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Introducing the Deinonychus!

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On 6/6/2019 at 7:19 PM, Jae12 said:

Yay, can’t wait to watch youtubers play around with this. We need new servers that aren’t toxic, it’s in a bad state. I tried to start fresh on small tribes today and got raided 5 times in 8 hours. There are no hidden spot that nobody knows about and it’s terrible. Just please add some new servers to console!!!!! I can’t stress this enough, the game on console is dying! 

Yeah I  gave up on all that a year ago and have been playing single player since. It’s actually pretty fun, playing on your own, although it would be great if some more servers went up

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3 minutes ago, TASGrant said:

Not sure what is going on but when I loaded the game there were no new maps. I run mine on PC with windows 10 bought it from the Microsoft Store with the season pass. Is there a fix for this? Tried triggering an updated - but supposedly it is up to date.

go to the most recent crunch and you will learn there

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