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  1. MandaBear

    Community Crunch 145 & ARK Digest 53!

    .....bummer 😕
  2. MandaBear

    Building Tip

    @WaightZer your pillar in the middle is not registering as touching the ground. You either have one microscopically small gap in between the ground and the tip of the pillar, or the game is just being a ***** like arks build system is constantly. You will most likely fix your problems when you restack the pillars either starting at the ground, or from a different starting point on the top pillar so that they can reach all of the way down without colliding with the ground. Another option you have is to line the floor in pillars snapped to the walls and place ceilings on top of them (if you have not already, the text of what's going on in the picture was a bit confusing). After you have your base floor on the bottom pillars, you can go up without needing anymore tall supports (the ceilings will snap to the walls directly and cover the whole pen evenly without any obvious supports). It's difficult to describe building strategies in text, but I hope I conveyed that to where you could understand what I was trying to say.
  3. MandaBear

    hi all plz help

    I do not play pve, but wouldn't the server automatically say yes to save their own slots in this case?
  4. MandaBear

    hi all plz help

    As far as I've heard, I believe all ragnarok servers are capped on every platform (however sometimes what I hear can be wrong or just rumor). If you want to check though, no there is not a way to see other than by trying to tame something as soon as you join or placing down an egg to see if it incubates.
  5. People do complain. non stop. To the point where the forums, reddit, twitter, and any other place that the devs might even possibly look get swamped with complaints of it in hopes for a fix. Nothing has or maybe even will change. Maybe WC don't want to, maybe they cant. Maybe they are trying, but too afraid to break other things while fixing the issues. Maybe an official server being hacked is actually with Nitrado instead of WC. I do not personally know, nor am I going to act like I have any idea either. However, I do know that people complain (god do they complain) and 99% of the time it will end the same way. With nothing being achieved, and another post stating the same exact thing in 2 days or less.
  6. MandaBear

    Lvl 298 Megalodon Vs Lvl 300 Wild Kraken

    I would not do that. Megalodon are not known as very strong aquatic tames while squid most definitely are. Chances are you would not get near enough damage output to kill it before it got you first. You need something much stronger to be able to safely do that, or at the very least just aggro it away with a dolphin.
  7. MandaBear

    Low level giga so useless

    Some helpful tips are to make sure the quetz are mate boosted and search the center for gigas on volcano island. We use to struggle with finding and taming max levels as well, but as soon as we started searching volcano and continuously cleared it off, we found quite a few. As far as the quetz, move them to a place where you constantly run past them and not a dino pen (if you can help it or haven't already) and make sure that you have both the oviraptor along with a mate boost. I've noticed that without the male present and even with the egg buff, they don't lay barely anything. If they still do not lay, then grab a few more females until they start to. You can always kill them or donate to noobs after all. By the way, not many people know it, but the classic box quetz traps on the back of another still work as long as the quetz is on follow while you stand on its back. It won't run out of stam that way or try to land, so you can continue to safely tame in the air. Not to mention, you do not have to chase it all around the map as long as you jump off as soon as you get it in the box (causes the structures to become solid and stop clipping so you can place the trapping walls to tranq it).
  8. MandaBear

    Low level giga so useless

    I don't understand why you would need a low level giga anyways? Literally any kibble tamed max theri or rex is better. They may not have that health pool instantly, but they most definitely can take it down with dps alone. To be honest, I'd say that the tree to getting a giga is one you should actually follow as the game intends (scorpion > rex > quetz > giga) simply due to the fact that all three of those dinos after the scorpion are very useful when you get max levels of each. Not to mention the amount of strength you will see the giga have at max level that you claim is weak and nerfed into the ground.
  9. MandaBear

    Question about official PvE

    Yea pve is weird because of troll prevention. I am not sure on the specifics of what is not allowed, but do know the lack of normal game play mechanics in it are the number 1 reason why I do not play it even though I love the building parts of this game. I suppose unofficial would be where its at in that sense because those servers can allow you to pick up dinos but also have mods to prevent trolling with it as well.
  10. MandaBear

    WOW Caverns of Lost Hope!!!

    I've done it with a speed build on official post speed nerf. lol I died a few times getting a path set out, but it was honestly doable since I was already use to speed running the ice cave by blue ob as well 😁
  11. MandaBear

    Dino Nests

    I would personally prefer to see the oviraptor just run around collecting eggs instead as a tlc patch. Would utilize something already in the game, make sense, and not be too overpowered since it would stop collecting when its inventory filled up. It would not be as unique as the nest look, but would be more likely to actually see implemented since I do not get the general feeling that ark is adding to many extras that are not dlc related these days. 😕
  12. MandaBear

    Make the Jump to HardCore Mode

    Tbh hardcore servers aren't too bad from what I've seen on them. Pretty chill but still enough pvp for me to enjoy it. Bugs suck, but I actually see a lot less of them on these servers than I usually do on the others due to less lag. lol tribes are quite small on it though and I can't say I'm 100% use to that yet. 😏 It's fun for me because ark is quite repetitive now. I've seen all that there is to see on the game with both big and small tribes. It adds excitement where before it was just a routine. However, its definitely not for everyone and would guaranteed make some people hate this game 100x worse than they currently do.
  13. MandaBear

    Old Age

    No there is not a mechanic like that in the game even though it would actually help pve in some aspects. lol there would be riots though if it was put in for sure.
  14. MandaBear

    Titanoboa eggs?

    Tame them and use an oviraptor (if you aren't doing this already). If you are doing this method and not just grabbing a bunch of wild ones (sorry I can't tell if you mean tamed or wild in your post) then it will be pretty quick. We only have 2 and get quite a few as long as they have the boost on them.