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  1. XD I’ve written four comments including this one
  2. They actually finished it this time, or at least most of it. I think the devs said something about it being 100% done, if not 99.9% That may have just been them talking about the Abberation section, but yeah to most people’s knowledge, it’s done, correct me if I’m wrong though
  3. I think they’re certifying it, and if not that, PC is the test dummy for issues/bugs so they can fix the console versions and then release it for console. I’m pretty disappointed too, but it is what it is
  4. This is great! I’d figured Patch 258 (Megatherium, Yutyrannus, Hyeanadon, etc.) was the last dino patch/update, excluding DLCs and Extinction Chronicles (The Chronicles dinos were really just reskins though)
  5. Yeah I gave up on all that a year ago and have been playing single player since. It’s actually pretty fun, playing on your own, although it would be great if some more servers went up
  6. Come on now 0 for 4 Get it together you're losing players after all these delays Ive played for 3 years and it’s making me mad
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