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  2. I agree that Ark on Switch is a brilliant game. The thing with Nintendo is it's always been more about the gameplay than the graphics and the gameplay of Ark (I'm assuming in it's vanilla state) is really impressive and immersive - a true Ark experience in a handheld. I'm glad that I waited for Ark to be released on Switch, and then a bit longer to pick up a copy from the bargain bin. After playing 500 hour in Atlas on PC I understood a bit how Ark works. To be honest I mainly play in portable mode and am really enjoying it, but when docked it steps up and I'm like 'wow the graphics are amazing' even my gf is impressed - before I pointed out that these graphics are actually deemed as terrible. But that is all irrelevant it still does look good enough (if you don't obsess about the gfx side of things) and more importantly it runs really smoothly, in terms of framerate it actually runs better than Atlas does on my PC (i7, 8GB, GTX 980m 8GB) and many YouTuber's vids of the PC versions lol. I love how I can just leave my Switch in sleep mode then just pick it up and literally 'in seconds' I'm playing Ark. There is a lot going for this game, there is so much to learn and experience and I would definitely recommend it - especially if you've never played Ark/Atlas before.
  3. Are those being added, or are they scrapped because of balance and such? I watched the Livestream and didn't see any info about that, but have followed Valguero's development and those were the next step, according to the developer. Yes, the only source for this is Neroku, a YouTuber famous for clickbait videos, but he said that the information comes from the map developers themselves and even provides dev-kit pictures of the golem models. They are just recolors of the original SE bad-boy, but still neat.
  4. The release video seems to show both an ice and a regular wyvern trench. There's a YT video that points out a frosted wyvern canyon which would be amazing
  5. Exp doesn't need to be set very high, personally I rarely go above 2x. If you build even a midsize base the exp from crafting all those structures will rocket you up the ranks faster than you need the Engrams. Plus if you're playing on any of the story maps you can just collect Explorer Notes for exp. There's also narcotics, they give decent exp and you need to mass craft them for taming anyway. Taming I have set to 10x, you can tame most things without kibble but using it decreases the time enough to make it worth it still. Anything between 5-10x is fine for SP, above that and you might as well just force tame everything... For breeding I use the following SP settings: Mating interval 0.001 Egg hatch speed 45 Baby mature speed 45 Baby food consumption 0.25 Baby cuddle 0.4 Cuddle grace 10 Baby cuddle lose imprint speed 0.015 I also use S+ and set my hatchery to have 1000 egg slots. What this does is allow your animals to breed every 2-5 minutes, eggs hatch in minutes and babies grow up in 1-6 hours depending on species. SP doesn't have the advantage of always online multiplayer so when you are not in game nothing advances. The cuddle stuff also allows full imprint if you aren't using the nanny or don't have one yet.
  6. So there have been some interesting points made, I feel I want to address a couple at the same time. The first is that the dev's are hard at work fixing bugs and they deserve some slack. The other is that the company is small and doesn't have the resources to fix everything faster. This may or may not be true, but in either case, with out Wild Card making any effort to have any communication with its paying customers, in regards to there problems, none of the dev's working to fix peoples problems will matter. My complaint isn't that nothing is being done, its that Wild Card essentially ignores customer service. They close tickets with out ever responding to them, there is no direct communication, with anyone, at any point in time, at least not that I have ever been able to find. The system for getting help is essentially non existent, and there is no way to even know if anyone at Wild Card even cares that you have a problem. They could do huge amounts of good for their reputation by simply having a small dedicated team that handles complaints, filters out issues that can be solved with out direct intervention, and if nothing else responds to people telling them roughly how many weeks it will be until someone who has the skill set and authority to intervene can do so. As it sits now, any request for help sits ignored until someone has the time to stop working on things to address it. I have no way of knowing how they handle there customers, with over 900 hours in, not one single problem I have had, has ever been responded to in any significant way. The only response I have received is an automated message with links to the most generic posts that have nothing to do with anything written in my complaint, followed immediately by the ticket being closed, regardless of how many times I reply my problem remains. When bringing this up with people on the servers I have been on in the past, I hear this is pretty much the common occurrence. Its as if Wild Card expects to get a pass on their products for life, because they were released in early access. All I am asking for in the end, is a little respect, or at least I would settle for someone caring enough to pretend like they respect me as a customer. Regardless of whose fault it is, something needs to be changed. I don't honestly blame the individual employees, but in the end from the point of the consumer they are useless. I fully blame management, it is after all their job to make sure everyone else is capable of doing the jobs that needed to be done. If you need more people, its managements job to either hire more people, or find a way to better structure the faculty you have.
