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  1. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Imprinting "It will increase the stat-values of all stats by 20% at full affinity, including speed and torpor; this boost does not apply to stamina and oxygen. It increases the base stat, and is not subject to addition and subtraction modifiers (such as the giga's health penalty), thus the final value may be more or less than 20%. For details see Creature Stats Calculation. Mountable flying creatures will not receive an imprinting bonus to movement speed. (Excluding the Snow Owl until patch PC - 304.44)"
  2. My nitrado servers don't have the problem but they are in advanced settings mode. So i guess the hosters are adding bForceCanRideFliers=false on non-genesis maps to the ini-files which could cause what you experienced - so technically not fully a wildcard-problem but rather a side effect of the hosters adding that setting line to non-genesis maps
  3. Campi

    Nothing to see here

    had an incident with unclaimed dodos breeding like rabbits recently - our server has x10 breeding usually which turned x30 with the event - so dodos were able to fully mature without any food. and since unclaimed dodos are on wandering the unclaimed parents started to breed and multiply - this screenshot was taken after i had to kill off all the dodos on the server just to get it to not lag out any more. thats about 2000 fertilized eggs about to hatch there.
  4. Don't use it before you have kibble in its inventory - cause else the taming progress will start to drop again since it counts the same as if you would have tamed it to 50% and ran out of taming food (taming progress starts to drop quickly).
  5. My Nitrado hosted servers are set to "current official" in the webinterface and the event is active. But i have no idea what they translate that to on the commandline.
  6. Make sure they are mate-boosted (Heart-Symbol) and tame an oviraptor and keep that one with wandering active near so you get the blinking white egg-symbol also. You can stuff the oviraptor full with wood or stone so its actually not moving but it needs to have wander active for that buff. In addition there can only be 6 eggs of one type within a certain radius and a maximum of 20 (not sure about the exact number but its around that) af all eggs combined so if you have other egg-layers close by that have eggs on the floor those can prevent new eggs from dropping. Also: Dinos only lay eggs when they are in render range of a player so if you have them in your base but you yourself are out and about harvesting etc. they will only lay eggs if you are close enough to your base for them to be loaded in.
  7. Personally I would not recommend that cause if you don't logout on the bed you have a chance for another bug that randomly makes you fall through the floor and kill you for no reason. Having to teleport from time to time on login (or destroying the bed - that also helps) is the lesser evil usually. If you are worried of your stuff just put it in a box next to the bed before logging out
  8. On my server i have a high egg laying rate so if the giga lays 3 eggs they stack on top of each other - obviously the bottom ones have been first and decay first so that means if the bottom one decays the top ones remain floating --> eggs only "fall down / roll down" when they just got laid. As soon as they come to a still they will not fall any more even if you remove the foundations below etc. Same goes if the egg lands on poop.
  9. From what i've seen on my server maturespeed now decreases the imprint-interval on its own and if you put a cuddle-interval it is put on top of it. Good news is the cuddle-interval no longer decreases the effectiveness of the imprint so if you set it to 0.1 you get imprints at 1/10th of the default interval but it still gives the same % as with 1 so you are able to get to 100% imprint at 10% maturation with this setting now! So if you dont want people to finish their imprints before maturation just keep the cuddle-interval at 1 and only change maturespeed and the imprint-intervals will adjust with it on its own.
  10. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Beer_Jar You get damage reduction and insulation for 2 minutes at the cost of no stamina for a while after the 2 minutes are over.
  11. Make a row or square of gravestones and place one beach-bob infront of each of them - you can even put their name on the gravestone. Thats what we did on official PVE. Just imagine the face if even one of them comes back and finds himself in a graveyard surounded by bodies and having your name on a gravestone in front of you
  12. They never got cleaned (we had about 20 random bodies back in the days in our backyard for quite a long time) but bodies are not offline protected even on PVE so they usually get eaten at some point by a wild dino. If the amount of buildings is high and prevents wild dinos to spawn that also makes those bodies "not go away" since they never get eaten.
  13. Campi

    Breeding 101

    As long as you keep one parent below 20 mutation points yes. The Tek-Rexes from the example in the first post are currently at 30 mutations and 111 dmg points on my server.
  14. Problem is that part of your foundations and pillars are sticking into the mesh per design. So they would still be able to wipe your foundations from underneath since they do not have to shoot through the mesh to hit those.
  15. Alternative for "precicion placement" -> overweight the dino so it gets really slow and then use a whip to get it into place - takes a bit of practice to not move the other dinos around it but it works decently well.
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