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  1. Refertilizer works to respawn stuff that would already have respawned if a foundation was not close to it - so if you just harvested the rock / tree etc. you have to wait until it naturally would have respawned already but was prevented by having a foudnation built next to it. Only then will it be able to respawn it (its meant to restore trees etc. you want for aestetic reasons inside your base but that have been cut down on accident).
  2. if you don't have one available for download its not that particular bug i mentioned above - must be something else then
  3. on my server we sometimes have that problem when players got "duplicated" after a transfer. the symptom is you press transfer server and nothing happens. they arrived on the server before but a copy still remains uploaded - if its this error you can try to join a server you haven't played on yet from the main menu and check if your character is available for download there - if so just download and leave it be on this temp server. after this you should be able to transfer with the first character again.
  4. Or if you accidently spayed your breeding dino you can make a clone as the clone will not be spayed.
  5. You might also want to have a look at this link:
  6. Steam restart will not change anything - the player stays connected on the server for exactly 5 minutes after a crash (did some tests with "forced" crashes and timed it to be exactly 5 minutes till the server drops the player out - verified with the admin-console and constant refreshing in there) - only when it gets dropped server side he will be able to reconnect so nothing you do on the client side will affect this behaviour. It only feels like restarting steam works as on a lot of computers it takes 5 minutes from shutting steam down to restarting it to restarting the game etc.
  7. Its probably the same problem as with transfering fertilized eggs between unclustered servers - they will end up level 1 on the other server most times. On my servers it was permanently fixed as soon as i set up a cluster for them. First go back to the old map and download everything from the obelisk. Then go into nitrados config and enable cross-ark (even if you only have one server - its just so the server switches to a different transfer mode). Next you will want to set the following to a large number in GameUserSettings.ini: TributeItemExpirationSeconds=31449600 TributeDinoExpira
  8. Yea its ridiculous that they use compression for the downloads - they really should make you download 120 GB instead of the 50 GB so people would not be surprised that the uncompressed installation will be bigger than the download. Same goes for the updates - how can you do 300mb downloads and then change 20GB of game files after the download - i demand you make me download the 20GB instead so i don't have to wait for the patches to be applied after the download!
  9. If you have plenty of resources for making the highest tier of kibble its a great life changer to switch to only use that. Imprinting is so much easier (you still have to have the other random stuff but that can be reset with cryo/uncryo). Its also the same for taming - if you have a higher tier kibble you can tame a dino that would want a lower one with the same effectiveness
  10. put a few cryopods in normal storage till they are depleated - then only charge them for 1-3 minutes and put the babies in - after they are depleated the baby is gone and you can reuse the dead cryopod the same way again by just charging it a low amount to "insta depleat" the babies inside
  11. In regards to the death while offline (i assume you are on a server with offline protection) - offline protection protects everything (structures/dinos) except your own body. Cause of this its recommended to never leave important stuff on your body but put it in storage (i have a "logout box" next to my bed for that reason). The problem with wild dinos glitching into bases has been around for a long time and will probably stay forever as it seems its just not fixable with the current engine of the game.
  12. Do you have decay enabled on your server and if so with increased timers? I had a problem on my servers (i have 3x the decay timers than officials) that sometimes with game updates the decay reverts to default settings for the first restart after the update (as soon as its started up its the 3x again). This meant that after updates occationally peoples bases that still had 20 days left to decay went poof cause of this as they had been treated like the timers would be 1x not 3x. For this reason i went back to not having the bases auto-destruct when decayed but leaving it up to the players to
  13. Tamed a 150 Spino on sunday with 58 points in stamina. Some times you just have to get lucky on the point-draw
  14. I have BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=10 and BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier=0.1 I had to set BabyImprintAmountMultiplier=0.2 so the dino gets 100% imprinted at 50% Maturation so i guess one of the 2 first Parameters are not used any more in the Calculation of the % per Imprint cause if it would work as before it should have been BabyImprintAmountMultiplier=2 instead of 0.2 for that result.
  15. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Imprinting "It will increase the stat-values of all stats by 20% at full affinity, including speed and torpor; this boost does not apply to stamina and oxygen. It increases the base stat, and is not subject to addition and subtraction modifiers (such as the giga's health penalty), thus the final value may be more or less than 20%. For details see Creature Stats Calculation. Mountable flying creatures will not receive an imprinting bonus to movement speed. (Excluding the Snow Owl until patch PC - 304.44)"
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