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  1. Surgat


    Yeah...Probably. If that fixes it, cool. If not, I suppose I'll build a greenhouse near an oblisk and cover it in guns. Fun times. lol
  2. Surgat


    Started playing SE after a long hiatus from it and playing other maps. Built a massive base with everything anyone could need. Now for the kicker...After running pipes across the mountains and getting a tower ready for species X and turrets I go to place a crop plot. "Requires sunlit area" Hmm....Odd. Fly around a bit and the entire area...same notification. Went into the sand dunes and got the same message. Anyone else have this issue? For "Finally, we've relaxed the constraint on crop plot placement - so that you can grow where you'd expect to" I'm not really seeing it. I'm in a very obviously lit location, but baffled.
  3. I don't think there is an option for this, if so please let me know. But could we get an option to enable for the deaf individuals to have a visual alert for the "combat music". IE: Something is engaged in combat with your dino and normally you would hear the music. With the option enabled, you would hear(if you have hearing) the music and a visual alert such as a color pulse around your screen much like the low health indicator.
  4. Surgat

    Extinction concerns

    I know, I was clarifying for the individual prior to you. was having issues trying to quote
  5. Surgat

    Extinction concerns

    Not really sure how to make it anymore clearer than it is, but I shall try. The dino will "exist" at the time of release, as such it should be tameable. Don't care about the new tek, just the new dinosaurs.
  6. Surgat

    Extinction concerns

    From a few articles I have read about the upcoming expansion, yes. Something along the lines of nodes you have to defend from corrupted animals to harvest or something
  7. Surgat

    Extinction concerns

    Currently Tek is learned via killing bosses as everyone is aware of. Inanimate devices and nothing more than a simple tool. Not a single creature to date has relied on the use of any tek to acquire. So why should players forgo the work they have put in on their home servers just so they would be able to use the new dino which is synthetic? We have the means to create element on non tek servers with the charging stations, thought that would be a waste, and we now have tek rexes roaming around being tamed. I've played the normal tek servers and as stated, it just didnt have that much appeal to me. I chose to play without it and have voiced the concerns of many others besides myself.
  8. Surgat

    Extinction concerns

    I said nothing negative about the game having tek. I simply requested that they keep all aspects of their game in mind so the other server types can still "tame" the new dinos. You should read more carefully.
  9. Surgat

    Extinction concerns

    The new expansion looks great in the trailer, I'll say that right away. However, after reading over the different highlights for the upcoming dino types a few thoughts have come to mind. For now, let's use the Enforcer for example. It will be possibly crafted or tamed (my bet if its a tame, it will "eat" element for kibble). Now that's all fine and such, but as of late several people such as myself have dropped the normal servers where you have Tek and are playing on no-tek servers. I implore that the developers keep individuals on such servers in mind when working on the new expansion. I wouldnt have any issues with fighting waves of hostile corrupted dinos in order to obtain element to use for taming the new creatures even if it takes a lot of effort. Some will just say to play on a regular server, but I ask you to keep in mind that some folks simply rather not deal with the tek features for various reasons.
  10. Surgat

    More Aberration Dinos ??

    I'd be happy to gave dilo's and pachy....not for any real use other than kibble taming the other animals.
  11. Surgat

    what food for ravenger is best?

    cooked mutton and you wont need any narcotics at all. Tame a few sheep and level them into HP. after awhile slaughter them and take a chainsaw to their body so you will have a nice stock of it.
  12. Surgat

    Two things I'd like to see.

    Players would have to be immune certainly. Granted our torpor drop is rather high and fortitude makes us more resistant to being knocked out in the first place, if they made it so players were able to be hooked up, the effectiveness would have to be horrendous. Perhaps burns 5 narcotics a second.
  13. First is a small thing, useless to most individuals except those that experiment with them..I'd like to have the option to grow specific mushrooms in crop plots like we are able to do with berries. Spores and a "dark room" for the counter green house effect. Being able to have a farm of the types of mushrooms would be beneficial to those that breed glow pets, use mushroom brew and have custom recipes that are focused on them. Sure, gathering them is easy enough, but nothing quite compares to walking over to your farm and just harvesting. Now for the big one. We've seen advances in Tek and narcotics such as the arrow,dart, gas grenade and so on..but one thing we haven't seen is a narcotic I.V. The concept is simple, make a one time use I.V that you fill with your chosen narcotic(berries, narcotics, bio-toxin, berries or mushrooms) and it connects to a knocked out creature that you're taming. This would allow the really fast torpor dropping creatures to be tamed in groups without having to sit and rotate in a circle like a mad man. Think Dimetrodons. Creating such a device could be costly and replicator only, or more available for lower tier tribes and made like the extractor.
  14. For gamma, we used 7 drakes and 3 megalos. Drake riders flew around shotgunning the tentacles then the others chomped on rockwells face. Beta was much smoother and we all just used Stegos with decent saddles. Spread out in front of his face and shotgunned everything down. Anyone that was being hit by a reaper just swiped at it with the stego while the rest shot it. It took us 10 mins or so for beta.