  7. Solo taming Giga Im playing on a official server and I have 16 exeptional kibble and trying to tame a Giga solo. Any tips and advice for taming a Giga solo and where is the Giga spawn area om Ragnarok?
  8. I'd recommend playing on an Official PVP if you aren't doing so already. Thousands of players to "interact" with and generally great fun. There's a bit of a learning curve at the start but if your IQ isn't is above average you should do ok.
  9. Thank you for that response, even had the hyperlink added! Really much appreciated went ahead and put a ticket in. Crazy that theres a bunch of other servers going through the same thing right now.
  10. How old is your computer, if its more then 5 years forget playing this game.
  11. Hey I had same problems. Altough mine were only at a certain location. Did you try redownloading the game? I've also noticed this happens to lower video settings??
  12. If you are wondering why its no longer a super killing machine that is because it was nerfed/had balance applied to it. It's not a bug.
  13. When did they mention this? They have Ice Wyverns on the actual trailer for the map, and I have played Valguero on singleplayer for about 6 months so far. There are definitely Ice spawns.
  14. Merrowman I appreciate the info I had been on everything yesterday trying to figure out what was goin on and couldn’t find anything at all. I just checked to see if it was showing in the server list and it wasn’t so I’m hoping by the time I get off work today it’ll be back up.
  15. Unique items that are useful and boosted rates. Everything else is meaningless.
  16. As far as legacy goes I’m a day one player from pre release played every day like a bad habit (still play every day) but when the new servers came out I wasn’t about to leave every thing I worked for to start from scratch cause throwing away all that hard work after two years of game . It’s a good thing I kept the tribe together cause after my guys getting meshed on new servers they came back to legacy #legacyneverdies
  17. Today
  18. I would like to see a new mode called Original Balanced Game: It would be set on the Island map or alternatively on a new map that is mostly flat. Features: No flyers or "gliders", no wing suit Movement speed locked at 100% for players and creatures Either no whips or whips only gather stuff No Gigas, Reapers, Titans, Giant Squids, Titanosaurs No building in caves No bolas Raptors pounce attack time reduced by 60% Max wild dino level 60 There would no building zones for some of the inaccessible areas such as on the top of mountains and pillars. Tribe player limit of 10 max, no alliances Servers wipe once every 1-2 months.
  19. They have mentioned no wyvern for the free dlc.
  20. GT: Zapped Inferno Ive got 40+ hours into ark and yet im not very pvp experienced, but i can grind, tame, build, etc. Just please dont ask me to raid unless im like the only person alive ok? XD
  21. 1 month unanswered ticket Hi, could someone please look at my ticket? Its been a month now!
  22. To be honest I really don’t like the colored dinos and there should be a way to disable them when u launch the server. And a perfect model of how an event should roll would be the first Fear evolved and winter wonderland. More skins would be nice too brining back the dodorex would also be nice...
  23. To be honest I really don’t like the colored dinos. Or they could at least be a little less common and be disabled when u launch the server. What I enjoy is the Dodo Rex. A perfect example of what an event should be like was the first Halloween and Christmas. Consistently adding in new skins that had to be unlocked in some sort of challenge would be nice
  24. App crashes after 2.0 update. Hello. So after the 2.0 update, my game crashes. Textures flicker rapidly/disappear then the game crashes. It is the same thing the happens if I try to do swamp cave or southern cave is why I avoided them but now I can't even play at all. I am running a samsung s7 edge European model. I do have the developer mode enabled and the disable hardware overlays active. Android version 8.0.0. Am I just out of luck to play now on my current phone? Is there something else that I can do? I do have a recording of it happening if that helps.
  25. Maybe they mean the plant itself? So you can’t bring hundreds of plants with you on a platform?
  26. this looks fresh as heck. really excited 👌
  27. Ark extinction stream https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtOSg6DW6q1DJzLg-KBlLAQ
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