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  2. Hey, I'd like to join your tribe. I'm relatively new to PC but have over 2600 on xbox. My discord is Big Stank#5148
  3. Ark Admjn command glitch When ever I type in a gfi command it leaves it blank but when I do “InfiniteStats” or “DestroyWildDinos” it seems to work can anyone help me with this issue??
  4. hopefully it will never be free. makes account bans almost meaningless
  5. Quipt_ https://discord.gg/SFrH7pr
  6. Interview Age - 15 Level - 50 Timezone - Central US but if wanted I can change my sleep schedule to AU what are you good at? Grinding and pvp what are you looking for in a tribe? I’m looking for security, commitment and also teaching. I want to learn so much more than I know about this game and learn the different strategies people use to get ahead. Activity - 15- 18 hours a day what can I bring? My dedication as well as my work ethic and my grind while I’m online I will always give my 110% and do whatever I can to make the tribe succeed Why’d I leave past tribe? This is my first real opportunity to be in a tribe aside from tribing with a couple friends here and there. But I left cause I’m tired of people the little guy squad that ends up getting wiped because we can’t even get to a point to fairly defend ourselves psn- VotedToKickYou
  7. Keybindings for console We have had KB/M support for a while now but still can't see keybindings in game or edit them to our own personal styles. Any chance we can get this added ASAP?
  8. In reality it's either Bob's -Dupers-mega tribes or griefers/trolls that play official now it is dead
  9. Snapshot_16 Launching 6/4! 10x rates with ORP! Snapshot_16 Cluster Servers Snapshot_16 Cluster Servers ★Discord - https://discord.gg/7cjDdEc Server Settings: ★ Taming x10 (x20 Weekend Rates) ★ Breeding, Xp x10 (x20 Weekend Rates) ★ Harvest x10 (x20 Weekend Rates) ★ Max player lvl: 105 + 5 Chibi Levels + 45 Ascension Levels : 160 Max ★ Max dino lvl: 150 (180 Tek) wild ★ Double Weekend Rates ★ Tribe limit: 10 - No alliances allowed Plugins ★Voting Rewards ★Kits and ARK Shop ★Cross-Cluster Global Chat ★Cross-Cluster Tribe Chat ★ORP - 100% Structure 3x Turret Dmg Mods ★Automated Ark ★Super Structures ★Death Recovery ★Reusables ★Solo Farm Mod ★Rare Sightings ★Stacking Mod Cluster Connection Links ★ - Aberration ★ - Crystal Isles ★ - Extinction ★ - Island ★ - Ragnarok ★ - Valguero ★ - Center ★ - Genesis ★ - Scorched Earth
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  11. I found it now and tested it - if you place it next to a structure and then pick it back up it damages the structure (and you slightly) but doesn't go from your inventory. Is it best to disable this engram otherwise it's basically infinite explosives?
  12. I know of the chart, but how much temperature change does each AC do?
  13. Aberrant Dimorphs Breeding Broken I went to valguero (PVP Small Tribes PC) to tame up some Aberrant Dimorphs to breed on my Aberration server. After transferring them over and breeding them, I noticed that the babies come out as non-Aberrant Dimorphs. Side note: Aberrant AND Non-Aberrant Dimorphs ARE immune to radiation.
  14. on a side note ppl. get your AC's now, its gonna be a hot summer!
  15. wiped, already 20+ players on day 1
  16. I cut right to the chase. I drop 30 AC's in every hatchery, no matter where (never set up in murder snow) and have been able to hatch every egg I dropped. Quetz, Wyv, Giga, Deino, Drake, etc.
  17. REFUND I would like a refund Since my character will not save!
  18. Smalltribes36 ddos Been happening every day at some point for a while now. Think we could get a hand?
  19. Discord inv? Maybe im doing somethong wrong
  20. There is a chart on the breeding page of the wiki with incubation temperatures.
  21. Faulty Plants and Invisable Wild Dinos In the past 24 hours my tribe on NA-PVE- Valguero-1096 has experienced deaths and lowered defenses. Our plant species X no longer recognize wild dinos as targets even though they are full of fertilizer and are set to Only Wild Dinos. Even when the setting is changed to all targets the plants will not target anything resulting in massive amounts of dire wolves spawning in and around our base. Additionally today we lost a roll around via invisable Yuteranus. How do I know it was invisable? Because I was standing next to the roll rat acessing its inventory at the time the red death message flashed across my screen. Our dinos live inside an enclosed gated area. All gates were closed and there was no Yuty. I didnt die, there was no knock back from a bite, nothing but the roll rat randoming dying in front of me. Has anyone else had issues like this?
  22. Sorry, the "i" threw me off the track. I'll check all other X-dinos later today, and will generate some pics for some of them.
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