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  1. What is wrong with you devs? The forest kaiju should not be able to grab through mek shields either, there is no counter if the thing is in their turret rang and in their shield, you literally cant do anything while it grabs all your gigas racers ect. Learn what balance is and fix it.
  2. PLEASE Change these and make them ridable. They aren't ridden a single time in the trailer so I don't think you can. Nobody will use them if they can't be ridden and it's just a waste of a creature. PLEASE RECONSIDER MAKING THEM UNRIDABLE!
  3. Add a few pvp servers to the official PVE cluster. This way people who dont have time to play 10hrs a day on pvp can build up on pve and transfer to it with their tames and structures ect, and test their mettle by transferring to a pvp server in the same cluster and bring only the things they are okay with losing. Make the message of the day that pops up when you log in issue a warning that this is a PVP server and they can lose anything they transfer to it. It is fair cause everyone there can bring things from pve and they wont really risk losing anything they dont want to. Pve is great, it just gets a bit dull, and youl never really find anyone willing to tribe war and risk all of their stuff, this way you will still get the feeling of being out in the wild and never know who or what is going to kill you, but you can still keep all your valuables safe at home on your home server. And if you lose anything important, you have nobody to blame but yourself. Also if there is people who dont wish to partake, they simply can just never transfer there. This would make a pvp environment that is alot less toxic and more lighthearted, as people wouldnt get so upset as they arent losing anything important, unless of course they decided to challenge themselves and bring more important things to these servers. It is also a good way to introduce new players to pvp without having them quit from being raided over and over.
  4. I think a NO FLYER cluster would be amazing. No tamable wyverns/birds/manas EXCEPT for a quetzal, (either quetzal or some new solution to raid pillar bases, as they would be unraidable otherwise with tek enabled) so that sky bases can still be raided, but quetzals are slow, weak to gunfire, and ineffective as general travel mounts so they will only be used for farming and raiding. It sounds rough, but i have 10k hours and have played every variation of ark there is, every new official pvp server and some pve, and many unofficial pvp servers, and no fly is my favorite. played on several unofficial ones and there is nothing quite like it. To run around on thylas and ground mounts and never quite know when you are going to bump into someone and have to fight. Being forced to be down on the ground with 90% of the games content that we usually just fly over and never experience. Having to create new metas to farm and old creatures will suddenly become useful again and used daily. Crabs will be used to farm on all maps. I think for this 6 or 10 man tribe limit with no alliances ect is best. Also don't listen to people who keep asking to wipe servers, its always the same, people just dont understand that wiping servers doesnt fix anything at all. They will be right back to how they were within a month or less, and you will still be behind because the reason people are ahead of you isnt because they have been playing since the start, its because they play better and more than you do. They know the metas, they know the good spots, they have a tribe of other people like them, they can stay up10+ hrs a day grinding and you cant so you will always be behind no matter how often it wipes.
  5. Honestly everyone should just go change their reviews on steam and explain how corrupt they are, one of the most direct way to effect sales and kick them into gear, less people will buy the game if they look on steam/console reviews and its just a giant page of red thumbs downs.
  6. This is full of crap. Just a textbook copypaste mindless corporate response to try to avoid having to actually do anything or own up to your mistakes. Nobody will accept this response and you are digging yourselves into your own graves. So many people have quit because of this whole fiasco, people who have been playing for thousands of hours and have been bringing new players to the game no longer recommend it, and your player base is dropping. I mean even on unofficial people mesh and cheat, they are just more likely to be caught. People are even quitting even though they love the game, they are just quitting and no longer supporting you just based on how badly you guys have been preforming as developers. Guess you guys dont care though do you? I mean youre owned by snailgames now, one of the most money hungry cash grabbing developers to ever exist, most of the crap theyve developed and released ended up being nothing more than a cash grab they abandoned. As long as the meshers keep buying new accounts youre all good to go financially. RIP Ark.
  7. If you want 15man instead of 25man, sign the petition! https://www.change.org/p/wildcard-we-want-15manMost people agree with this change, 6man is just too little to cover offline times, all it is is offline raiding and offline meshing. But 25 is too close to regular official, people teaming on 25man would be gamebreaking and really what is the point in playing these vs normal official? 15man is a perfect substitute that would allow smalltribes to play together without the constant stress of needing all players to be online 7+hours a day but avoid the megatribe playstyle.
  8. Alot of people love smalltribes but want the cap to raise to 10-15 to prevent offlining which is one of the largest issues on 6man servers, its nearly impossible to get 24/7 coverage which results in nothing but offline raiding, and its a huge struggle to encourage everyone to play 6+ hrs a day to cover timezones. Smalltribes cap cant be changed because it caters to solo and duo players which wouldnt stand a chance on 10+man servers, but with enough comments/feedback we can get them to change the new 25 man servers they are releasing to 10-15 to make it actually worth playing and not just a clone of regular official, just like we got them to change the clustering of smalltribes. Just imagine how bad teaming would be if its tribes of 25 people doing it!
  9. Was wondering if the new servers will just be one, large cluster, or if there will be a couple of new cross-ark clusters (the 4 map ones) coming out on launch as well? I've seen alot of interest in new cross arks to conquer without the influence of megas. Also what about primitive and prim+ servers? Thanks.
  10. Hello, I seem to be unable to get mine to work properly. I used the program Beacon to create the code for me, though i get the gist of how it works. Anyways I tried to minimize the amount of entries as much as possible, but it is still very large, I included the text in an attachment. It may appear that it is all one line, but each beacon entry is indeed on its own line. Basically the first time I put in a much larger version of this only the last beacon entered worked as intended, so i figured by reading here that there were too many entries. I toned it down a bit and tried again, and now none of the drops work properly. I'm using summon commands to test the drops. I'm using ASM, so I am putting the code under [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] in DefaultGame.ini inside of the ASM server/config folder. Would greatly appreciate any tips and thanks for helping everyone out on here. Cheers! custom_drops2.ini custom_drops2.ini
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