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  1. i just hope they do inferno bro if its not then it wont be used as much as if they are ride able bc everyone would ride them even if its just for fun and is there a new map?
  2. and hey wildcard i know you probably wont make this happen but can u make a dino that could teleport like long range like say im out on a run haveing fun and i wanna get back to base real fast and if i could just hop back that would great but the longer the distence the more staim it takes
  3. OK i have only one question is this rid-able because they said that it could go to wall to wall i think it would be cool for it to be big enouph at least to ride and to make it fast because it sounds like its gonna be quick on its feet
  4. i was wandering if we could get new servers my tribe and a couple others that im not gonna say are bored because every were i go to raid and allies owns that server or an allies just raided it
  5. i think the mana should get buffed because if it gets nurfed again then no one would even use it it was good before the last update but now its basically a mount that is fast at least keep the speed and give it some range back maybe boost the stam and plz make the giga less of a pain to raise i love the giga but 14 days is insane we should get 4x on special events and 2x raising
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