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  1. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Beer_Jar You get damage reduction and insulation for 2 minutes at the cost of no stamina for a while after the 2 minutes are over.
  2. Make a row or square of gravestones and place one beach-bob infront of each of them - you can even put their name on the gravestone. Thats what we did on official PVE. Just imagine the face if even one of them comes back and finds himself in a graveyard surounded by bodies and having your name on a gravestone in front of you
  3. They never got cleaned (we had about 20 random bodies back in the days in our backyard for quite a long time) but bodies are not offline protected even on PVE so they usually get eaten at some point by a wild dino. If the amount of buildings is high and prevents wild dinos to spawn that also makes those bodies "not go away" since they never get eaten.
  4. Campi

    Breeding 101

    As long as you keep one parent below 20 mutation points yes. The Tek-Rexes from the example in the first post are currently at 30 mutations and 111 dmg points on my server.
  5. Problem is that part of your foundations and pillars are sticking into the mesh per design. So they would still be able to wipe your foundations from underneath since they do not have to shoot through the mesh to hit those.
  6. Alternative for "precicion placement" -> overweight the dino so it gets really slow and then use a whip to get it into place - takes a bit of practice to not move the other dinos around it but it works decently well.
  7. Here you should find it including location and teleport-coords. https://www.feariun.com/the-island.html
  8. Doesn't matter which side it comes from - it only shows you which parent was the lucky one to provide the mutation. Children of the dino which had 2/20 on one and 0/20 on the other will have 2/20 on the side of this parent. And children from a dino with 1/20 on both parents will also have 2/20 on the side this dino is at. So its exactly the same in regards to further breeding. In addition getting the mutation counter increased on the father side doesn't even mean that a stat from the father mutated - even if the counter goes op for the father side the child can have an increased stat from the mothers stats. The only thing you need to care about is that you can only get new mutations if one of the parents has a sum of less than 20 mutation points on it else you cannot get a new mutation. In regards to probabilities you have a 5% chance for a new mutation if both parents are below 20/20 and 2.5% if only one is below so you want to keep both parents below that limit for as long as you can - obviously if you already have 20 dmg-mutations on a dino you cannot get it any lower than 20 but you can avoid to stack the counter before you reach the 20 by only breeding mutated dinos with completely unmutated ones instead of breeding 2 mutated ones together.
  9. It does not. It only reduces the interval at which unfertilized eggs are produced.
  10. If you want to avoid "mutation-counter-stacking" you need to only breed unmutated ones together till you have all stats in and then start to look at mutations if you choose to do so. The counter is always the sum of both parents so if you breed 2 mutated together the counter will get really high very quickly. Maybe have a read through the following post i made a while back. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/206999-breeding-101/ In regards to level cap - unless your friend explicitly activated it unofficial servers have no cap. On officials the cap works in a way that any dino that is lv. 450 or higher gets deleted at server restarts - regardless if its born at that level or leveled up past 450 - both would get deleted. (Server parameter for this is DestroyTamesOverLevelClamp which is set to 449 on officials and 0 on unofficials per default).
  11. Since you said you play with your husband splitscreen i assume he plays in your map with you on a local hosted game. This makes it kinda easy: Make him Tribeowner Leave the Tribe with the survivor you want to "destroy" Get your Survivor from the other map over "overwriting" the one that is at that map Get invited back to the tribe by your husband and reset owner/admin as you wish
  12. Do you have a guard dino or turret or plant INSIDE your sleeping room? It will not help you if you have dinos all around your house if the wild one is in your bedroom.
  13. some people will always complain... I'm running a 10x breeding/20x taming cluster and people still complain that i'm not doubling it when officials have a x2 event...
  14. Only if they manually change the rates themselfes. The 2x is not hardcoded like with the valentines event but was done through the normal-weekend double-event settings: http://arkdedicated.com/dynamicconfig.ini
  15. For the fun of it if you are able to breed them try to get a baby that has the same dino as grandfather and grandmother showing in ancestry: That for sure would make an interesting screenshot for us to have a smile at .
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