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Old Age

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So you want more grind cause you just have that much free time? if they add diseases this game will start to go under i am sure cause i see issues in its implementation immediately. (oh crap a miss setting everyone's dinos died, crap the save files got corrupted, uninstall)

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The oldest server is like what, 9k ingame days ? that's 24 years, dinosaurs like T-Rex has around 30 years lifespan, smaller ones maybe 10 years, huge sauropods can live 40-100 years. If the game want to factor in age, the breeding mechanic would need to be changed as well.


1 ingame day = ~48 minutes realtime. (or cmiiw), a tiger cub for example, can be independent after 18 months (540 ingame days or 18 days real time), leave its mommy at 2-2.5 years old (720 ingame days or 24 days) , reach sexual maturity at 3-4 years(female), 4-5 years for male. That would be so complex. Assign that life stages to each and every dino in the game, lol, the gameplay would change by a lot. 

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