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  1. Go to https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/articles.html/summer-bash-2019-r1308/
  2. Lol you are the type of guys I either raid with or fight with. I respect that Cheers
  3. Tip, join official and get with a small to medium sized tribe to learn the ropes. Small tribe server are heavily competitive and PVP focused where official is more grinding with PVP in off server or sometimes on server raids
  4. No, These things take 3x damage from ranged weapons and 5x damage from explosives. A few fabby rounds and they are dead. These things are a high risk and high reward but they don't need to be nerfed
  5. Those are the same robots in the bottom picture of the ones in the Overseers lair. I wonder if they'll be tamable??? They also dropped element when they were killed so I wonder if that means you'll be able to farm element through them? Maybe a slight and random drop? Or they're in really dangerous areas of the map?
  6. I just got cited for the same thing. The sad thing is, I was posting a video of the guy doing it from HIS OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL. W? T? F? Seriously? The guy says the devs won't touch him because he has some type of relationship with them, he post videos for MONTHS of him meshing and undermap raiding tribes, even gives commentary and admits his cheating, and I get in trouble for showing HIS OWN VIDEO? Really?
  7. Ok, because I filled out a couple for 2 meshers that are posting videos on their Xbox profiles of themselves under mapping and meshing my tribe and allies. I also attached the videos to the ticket along with their profiles. All I know is this meshing war that is going on with Ark on Xbox is completely out of hand Thank you for the reply
  8. So, I'm just curious, does it do any good to report meshers on console? I see the enforcement for PC being handed down but there are a bunch on console and it seems none of them are ever touched
  9. When is there going to be some enforcement action taken on consoles like you had on PC? This mega meshing war is annoying as hell. I've had my base under mapped 2 times in the past 3 weeks by the same group of guys
  10. Thanks for the update WC. My tribe logged on to wild Rock Drakes, Raptors, and Megalos INSIDE OUR BASE. Seriously? How do you have Drakes and Megalos walking out of the walls of a cave, through metal walls, and have them start munching on tames? Really?
  11. Worked on a charge node enclosure and the start of an egg base so we can clean up our main base. I have a few design ideas for an offsite resource harvesting base in the blue that I wouldn't mind occupying as a weapons depot
  12. I believe your date for Evo event is wrong. You said it goes from the 30th to the 26th. Unless you're running a month long event
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