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  1. Howdy, When is the next upcoming ark event on official servers? I saw some stuff about it happening right now on unofficial servers...?
  2. you can equip and unequip armour whilst in ark data and it will show all your items. Easier than waiting for the timer to be able to upload a random item.
  3. Yeah I am experiencing the same issue after the 5gb update. No servers. Game is unplayable currently 'online'. I have also posted in the xbox bugs section too.
  4. Yeah these methods to bring the inventory up work. The easiest way is to take your chest piece off and put it back on whilst in the ark data window. Everything appears. Probably should be fixed soon?
  5. Hi, No servers are appearing after the 5GB update on Xbox. Is this known?
  6. Ah that’s awesome guys, thanks for these tips, I will try them later and post back. good to know my artefacts might still be there. my tribe mate is gonna be ticked off as he uploaded an ascendant sniper rifle with 300+% damage and has since left it more that 24 hours thinking it’s lost to the bug. Bye bye awesome rifle. but yeah, all that aside - I’m sure there’s a lot of folks having trouble with this blank inventory situation. Hopefully there’l be a fix soon.
  7. Hi, Anything I upload to the ark....now disappears ........at first I thought it was just genesis 2 ......but I just did a task of getting artefacts on crystal isles, I uploaded, now they are all gone which is a waste of time. Fix please?
  8. same, can't logon at all. tried all the usual techniques. looks like its across all platforms....
  9. yeah I play on official dude......I managed to get a mushroom broth and feed it to my managarmr.......I drank a lot of beer (in real life) and dove down into the radiation zone and managed to panic grab me a level 51 rock drake egg and escape.......level 51 which isn't great, but something at least...... the next day......I then attempted to go back down to the radiation zone to get a better egg.......I was feeling stoked and confident after my first excursion.......this time I got everything prepped...was feeling god like.......and then forgot to put my radiation hazard shoes on
  10. I continued to try to log into the server I picked and it let me in the following day, eventually...............it was just a black empty place with another player which was weird..........I naturally punched the dude but nothing happened.......eventually I could play on the server and work out the mind melt that is the new map.....it looks cool though.....iron man on crack.
  11. I have a feeling there is going to be a HUGE sea of lost characters and tickets over the next 24 hours.....we're just the first....... ....mine is trapped on a gen 2 server that keeps crashing to the xbox one to dashboard......o cant access character to pull it out of the server.....
  12. same.....my character is stuck on some GEN 2 server I;ve not even played. spent ages getting my stats back after the 'mind wipe' and now can't play the game
  13. is there any way to unload a character from a server? When I try to download my character somewhere else there is nothing there.......
  14. HI Wondering if you can help? I've downloaded the new genesis part 2 DLC - stoked to play it - picked a server, and when it loads it crashes to the xbox home screen everytime. Ive tried to do a hard reset, and no joy. My character is stuck as it now thinks its on a genesis part 2 server which I can't access.....and now I can't go back to playing on my fav servers with my long standing character......which sucks...... ...What do I do?
  15. So getting a Rock Drake egg is on my ark bucket list......I saw a bunch of videos and tried the ice jumper method last night.....now I don't know if something has changed since the video I watched to this day......but myself and my ice jumper lasted about 40 seconds down in the radiation zone. I had full hazard suit on, but it seemed like the rock drakes have one hell of a bite or the ice jumpers take radiation damage now??? I have no idea but I was toast very quickly with no egg. Opposite to the videos I watched. Are rock drakes dealing more damage now? I play on PVP. id
  16. I mean, don’t get me wrong, this is a really good game, it’s one of the vastest ones out there, I’ve got tonnes of time for it....and of course I totally understand that with games this ambitious there will be complications making it all work, ....but if there are bugs like this where we lose time invested as a result of so called bug , then there should be an open/easy way to report it and get what is lost back. sure if you leave your tame out in the open on PVP , it’s going to get melted - or you fly into a turret wall = melted - OR even waving your awesome ascendant sword around
  17. there is a bug since the update it seems....past 48 hours have seen dinos dissapear due to an 'anti-meshing issue''......my thread is below but there are a few appearing.......chekc your tribe log. Anti meshing vanishes tame? - General Discussion - ARK - Official Community Forums (survivetheark.com)
  18. Just continuing a thread here as i'm seeing a few people having anti meshing issues.... More info below..... Anti meshing vanishes tame? - General Discussion - ARK - Official Community Forums (survivetheark.com)
  19. same happened to my mana on the island yesterday. Just landed on a rock near a waterfall, then POOF = gone
  20. Ok , so im seeing a lot of other threads on this on the forums over the past 24 hours.... ...Can we get our stuff back wildcard please?
  21. Damn, that is very lame. an experimental feature has gone wrong hasn’t it - we spend time and money supporting the game.... ”here , buy extinction and tame a managarmr “ ”ok” ”ok I tamed it, that was a pain in the ass” “wow I have a super cool managarmr ...15 minutes later - *anti meshing has killed mangarmr” (in a waterfall on the oldest map) Hahha. Damn. so lame. ://///
  22. Hey all, I was flying around on a managarmr on official PvP, jumped about the place , minding my own business jumped on a waterfall rock to shoot down at a parasaur and it vanished !! checked the log and it said anti meshing. It was a standard in view waterfall near the volcano. map was the island. anyone had these issues ? + Anyone know how to and where to submit a ticket ?
  23. Yeah I’ve got a video of it but too large for here.... I wish I knew how to get it back or whether it would head to the world border because it just flew off in a very fast straight line .....like it was locked onto something out of render
  24. Hey there, So i recently tamed a level 130 Griffin on official PVP on crystal isles on standard rates. It was a challenge but i achieved it so that was cool..... ....Then i decide to take that bad boi out for a test run.........it was going well.......then i landed on one of those islands in the sky....surrounding by nothing but the beautiful scenery....no enemies.....it was quiet.... it started doing this weird take off thing as i dismounted and it left me with an option to 'ride as passenger' (which did not work). Anyways....i landed it....and went to set the beh
  25. Hi, so, i've had a gut feeling there's a meshing tribe on my server, did some playing around on official and found a giant base in the sea by swimming around the walls. They have gone right under the map. I want all their loot. It's got a zillion turrets, TEK and Heavy.......How do i raid these cheating pieces of you know what. Any techniques? I am thinking of placing 100 C4 around the outside....... as i can't get inside it and dont know how to ...... i'd be vapourised by the turrets....would that C4 blast impact what's inside the mesh?
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