this long, what happens to the structures and player belongings if a server is offline/not showing on the server list? Does time still carry on in that server or will it be back where it left off once re-deployed?
  14. no one seems to be listening, it's been 3 days since our home servers have dissapeared. does this mean they are deleted for good? Has anyone any experience with this? Do missing servers come back?
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