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Started playing SE after a long hiatus from it and playing other maps. Built a massive base with everything anyone could need. Now for the kicker...After running pipes across the mountains and getting a tower ready for species X and turrets I go to place a crop plot. "Requires sunlit area" Hmm....Odd. Fly around a bit and the entire area...same notification. Went into the sand dunes and got the same message. Anyone else have this issue? For "Finally, we've relaxed the constraint on crop plot placement - so that you can grow where you'd expect to" I'm not really seeing it. I'm in a very obviously lit location, but baffled. 

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you'll be happy to know, they will be fixing this "bug" of the crop plots for SE servers for this weekend or before it, making it possible to now place plots pretty much everywhere without the "sunlit" issue. -As mentioned in their announcement for the chronicles III update for this weekends event.

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