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Ongoing Server Instability & Crashes


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Please report official server outages using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

If you lost in-game progress such as your character, etc. due to a rollback please submit a Support Ticket to get in-game assistance.


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i have tried to log into NA-PVE-Official-GenTwo959 it says a download fail 007 error. but it will still let you do global chat and people on the server say they cant transfer out.

I'm told none is able to transfer into NA-PVE-Official-GenTwo959 or transfer out. not sure when this will be fixed but someone should know about it. right?196433426_959errorloggingontoserver.thumb.jpg.b31116a3f734f1b897b41340712c8793.jpg

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Server 1479 pve is completely unplayable. First the server went down. Then ever since it's been back up I can't get on for more then half a second. The two times I have had it actually last I've made it back to my stuff twice just to be dropped from the server. Yes I did loose all  my stuff and no I'm not happy.

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Server 925 PVE gen2 is almost constant crashing , every time 40m-1.5h on/off  is annoying. At this time the server is offline for more than 2 hours ( higest time offline). We already sent many reports about it nothing is done. No reply on the isseu either. Pls bring this server up so my and other tribes  can at least dismantle our bases and get the hell out of this poop server.

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26 minutes ago, ocz said:

Server 930 Gen 2 has been offline for almost 1 week! 

Battlemetrics says "status dead", and is the first time the server doing a thing like that!

I don't think this is normal...everyone have the same problem? 

This server was recently moved to a new IP and will consequently no longer be listed into your favorites/history tabs. Search for it by name, or use the following link to connect: steam://connect/

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15 minutes ago, Rezev said:

How about 1007 ? server down for about a week.

It was moved to: steam://connect/

It's always a good idea to search for your servers by name whenever they are down for a long period of time because they can be moved to new hardware and whatnot from time to time.

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02/21/2022 1:58 PM Ongoing 00:16
02/21/2022 12:12 PM 02/21/2022 1:08 PM 00:56
02/21/2022 11:21 AM 02/21/2022 11:57 AM 00:35
02/21/2022 10:26 AM 02/21/2022 11:01 AM 00:35
02/21/2022 9:35 AM 02/21/2022 10:11 AM 00:35
02/21/2022 8:40 AM 02/21/2022 9:15 AM 00:35
02/21/2022 7:04 AM 02/21/2022 8:10 AM 01:06
02/21/2022 5:48 AM 02/21/2022 6:23 AM 00:35
02/21/2022 4:57 AM 02/21/2022 5:33 AM 00:35
02/21/2022 4:07 AM 02/21/2022 4:42 AM 00:35
02/21/2022 3:11 AM 02/21/2022 3:47 AM 00:35
02/21/2022 2:21 AM 02/21/2022 2:56 AM




02/20/2022 5:44 PM 02/21/2022 2:06 AM 08:21
02/20/2022 4:04 PM 02/20/2022 4:44 PM 00:40
02/20/2022 1:17 PM 02/20/2022 1:58 PM 00:40
02/20/2022 11:37 AM 02/20/2022 12:17 PM 00:40
02/20/2022 8:50 AM 02/20/2022 9:31 AM 00:40
02/20/2022 5:44 AM 02/20/2022 6:20 AM 00:35
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Alot of players are giving up on this game in the past month and a half I have had 10 players give me there bases and dinos because they are tired of the server crashes lagging  out and players on all the servers I go to say they want buy ark 2 because wild card want fox the servers for ark 1 they are not paying for a game with bad servers they wild card may make some money from ark 2 but they want make that much they losing to many players

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