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  2. Yes, but the first time I played Extinction, I had no clue what those towers and red lights were for. So I'm flying and next thing I know my player is taking damage, and before I can turn back and exit the zone, I died. Thus my Wyvern died as well. Now I avoid the boundary like the plague.
  3. FRM17


    You would just box it in and pincode a door lol. 200IQ
  4. I went in the cave and even got the artifact and brought it to the obelisk , didn’t help.
  5. is deinonychus the only new dino? also are there other new features/items on the map?
  6. Ark 2.0 Ruining game experience??? After downloading the new update(Ark 2.0) I've been experiencing these issues^^. It used to be in caves only, but i knew how to work around that. Unfortunately its been happening outside caves too. I've redownloaded the game, but it seems to still have issues. Its not as gamebreaking anymore, but its still a problem. I play on lowest settings Samsung Galaxy s6
  7. PC Mods used in Single player or unofficial servers. The color events have pretty much killed this thread. I remember back when I bred for color mutations, before the events. I literally had 200-300 Thylas breeding them constantly, and on another map had 200-300 Argys. I was finally able to get nearly almost every color varation. But it was a crazy task, and slowed the crap out of my gameplay. Now with the color events, I can usually find and tame the colors I want, and then breed to mix and match as needed. Easier to do by far, but not nearly as rewarding as doing it the hard way.
  8. I would recommend using a griffin with high speed and stamina, you can use a long neck and crossbow on its back so that is great, also I would recommend looking for a quetzal near the red and green obelisks, thats were I found mine.
  9. I quite agree as the owner of a cluster of servers I would rather maps had map specific dinos
  10. all true completly unplayable at the moment.... by the way hello guy its Julie from Jedi Order
  11. Need I say https://ark.gamepedia.com/Tripwire_Narcotic_Trap 😉 We do base wars in our PvE tribe quite a bit & a well placed narc trap is hilarious!
  12. Do you have the Argy's setting to not harvest resources?
  13. JBoogieMC

    Host Barrier

    Host Barrier You guys are creating new maps and creatures and every thing but you can't just remove the Host barrier. Your game is dying on consoles because some people can't play online and it is dumb with the Host barrier. Put back in the setting that you removed so that we can extend the barrier. If people's game crash than that will be there fault for turning it up too high. You are not giving the people what they really WANT!!!
  14. If you are in a different tribe than you husband, you could grief him by parking huge tail swinging brontos in the middle of his base, that he can't move. or, just to be a pain, park a ton of dinos and then remove their saddles, so he can't easily move them. If the base is walled in, then you could up the ante, by putting them on wander. If it was a bunch of rexs, allos and carnos, he would think the world was ending, when he logs on! You could hide some dodos or compys or other noisy shoulder pets in some foundations and he would hear them but have a hard time finding them. PS - who needs to play PvP official, when they have a wife like you? 🤣
  15. Was NA the island 537 server on Xbox removed I loged on few mins ago and it's no where to be found I just check migration list not one of the listed servers wondering if the server is down ?
  16. Don't know about Console servers, but on PC I've not seen a capped server for months - cryos helped a lot here, along with folks moving to other games (probably because of capped servers 😉 )
  17. If you look at the 22 second mark you see a griffin. I have a feeling Rag is going to be replaced, especially if this map has a desert. Technically Scorched has the Phoenix. I feel like valg is taking the right stand with not giving away the DLCs best creature. Rag is way more popular than Scorched. Rag should not have had creatures like the mantis, death worm, and (maybe) wyvern. It would leave scorched way more popular. Leave creatures like the molletrops (don’t mind my spelling) on Rag.
  18. If every map had all dinos from the other maps, then it would potentially kill the older maps. By keeping some dinos specific to certain maps, it will most likely increase the longevity of the older maps, and increase Cluster participation (more servers). I am fine with having some dinos limited to certain maps. Makes the jumping around from map to map, worth it. Of course I am a huge fan of the Griffin, Thyla and Wyvern. So if they weren't available on at least 1 map of the cluster I play on, I would be bummed.
  19. Only custom map I've played that I actually liked.
  20. Its likely a unique creature. Like Ragnarok had the griffins.
  21. From a business and money making standpoint, free modded maps shouldn't have ascension and extra levels. Also each paid DLC should have at least 1 unique creature. SE really should be revisited for an ascension.
  22. try going to the cave and leaving it? happened to me too... ^ solution. So just go to the cave and leave Hope this helps
  23. The wiki makes it sound like the Deinonychus is only going to be on valguero. It also says that it is going to be released on console tomorrow so I don’t know. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Valguero https://ark.gamepedia.com/Deinonychus
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