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  1. AzDaemon

    Devs need to change their ways...

    I attacked a popular YTer. The guy had turrets under the mesh and he was shooting us through the map to defend himself. He recorded it, posted it to YT, and even gave commentary laughing about cheating. I reported him and nothing was done. He meshed my friends. We reported him along with the videos he posted to YT. He posted more videos, showing how he meshed us, and bragged about it. It took MONTHS for them to do anything to him and the ONLY reason they wiped him was after he said the Devs were his buddies and weren't going to do anything to him
  2. AzDaemon

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    Spoken like someone who hasn't the foggiest idea of what they're talking about
  3. AzDaemon

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    But that would make sense and be to easy to implement. Also, where is the fun game of "how can we shoot ourselves in the foot now"?
  4. AzDaemon

    how do i urgently contact a gm?

    Wait, how did they get your tribe?
  5. AzDaemon

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    So far, they're ignoring it
  6. AzDaemon

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    Lol you're either trolling or you're an idiot. This has nothing to do with meshing
  7. AzDaemon

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    Nope you are correct and he even posted the in game conversation that he had with the GM that wiped him. It was bland and uncaring. It almost seemed like he knew that the action was to far but didn't care
  8. AzDaemon

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    Na, he's a kid who got wiped continuously and now wants to stoke anger in the community in the hopes of getting others to quit. Simple answer: The kids a moron and doesn't understand what's going on
  9. AzDaemon

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    There were never rules against it. It wasn't a mesh or glitch spot. They programmed the flames to only reach so high, they programmed the surface so structures aren't destroyed above a certain height, they programmed it to allow structures to be built on the surface. What about all of that says you're not supposed to build that?
  10. AzDaemon

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    Up to that location. How am I supposed to know that where they code the end of the destructive flames isn't an intended mechanic? The coded the kill zone for the flames, they coded for how high those flames go, they coded for you to build on the surface. So the fact they made the flames only go so high isn't an unintended spot. They very much intended for their destructive flames to reach only so high and chose, at a later date, that they didn't want that. This was 100% on their intended building mechanics and their sloppiness
  11. AzDaemon

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    So the hope is, the people you just chased away don't serve as a warning to future customers? Lmao that's some wishful thinking but whatever helps I guess
  12. AzDaemon

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    True but that's still short sighted if they ever plan to release something again
  13. AzDaemon

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    Here's a little business tip. When your foot traffic for your store is decreasing, you DO NOT arbitrarily kick customers out for a new dress code you told no one about. If this is business vision then it was extremely short sighted Also, how is this an "unintended glitch"? There is no glitch and he just used the buildings that he was given. Someone programmed those flames only to reach so high and the programming allowed structures to be built on the surface or going up to the surface. These facts alone mean that this enforcement is selective and is all due to mechanics that they put in the game and control
  14. AzDaemon

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    How is it unintended? Who, prior to this, said it was? You can build in the water, on mountains, inside caves but finding a spot on the surface is wrong? I had elevators going up to the surface so I could do element runs because I found the sweet spot where the flames didn't hit. So, was that unintended as well? I used cliff platforms to extend a base on the surface making it almost impossible to ground raid. So, is that unintended?
  15. AzDaemon

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    No, they just got Dev wiped because they weren't psychic enough to know they're not supposed to build where they are allowed to. One does have to wonder why Jack had a target on his back because the meshers that get reported who post videos on YT aren't dev wiped as quick. In fact, the last one took me 3 months of reporting and him posting weekly videos. So, I wonder why Jack was targeted for selective enforcement