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  4. This is a great idea for adding more variety to bases , but people, your thinking on a realy small scale. Just imagine the rebalanceing that could be done with the assets that the mod would bring with it. Metal tier structures could use the Steel from P+ as a way of slowing progression, or making a new defensive tier, Using cement as a cementing paste alternative, like how organic polymer and hard polymer are interchangable Keep the P+ crops as a Mutton alternative for herbivores, and keep the whole favorite crop system in place Change the smoke house to do a couple to jerky at a time rather than 1, keep the organic oil for cooking, also giving a use to the iguanadons ability (irl crude oil would make you sick if used for cooking) The dedicated storage bin system would work for PVE, but sadly make raiding in PVP easier due to being able to target specific resource bins (e.g. miners box) And of course the P+ industrial tier, I would sugest implementing it around lv 45-50 and pushing the current industrial tier to around 70. they could have the benefit of being faster than early game alternatives, but not as fast as the base game industrial structures. Thats just my opinion of what could be done if P+ is implemented
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  6. [PVP] CODE BLACK "ARK CLUSTER" ALL MAPS CUSTOM/BOOSTED DROPS 20/09/2019 DARK CODE "ARK CLUSTER" ALL MAPS CUSTOM/BOOSTED DROPS 20/09/2019 DARK CODE "ARK CLUSTER" 20/09/2019 8 Maps "Inc 2 x Island - 2 x Center - 1 x Ragnarok - 1 x Scorch Earth - 1 x - 1 x Aberration" + More to follow New cluster !!!! Custom/Boosted Drops In-game currency Discord Shop Donations Roll Over Easy Craft/ Half craft Demo items 8 Man Tribes 1 Alliance Active Admins Instant Dino tame Survivor stats x 3 Weight = unlimited Dino Stats x 3 Harvesting x 35 https://discord.gg/3sWSA9
  7. Nato tribe recrutment Hello everyone I am trying to find a few more active players to come join our tribe. We are playing the new map on classic pvp.
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  9. Dino stuck in the mesh Server: 489 Location: 43 Lat 39 long https://gyazo.com/70e8b385cf87b68554e18af932aaa56a Our Doedic got meshed while farming crystal with a quetz
  10. Around 1 month ago it was still happening. Thought I will try to kill a tuso with bought spino(probably not highest stats available, but still mutated above maximum you can get from taming) and just run away if it goes bad. Never had a chance to get away since tuso grabbed my spino and continued to chew on it eventually killing it. Took a long time - as I said, stats were good + 90 saddle. So in short - not fixed yet.
  11. If this is how PvP functioned, where after destroying a few walls or doors you suddenly can't go any further then I would stop playing ark period.... This could be so exploited, people would just build bases with enough obstacles so you would never get to the loot before the "raid protection kicks in" and gives them time to replace the structures which were destroyed. You would never get anything out of a raid and raiding would become pointless, And at that stage it is pretty much a stone throw away from being straight up PvE.
  12. I mean pretty much every survival always online game works this way though???? and you are wondering how it's a good business model to have the safety of your progress not be a guarantee, Pretty much what you are complaining about is one of the biggest draws to the game, the challenge risk and competitiveness of having to defend yourself and having yourself be at risk of losing everything. I mean look at rust, in rust even if you arent wiped by other players, the servers wipe at minimum once a month, so everyone is guaranteed to have to start again. What you are looking for OP sounds like PVE with war declaration rules, so PVE with some PVP thrown in there, thats the thing about ark there are many game modes to sate the experience you are looking for. I love the brutality of official PVP which is why I play it, I go a step further though and specifically play on Arkpocalypse which is monthly wipe servers as I much prefer everyone being wiped after a month and we all have to start the grind again together and be on an even playing field once more, the map goes back to looking wild and beautiful, all the laggy messes and blown bases disappear, and everyone goes back to being on an even footing to once more compete for dominance and survival, I love that experience. So coming here to say how is it a good business model because you would prefer to never lose anything is a bit of a subjective statement. Plenty of people love that aspect of Ark and I for one would get bored if there was no real threat of ever losing my progress. I am pretty sure the phenomenon of players leaving the game is not rooted in the nature of PvP, I am sure things like meshing, exploits, glitches, unintended character losses or tame losses or certain broken mechanics are a much bigger factor than the nature of PvP. Anyone who isnt happy with the PvP of officials has plenty of other servers to try out with their own rules adjustments and tweaks to how PvP is conducted. Finally I don't see that "hardly over 30 players you are talking about. The servers I play on, namely Arkpocalypse, are almost always full at the beginning of a wipe, they drop off to about 20 players by the end of the month but then shoot back up to 60+ once the wipe happens. recently most of the valguero maps also were sitting at over 50 players. was hard finding an active one that wasn't capped out already. I would have to say I disagree with your sentiments about PvP killing this game, I'm afraid I just don't believe that is true.
