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  1. my server (PVE unofficial) TheLostWorld val PVE was gonna implement basilisks, but now they legit broke the server i think. Yay
  2. atleast you maybe dealt with progress loss, we didn't so thanks for doing our dirty work to let us have nice valguero lol
  3. no one really has enough time and equipment to make a computer. like tomorrow is the 19th already yall
  4. he can read he can read probably better than you.. we wont be getting the event colored (dei)nos, just rates. i cant care less about rates. hes asking for the entirity of the event. we would like red white and blue deinons too
  5. CONFIRMED RELEASE DATE, I REPEAT CONFIRMED RELEASE DATE. Not "oH JuLy'. July 19th, sherlock. Hope you checked the medias.
  6. ofc not also its coming out on the 19th if you didnt get the news, my hands are sore from clapping now
  7. im awaiting a console delay for this too
  8. the poor raptor tho... lmaoooo
  9. depends on how much effort the wildcard peeps put into our console's release, let's hope they don't fk up and it gets delayed until then
  10. agreed but i really do realize now the fact that because PC are testers they are most likely gonna lose alot of stuff from other maps too because of minor bugs n glitches, for example say they are really good on rag but then the glitches kick in and may reset the rag stuff in some way, if you get what i mean so the PC players are basically doing all the dirty work so we can receive a perfect map and dino while they prob lost progress on maps. absolute karma
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