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  2. michelalo68

    Mods On Console?

    How did you make the Xbox one X running 104 mods?, because I am not able to do it
  3. DanielDog

    Rex taming help

    Where I find Rexes, it dangerous all over, titanoboas all over, allos, Carnos, and a TON of raptors. Also a giga
  4. No support about a dino lost, i'ld understand, but about a character, com'on
  5. PachiMc

    DLSS and RTX for water?

    Can you optimize the game for new generation of card ? it crash on randoms points with the new rtx, do dlss have a release date?
  6. Today
  7. Bonjours s'il vous plaît j'ai besoin d'un admin pour m'aider. J'ai accepter une invitation de tribu et le joueur 'missnewbooty11' a tout changer les autorisation de mon Bâtiment et mes outil et je n'y ai plus accer, le serveur c'est Seasons (PVXC-Medium-NA). Aidez moi s'il vous plait !!
  8. ArianaGaming

    Easter Event not starting single player

    You can remove dinos to get new ones to appear. Or use ingame commands to do that faster. Killaoe wild 20000 , removes wild in view distance. Destroywilddinos , removes all wild dinos on the map but be careful if dinos appear closer to your bases than normal.
  9. Hyenite

    fix mantis

    you probably know mantis are bugged and its really ennoying...
  10. Hm I though about it, but it really sounds too bad since my router isn't that bad (cisco 1800). I was hoping they will correct their netcode but nothing untill now...
  11. ArianaGaming

    I can not download Ark

    I would contact my Internet service provider. Since I downloaded the 66GB-ish only just this week.
  12. Likeitis

    Griffins need a change

    This would make bossfights more challenging to.
  13. You have to try again for a while or start over. No supporr for legacy.
  14. ArianaGaming

    How to: Breed super boss dinos. Revealed.

    I see and understand. And that is why I previously disregarded it. However I managed to incorporate it somewhat. I think.
  15. Carnaldecay85

    Rex taming help

    I tame a rex in which I sit on a bird aggro get ne distance get shot again and to a forseer kite where he does not come up so you need no recourcen for a trap and it was at the beginning of extinction never a problem so 140 -145er rexe and a 150+ tekrex tamed about 6 different rex
  16. ArianaGaming

    Rex taming help

    The size of such a pen gets so large that it is much better to just start shoting it. Try to kite the rex to a safe area and start crossbow. The same for giga. Only difference is that you need to be higher up in the terrain when shoting as rapidly as you can. Having a pen is expensive and difficult to get the rex/giga inside.
  17. invincibleqc

    How to: Breed super boss dinos. Revealed.

    That's is not accurate. The speed stat cannot be negative and is a 1-255 number just like all the other stats. You are getting negative results because you are using a wild stat calculator to extract points of a tamed creature that counts the additive and multiplier taming bonuses as points when they are not. Take in example a Rex's melee, it has 100% base, an increase of 5%, a 7% additive bonus and a 17.6% multiplier bonus. 50 points into melee would be: ((100 + (50 * 5)) + 7) * 1.176 = 419.832 // Rounded and displayed as 419.8 in-game. Your wild stat calculator is taking that 419.8, and give you the following result: (419.8 - 100) / 5 = 63.96 // Rounded down to 63. Now you have an extra 13 points that is subtracted from the speed stat and by subtracting all the other stats that are wrongly extracted you end with a negative result. In conclusion, don't use a hammer to drive screws! 🙃
  18. Carnaldecay85

    Mantis Issue

    yes bad now only half element per 50k vein-.-
  19. Carnaldecay85

    invisible portal

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1718169397 this position https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1718169336 after jump this position https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1718169526
  20. DeHammer


    See. for me, I've identified three definite steps I want to move through... 1) solid mating pair to gain stats consistency (the right twins/triples just haven't appeared yet, but will as I reduce the chances of inferior stats) then 2) breeding for mutations to improve the line, and lastly 3) imprint on only those dinos that are the end result of all the breeding. As I understand it, imprinting doesn't improve the breeding line, it only impacts the base stats of the specific imprinted creature - thus not really something I want to do until I have my 'ultimate' creatures from breeding. Otherwise it just tends to 'muddy the water' for me.
  21. I tried to find the server on discord but it’s telling it’s no longer in session . Is there any way you can invite me to it? My discord name is pigskin
  22. Carnaldecay85

    Dragon Island

    yes apparently the theris do not heal because last time the theris did not have such good stats as now. However, a cooldown was displayed but I have not seen if they really get healing
  23. Freespirit

    Best way to take the ice titan?

    Okay guys, so on my Singleplayer with default settings, I could tame the Ice Titan with Alpha stats after 2 tries. I had used Mana breath, Railgun & the pistol of MEK to no avail. Mana breadth was NOT giving the "1" dmg marker but was doing a lot of dmg to the Titan. Railgun was just too slow while the MEK's pistol did give me a lot of "1" hits but plasma shots from it was too slow to travel & used to miss the mark a lot. BUT, finally I could tame it using the strategy below. It takes 2 direct hits from the MEK's siege cannon per corruption node on each of the 3 spots to tame it. SO total 6 cannon shells. I had about 30 in total. Keep in mind that to anticipate where the Titan will be when your shell hits it since the shell takes some time to reach it. PS: My MEK was primitive Lv 51 & the MSCM cannon was I think from Ramshackle 108% dmg blueprint.
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