  13. Dear All, We are newly open 7 map cluster server for long term no reset, 7 Map Cluster with PVPVE Setting, if you a player just ooking for taming Dino & having fun slowly & enjoy the ark environment, yes we have it here, or wanted to enjoy the Adriane rush on PVP, killing others player, fight each other and tested your skill, yes we have it all, we have players all across Asia, and we also looking forward all player across the world to join us. For Your understanding, we have no, Super User or any VIP in game, everything is fair & Square for all player. We also is not a commercial server that squeeze money out from player as some server did, all you want, all you can get by playing with your hard work. Friendly Admin is ready for help, we have 7 map fully working, hosted on high spec server and ready to serve all of us. Join us now for and let the new adventure begin. Our Server Info: Server Locations: China. Server Rate: 10x Harvest / 20x tame Server Mod: 1. Personal Grave / 2. Stack Mod (10K) / 3. SpyGlass Additional Info: /shop - player needed gold for purchase on shop, don't worry, no any reload or purchase needed, stay online you will get gold, kill wile Dino you will get gold, kill player on PVP you also will get 1/4 gold from the player you kill. /shop for view the shop list and /buy for purchase. we also have starter pack for every player a griffin pickaxes, hatchet, for your easy start. upload & download for player Dino around 7 cluster map is enable so you can travel all around 7 map (except Aberration no flyers allow) on ark unofficial server search for ShangHai or 2019 or 4601 if you cant find it, can direct add server on steam server list, below are our server IP & Info: steam://connect/ - The Center - PVE steam://connect/ - The Island - PVP steam://connect/ - Scorched Earth - PVE steam://connect/ - Ragnarok - PVP steam://connect/ - Aberration - PVE steam://connect/ - Extinctions - PVP steam://connect/ - Valguero - PVP Server Rule, For PVE Server Rule 1: Don't scattered pillar & foundations all around, if found will total wipe out if did it again will permanent kick out from server. Rule 2: Don't build over size building on the PVE Map Rule 3: Don't put Dino on aggressive patrol mod. we want a good experience for all player please follow the only 3 rules for our server. Join Us Now, We looking forward for your arrived on our server, see you there............. For Any User Using QQ Chatting App User (Windows User can download from Windows Store / Android & IOS user also can download from App Store or apple store, the software is same as wechat / whatsapp a group chat software) Our QQ Community Group ID: 460139364
  14. arkark

    Wind on Valguero?

    I've seen that now a lot of zones have wind 24/7. We are in tundra and sadly there the turbines dont work but very close to us is the Beaver Moore, Claw Valley and Berfestung and in these zones the turbines are working ok.
  15. This is like setting up a country and claiming land, while next to several other countries that quite possibly may object to your sovereignty. And then you wonder why their military shows up and says "Hi, that flag belongs to us, and you're coming with us too. (cha~ching)". But mah country, I should have the right to setup land next to you. Want to know how they do it in the real world? They get strong allies and people who acknowledge their existence as legitimate, who also have power to wield. In regards to cheating in the game, such as meshing, report it. What else can you do?
  16. The problem is if you die or transfer, the paint resets.
  17. Posted On the wrong Side, please help delete post.
  18. Hello, to all the new people joining from this site, pls follow the Discord link when you join the server in the message of the day section. thanks
  19. Im not sure what you mean by them falling through ceilings, do you mean hatchframes? Or is there a bug/glitch ish thing where when eggs hatch they fall through ceilings? If so i could try that.
