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  1. Go to https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/articles.html/summer-bash-2019-r1308/
  2. No, they will not replace it. You'll get a sorry and a random assortment of junk like motar and pestle with a large storage box. That's if they reply to you. It took 2 months to get 2 dire bears back that were stuck in upload and even then they couldn't guarantee male and female of the levels I had. Only a 150 max
  3. Your very first post you stated "I dnt gt y its wrong, i claimed this gas/oil vein, my thing i built is harvesting it. Go gt ur own gas/oil vein. It seems stupid tht we cnt lock an item that is ours. Ur da 1s forcing us to put an object tht is ours on a vein to collect from it. Those item r there4 mine and i dnt c y i shud b forced to share thm" This is you stating you don't see why it's wrong for you to block these since you are the one that build the objects to place on them. Now, try lying again Just because you adjust course when your idea didn't work doesn't negate the fact this was your argument from the start
  4. Your whole argument has been based on being able to block these resources and now you're trying to back track. Also, the server is not a 70 player cap. It allows for a maximum of 70 players on at a time, big difference.
  5. Except none of that is apples to apples and you know it. Is my anky the ONLY anky on the map? Is there a finite amount of them? Can NO OTHER people on the map claim one? No? Then your "point" is absolutely retarded and not even close to similar The reason why they're not similar is because there is a finite amount of these veins. Also, even IF you hard code a limit on how many of these you can own then what is to stop me from just building around them? What is to stop me from blocking them by other means? What is to stop a 10 member tribe from making alternate accounts and claiming multiples? Then blocking them off. Your idea, even under the most basic of scrutiny, is demonstrably worse then their current rule of "don't block any of these".
  6. Except that means that tribe would have to be on, at all hours out of the day, pulling resources out all the time. I've been in mega tribes where we don't even do that. Half the time we don't even block them because we only need them so often. Again, your whole premise of your argument is based on selfishness and, if you want to be selfish, go to PVP where other selfish people can fight you over what they want.
  7. Ok, so, let me put it like this then. Say there is 30 node locations, what is to stop a tribe of 10 taking individual nodes for themselves, blocking them, and then letting their friends access it? What is to stop other people from other servers flooding over and taking over resources? So, to combat that you would have to hard code a direct limit on what you can have. Then you would have to restrict someone from "moving" servers to claim another. Then you would have to increase those resource veins to make sure every player has access to one. That means reworking the map and areas around to now accommodate this update OR you can just tell people it's against the rules to block other players in PVE. Your solution is not only selfish but it's unworkable in the current functions
  8. This does not address the issue, at all. The world doesn't revolve around you. You aren't the only person on server. Don't like it? Play PVP where you can block anything you want
  9. My army of God tier Dodo's would wreck Alpha Brood :-P
  10. Spoken like someone who hasn't the foggiest idea of what they're talking about
  11. But that would make sense and be to easy to implement. Also, where is the fun game of "how can we shoot ourselves in the foot now"?
  12. Lol you're either trolling or you're an idiot. This has nothing to do with meshing
  13. Nope you are correct and he even posted the in game conversation that he had with the GM that wiped him. It was bland and uncaring. It almost seemed like he knew that the action was to far but didn't care
  14. Na, he's a kid who got wiped continuously and now wants to stoke anger in the community in the hopes of getting others to quit. Simple answer: The kids a moron and doesn't understand what's going on
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