  20. Most servers have a rule limiting how long you can have someone captured for, it's usually around half an hour, so no they arent allowed to keep you in there forever, unless you are on a server with no admin governance or a server with weird rules around being imprisoned, just try to get in touch with an admin and ask for help and they will hopefully be forced to set you free or get banned. As for why it is a feature well, picture that you are trying to tame something and some guy makes it his mission to try and screw it up for you, everytime you kill him he comes back naked and just tries to punch your taming creature so you lose effectiveness, and yes this happens a lot, it actually is surprising how many players first instinct is to attack a taming creature even something silly like a parasaur or dilo. I have players who run past and immediately start attacking my tame, I come out of a bush and am like "DILO man" they then stop realizing you are watching and get all apologetic. But when they first thought no one was around they were perfectly happy to punch that parasaur to death... So a a method to deal with an annoying player who just wants to mess with your taming stuff is to cage him instead of killing him, me and some friends have done this a few times, Build a little shack for him, someone keeps watch of him and feeding him Narco's or just is ready to keep tranqing him, and you keep him there till your creature is tamed or you finish whatever you were doing in that area then release the annoying player and you all go on your merry ways.
  21. CrownJazz


    Crown Jazz I think you should be able to add multipiers to mobile- single player and the servers. Because some people just get tired of sitting there waiting for the tames- breeding- etc
  22. I get what you're saying here but here's everything I seen since I've been playing this game; Ark has been in danger of "dying" since EA yet here we are still playing Mega tribes and mega tribe problems are the fixes they are currently focusing on This forum is filled everyday with people who just bought the game Ark had been, until recently, in the steam top 10 played for awhile (last I seen it was at 12) PvE players are the bigger population and they have fixed many of the issues they faced (server cap) and are starting/continuing to work on other issues (mechanic griefing, pillar spam) for them. For a lot of those players the story is the draw so if they are expanding the story the largest player base will buy it. Ark YouTubers (small percentage but relevant) are still averaging the same viewership they have for the past year. You do that if the content is still sought after for viewing because it is still a popular game. You are asking for a whole new level of coding from a company that still has faulty coding from EA in their game. Like you said, of course games lose population over time but this game is still a top played game 4 years into its existence despite many bugs and we keep playing. We have been giving 3 chances since the island dropped to show our true displeasure with our wallets but we keep buying it because this game is just that good. 6 months to a year from now. People will be hammering this forum about meshing, how OP the Lava Drake is, dissecting the story line, and wondering if any more canon DLC's are in the work after Genesis Part 2. If you have specific game suggestions, make a game suggestion post so like minded players can up vote your ideas and the devs may actually consider implementing them based on community response.
  23. If "Official PvP" was the only way to play ARK then you'd be right, but it's not, so you're not. Official, Unofficial, PvP, PvE, solo, non-dedicated server, dedicated server, mods upon mods... there are many ways to play ARK, and that's what makes it a good business model. If Official PvP in this game is too brutal for you, don't do it, find another mode to play the game that you enjoy more. There are so many ways to play ARK and make it fun for yourself, there's no excuse for blaming Official PvP for your problems.
  24. Yes I have been playing since the beginning but if you really think the population of the game hasn’t went down since the beginning then you are mistaken. I can remember a time where you couldn’t find a server with less that 35 people in it, now your lucky if you find half that. Yes there are more servers and more maps and also all games lose players over time, but the key difference here is we are losing players from a broken system that needs to be reassessed and made better. If not within the next few months to a year this game will die. The reason I made this post is so that maybe just maybe we can actually have a conversation about ways to fix pvp so that we can attract new players to the game. As without them there will be no new revenue stream for wildcard to use to make the game better. Especially as they themselves have said the next season of dlc is the last one we are getting. Once it everyone of us that loves this game buys it then that will be the end of this game if new players don’t continue to buy the game. And they are only gonna buy the dlcs if they feel they are gonna get their moneys worth.
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